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  • 6/15/2006: new album out now!
    The new album of the Hard-Ons is released via Bad Taste in Sweden. It is called Most People are a Waste of Time and it is reviewed here (US) and here (Oz).

  • 12/8/2005: current European tour, new single now and album in April!!!
    Ok, I admit it: I was a little bit lazy about the news lately, but here they come: The Hard-Ons are currently touring Europe. Hopefully you'll have the chance to catch em. See tour dates in respective section on this site or better on their website or even better in the forum of their website. The incident that triggered me to update the site is Tex Dixigas' email with the info that his record label released a 7-incher from the Hard-Ons called "There goes one of the Creeps that hassled my Girlfriend". Check out his website at or contact him directly via email under And last but not least, the Hard-Ons' website speaks of a new album that is already mastered and will be out in April. Let's look forward to this release.

  • 5/1/2003: New album, website and Europe tour!!!
    Accidentally, I found a new album of the Hard-Ons at my favourite record store. The album was officially released on Monday, the 28th of April on Bad Taste in Sweden. My first impression is that this album is a good one: Some melodic songs with harmonies and some songs with Death Metal-like vocals. I like it so far.
    There is a new Hard-Ons website (why are they moving their address for every album?!?), which is not reachable as of the time I write this due to bandwidth limitation. Finally, the Hard-Ons tour Europe in May/June 2003. Go to the new Hard-Ons website for tourdates or try here. Sadly, as with the last tour, they seem to not plan their tour in advance in detail, but rather start off to Europe and see what happens, which does not make it easy for a fan to find their nearest show.

  • 3/7/2001: Tourdates are popping up!
    Ray just sent over the tour dates that are known so far. Have a look at the tour dates section. Personally, I hope that a gig in Nürnberg will be added; either in the second week on 16th or 18th of April (Nbg is right on the motorway from Berlin to Innsbruck), or near the end of the tour on 29th of May (Nbg is aside the motorway from Vienna to the Dutch-British ferries). BTW: After I was initially a little disappointed/not too much overwhelmed by the new CD, I tossed it in the player again the day before yesterday and I am getting more and more addicted. After my initial doubts about the quality of the album, meanwhile, I can more and more agree to the opinion of that Oz newspaper, that said about it "best Hard-Ons album ever." I can only recommend it and suggest you to take a little time to get accustomed to it. Then you'll definitely like it very much.
    Photo section opened: I recently received three action loaded photos of the heros from Jochen Ruschinzik. See em here

  • 2/21/2001: New album available in Europe
    The new Hard-Ons album "This Terrible Place" is available in Europe through Bad Taste Records. It features 14 songs, 12 new ones, 2 already known from the '99er single releases. My favourite is "First Cut is the Weakest".

  • 2/15/2001: New album announced in newsletter by BadTasteRecords
    btr 45 HARD-ONS This Terrible Place CD
    The legendary Hard-Ons are back with their first new full-length in 7 years!! Already reviewed in Rolling Stone and Australias biggest newspaper as "the best Hard-Ons album ever", it combines elements of punk, pop, bubblegum, psychedelia and all sorts of other influences into a great sounding album, parts beautiful, parts brutal.

  • 2/13/2001: New official website opened!
    A few days ago, the URL of the new official website delivered some kind of error message, but only to come up with the real thing soon afterwards: You can now reach the website at: So far, you can hear 5 real audio snippets from new Hard-Ons songs, see some photos in the gallery, use the Hard-Ons chat and find some links to other Hard-Ons pages. The slots for "news", "gigs", "profile" and "message" need to be filled with info or or need to be fixed, but hey, it's a starter. The links section is missing one Hard-Ons page: Mine! But hey, wait a minute! The order of the links is the same as on my page. Even the words are pretty much the same. Thanks Ray! Copying from this site is even more honour than linking to my site ;-).

  • 2/1/2001: Hard-Ons playing live on 9th and 10th of February!
    The Hard-Ons will play two shows in the next week: On Friday, February 9th, they will play at "Caringbah Bizzo's." Support acts are "Downtime" and the "Killer Klowns." Next day, Sat, Feb 10th, they will play at the "Annandale Hotel" supported by "High Society" and "Earth to Nigel." The flyer is depicted to the right; you get a larger version, by clicking on it or by clicking here.

  • 12/13/2000: New official website!
    The Hard-Ons have a new home on the www: It can be located at: Check it out. If I'm not completely wrong, the colours on the welcome page were different yesterday, so that would mean there's currently someone working on it. I'm looking forward to the grand opening somewhen in the near future.

