Apple Power Macintosh G4

PowerMac G4

The 2002er model of the PowerMac G4 is one that overcomes the lack of very fast processors from Motorola by simply having two of the not so fast ones. In combination with a modern OS, this nevertheless makes up a good team.

Apple Power Macintosh G4
CPU 2x Motorola PPC 7455 @ 867 MHz with 256kB L2 Cache on each chip
Memory 2 GB
Graphics 32 MB VRAM
Storage Devices IDE-Seagate ST360021A with 60 GB (replaced by Maxtor 300 GB)
IDE-Philips CDD5101 Combo Drive 8xDVD, 10x CD-RW, 16x CD-R, 32x CD
Ports ATA-100 with 2 ports
ATA-66 with 2 ports
4 USB ports
2 FireWire ports
Headphone Jack at the front
Microphone/Sound in stereo 16Bit@44.1kHz
Sound out stereo 16Bit@44.1kHz
10/100/1000MBit Ethernet
Built-In 56k v.92 Modem
AGP 4x slot
4 PCI slots