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This Page simply tells
what I do not like:

advertising, Antenne Bayern, athlete's foot, babbittry, Beck's, boygroups, bugs, Burger King, Burg-Haf-Wille, BWLer, CD's, Chinese Dictators, Cinecitta (the real one and the one in Nürnberg), CDU, CSU, dogs, DOS, Bernie Ecclestone, Fehler 11, Forti Ford, Bill Gates, Heavy Metal, Hollywood, Erwin Huber, Johannes Kerner, Klingons, Helmut Kohl, liars, mathematics, medicine, Microsoft, modern art, Andreas Möller, monopols, mosquitos, nationalism, nazis, Nico, nuclear bombs, Marc Öchler, Pablo Picasso, plastic bags, the Pope, poseurs, pretenders, ran, Read Me's, Rudolf Scharping, Michael Schumacher, Sony, Steven Spielberg, spinach, Take That, TechFak Zombies, Telekom, telephone bills, traffic jams, violence, so called Volksmusik, war, warthogs, weapons, Windows, yuppies

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started on 9/24/1995
last modified on 5/29/2000