  • 11/12/2000: New album out tomorrow!:
    The new Hard-Ons album will be out by tomorrow - at least in Australia. It will be called "This Terrible Place" and the cover is top one on the right. If you are in or from Australia, be sure to watch local annoucements for shows, as the Hard-Ons rock Australia once more these days. (They are on tour, man!) There is no exact date to when the record will be released in the rest of the world. The following info is from the upcoming section of the November 2000 newsletter from Bad Taste Records:

    TBA    THE HARD-ONS "This Terrible Place" CD    late January
    The rumors are true! Bad Taste will release the new Hard-Ons album worldwide excluding Australia!! The Hard-Ons is one of those bands we all grew up listening to and to be able to release one of their records is a dream come true... With classics releases like "Dickcheese" and "Love is a battlefield of wounded hearts" the Hard-Ons have created a large following all over the world. We're waiting for the mastered version of the album, but within a couple of weeks you will be able to find tons of info, MP3:s, pictures etc on this incredible band on our web site!

  • 9/21/2000: Some details on the new records:
    More news on the new albums: The elephant picture in the news of 23rd of June will be the cover of the "Best of" album to be released in South America, in Argentina to be precise on UGLY records. This album will feature the same tracks as the "Best of" from last year. The studio sessions from the end of June were successful and the recordings are finished now. As a result, the new album is not far from being released on Chatterbox in Australia and on Bad Taste Records for everywhere else in the world. Below are some potential covers for the new album:
    No Nazis!
    The Hard-Ons are an Australian band and far from being a Nazi band. Only for those, who don't know and are concerned because of the Donald...

  • 6/23/2000: New record is coming:
    I just received an email from Ray telling me that they 're gonna record a new album tomorrow with 24 new songs. Now that is news that helps getting through the hot times (or the cold for people from the southern hemisphere). If this record comes out within the next 4 or 5 months, it will be the record that will help doing or finishing my diploma thesis, but that's just a personal note. I'm looking forward to it!
    The image below was included with this mail, so probably this is gonna be the cover of the new album. (Wait a minute! Wasn't the last album called "best of" as well?!?). Anyway, great artwork once more! I ask myself: Who is this granny from hell? She appeared on Hard-Ons covers before. Any special nightmares with grannies on your side, Ray?

  • 1/19/2000: Hard-Ons featured in Ox #36:
    Recently, I received the German punkrock magazine Ox from my new record mailorder. I'm not sure, when this fine piece of literature was published, but it seems to be from late summer/autumn '99. It features an interview with Blackie, two concert reviews (Aachen (D) and Madrid (E)) and the cover drawn by Ray depicted to the right: Cover of Ox no. 36

  • 6/8/1999: Tour update:
    Yesterday I've seen them for the second time on their tour in Europe. Last week at the "incognito" in Munich, the crowd was not so crowdy and the voice was a little silent, but impressionable show!! I've never ever seen a band doing so much "hairwork". Yesterday at the "Desi" in Nürnberg, the sound was better, the venue was more appropriate, but as in Munich, there was not much advertisement for the shows. This time the location was half way sold out. I was able to speak to their soundman Randy and he confirmed what was obvious to see from the shows: The treesome has fun together. Blackie said that after the tour they are gonna work a little on their projects "Chrackie" and "Nunchukka Superfly", but the plans are they do another album with completely new songs after that.

  • 4/13/1999: More release news (on the side-projects):
    - Nunchukka Superfly 's (Blackie, Ray, Joel) album will be out in Europe soon
    - Toulouse's (Ray, Joel, brother) album "Sketches of Stanmore" is out (65 minutes, very consumer friendly price)
    - Blackie's album with Chris Townend (ex-Crent, ex-Kiss My Poodle's Donkey) should be available soon as well

    If you want to have these records, you could go to your favourite local record store and let them do their best, or you better go to one of the shows of the Hard-Ons, take a few bucks more with you and get it all there.

  • 4/7/1999: There are new releases (coming):
    - The Best of the Hard-Ons with bonus live CD / Citadel / Australia only
    - The Best of the Hard-Ons with bonus rarities CD / Citadel / Europe only
    - The Best of the Hard-Ons double vinyl album with seven bonus tracks / Radio Blast / World /e-mail contact
    - Yesterday & Today EP / One Way Street / Australia, Europe
    - You disappointed me, say Goodbye 7" single / Radio Blast / Germany
    - Sharks Head, Birthday 7" single / Munster / Spain / email contact

  • March 1999: The Hard-Ons have a lovely designed official website at

  • 12/10/1998: The Hard-Ons recorded 6 songs with Ed Kuepper (personalized punk rock history in Oz) in his great studio. According to Ray, it was quickly done, sounds good (of course!) and it is raw and melodic. Their first show in Europe will be on 24th of April in Belgium. Possibly, Nunchukka Superfly will be on stage there as well. (see tour dates below!)

  • 10/11/1998: The Hard-Ons are together again! As Ray wrote me on 11th of October 1998, they are playing shows again down in Oz. They want to tour Europe in '99 and plan to have new material out by then. Nunchukka Superfly is still alive and kicking as well.



  Recently, I received three great photos from Jochen Ruschinzik, who followed the Hard-Ons on a couple of gigs during their '99er European tour. The photos were taken on the 20th of June in Marl in the Schacht 8. Click on the photos to see a larger version of em. Thx for the pix, Schinnek!

Another one sent to me by Ray:
Sleepy Keish
even superstars need
sleep, sometimes


A short band history

  The Hard-Ons are were history, coz they split in '94. They are a threesome, Blackie (g, voc), Ray (bass) and Keish (drums, voc) from Sydney, Australia. Starting in the 80ies, they rocked the boat. To describe their music style would need too much space, but the Ramones are a good comparison as I think. As they are from down under you can see them in the tradition of good Aussie punk bands starting with the Saints and Birthday Party to name a few. They started with cover versions that were speeded up dramatically, but soon they composed their own songs. Developping more and more towards sugar-sweet speed punk pop core with "Yummy" as their masterpiece. On the two following albums, they mixed some metalesque elements into their music and reduced the influence of their drinking and farting stories, but still recorded some typical Hard-Ons-style songs.

In the meantime, Ray and Blackie have put together a new band called "Nunchukka Superfly" that sounds not quite like the Hard-Ons. Keish had a band called "Snorkel". Because of identical bandnames, the name of "Snorkel" was changed to "Malibu Stacey", but meanwhile "Malibu Stacey" broke up (Malibu Stacey is the name of a Barbie-doll in one Simpsons episode that represents everything Lisa has to fight against). Blackie put out a record in '99 with Chris Townend under the name "Chrackie".

In mid '98, the Hard-Ons threesome found together again and they started playing. In autumn '98, they recorded four songs with Ed Kuepper (ex-Saints, now not less than Australian all-time god of music called "Ed Kuepper"), that can be found on new singles. April to June '99 saw the Hard-Ons touring in Australia and Europe and releasing several small and one big records.

In the year '00, the Hard-Ons played a few shows down under and recorded a new album in June. The '99er "Best of" album was released in Argentina with a new cover and in autumn '00, the new album This terrible Place was released in Australia, accompanied by some shows. In February '01, the album was released on the Swedish label Bad Taste Records for Europe and maybe the rest of the world. The Hard-Ons will be touring Europe from mid-April to early-June (see below for dates)



Tour Dates

'05 Tour Dates

Europe - Nov/Dec '05

Thu Nov 22 - UK  - London, Garage (w/ JESSE JAMES & JISM) 
Fri Nov 25 - SWE - Lund, Mejeriet "Bad Taste Festival"
Sat Nov 26 - NOR - Oslo, Garage "Bad Taste Festival"
Sun Nov 27 - SWE - Stockholm, Debaser "Bad Taste Festival"

Tue Nov 29 - GER - Osnabrück, Bastard Club
Wed Nov 30 - BEL - Ghent, Vooruit (w/ NASHVILLE PUSSY) 
Thu Dec 1  - CH  - Bern, ISC
Fri Dec 2  - ITA - Monza, FAO
Sat Dec 3  - ITA - Livorno, Giardano

Tue Dec 6  - SER - Belgrade, SKC
Wed Dec 7  - CRO - Zagreb, Kset
Thu Dec 8  - AUS - Vienna, Arena
Fri Dec 9  - ITA - Pordenone, Velvet Rock 
Sat Dec 10 - ITA - Rome, Traffic
Sun Dec 11 - ITA - Genova, Milk

Tue Dec 13 - FRA - Montpellier, TBC
Wed Dec 14 - SPA - Santona, Tropicana Club 
Thu Dec 15 - SPA - Madrid, Gruta 77
Fri Dec 16 - SPA - Durango, Plateruena Kafe Antkozi 
Sat Dec 17 - SPA - Sant Feliu / Barcelona, Centre Civic La Fonteta
Sun Dec 18 - SPA - Valencia, Mogambo

Tue Dec 20 - FRA - Rennes, Mondo Bizarro
Wed Dec 21 - FRA - Paris, Point Ephmere

'03 Tour Dates

Europe/Japan - May/Sept, Oct '03

Sat, 10/5 - NL  Goes, Beest
Sun, 11/5 - BEL Opwijk, Nijdrop

Tue, 13/5 - GER Aachen, Musikbunker
Wed, 14/5 - GER Hamburg, Fabrik
Thu, 15/5 - GER Frankfurt am Main (Sachsenhausen), Dreikoenigskeller
Fri, 16/5 - GER Köln, Underground
Sun, 18/5 - GER Berlin, Magnet

Tue, 20/5 - SWE	Gothenburg, Henriksberg
Wed, 21/5 - SWE	Stockholm, Debaser
Thu, 22/5 - NOR Oslo, Elm Street
Fri, 23/5 - SWE Karlstad, Arena
Sat, 24/5 - SWE Lund, Mejeriet

Mon, 26/5 - GER München, Backstage
Tue, 27/5 - A   Wien, Shelter
Wed, 28/5 - A   Aflenz, Sublime
Wed, 4/6  - ESP Madrid, Gruta 77
Thu, 5/6  - ESP St Feliu de Guixols, Girona, Atzavara Club
Sat, 7/6  - FRA Strasbourg, Celestat Festival

Mon, 9/6  - FRA Rennes, Mondo Bizarro

Japan (with NoMeansNo and DOA)
Thu, 25/9 - JPN arrive 
Fri, 26/9 - JPN day off 
Sat, 27/9 - JPN Yokohama, FAD 
Sun, 28/9 - JPN Shinjuku, Loft 

Mon, 29/9 - JPN Travel 
Tue, 30/9 - JPN Hiroshima, Cave-be 
Wed, 1/10 - JPN Fukuoka, ?? 
Thu, 2/10 - JPN Travel 
Fri, 3/10 - JPN Nagoya, Huck Finn 
Sat, 4/10 - JPN Ko-be, Star Club 
Sun, 5/10 - JPN Osaka, Sun Hall 

Mon, 6/10 - JPN day off 
Tue, 7/10 - JPN go back home 

proposed '01 Tour Dates

Europe - April/May '01

Thu 12. - arrival
Fri 13. - Antwerp - Hof ter Loo	 / B
Sat 14. - Hannover - Glocksee /D
Sun 15. - Berlin - Knaack / D

Mon 16. - off / D
Tue 17. - Munich
Wed 18. - Innsbruck - Hafen / A
Thu 19. - Bern - ISC / CH
Fri 20. - Aarau - Kiff / CH
Sat 21. - Biel - Gaskessel / CH
Sun 22. - Lyon - Pezner / F

Mon 23. - Toulouse - Le Bikini /	F / tbc
Tue 24. - Montpellier - Le Rockstore / F / tbc
Wed 25. - Barcelona /E
Thu 26. - Madrid / E
Fri 27. - Vigo / E
Sat 28. - Bilbao / E
Sun 29. - Bordeaux - Le Zoobizarre / F

Mon 30. - Rennes - LÚBU	 / F
Tue 01. - Pontoise	- Salle des fetes / F
Wed 02. - Lille	- Le Rockline / F
Thu 03. - off / NL
Fri 04. - Tilburg - O 13	/ NL / tbc
Sat 05. - Strasbourg - Artefact festival / F
Sun 06. - Köln - Underground / D

Mon 07. - off
Tue 08. - Hamburg -logo	/ D
Wed 09. - Lund - Mejeriet	 / S
Thu 10. - S
Fri 11. - Norrköpping - Poppstop / S / tbc
Sat 12. - Örebro / S
Sun 13. - S

Mon 14. - off
Tue 15. - Oslo - So what / N
Wed 16. - Halden - Feelgood / N
Thu 17. - FIN
Fri 18. - FIN
Sat 19. - FIN / DEN / S
Sun 20. - Bielefeld - Forum / D

Mon 21. - off
Tue 22. - Ljubljana / SLO - tbc
Wed 23. - Rome - Black Out / I
Thu 24. - Parma - Onirica / I
Fri 25. - Milano - Binario Zero / I
Sat 26. - Venice / Pordenone / I
Sun 27. - Vienna - Flex / A / int

Mon 28. - off
Tue 29. - Essen - Zeche Carl / D
Wed 30. - UK
Thu 31. - Newcastle - Trillions / UK
Fri 01. - Redditch - Venue / UK
Sat 02. - London - Underworld / UK
Sun 03. - Bristol - Fleece / UK

'00 Tour Dates

Australia - Autumn '00

Thu 23 - Toowoomba, National Hotel 
Fri 24 - Surfers Paradise, Palladium 
Sat 25 - Brisbane, Waterloo Hotel 
Sun 26 - Byron Bay, Great Northern Hotel 
Wed 29 - Newcastle, SJ's Hotel 
Thu 30 - Blaxland, Kelt's Bar 

Fri 1 - Manly, Fisho's 
Sat 2 - Newtown, Newtown RSL Club 
Sun 3 - Gosford, Joe's garage 
Wed 6 - Collingwood, The Tote 
Thu 7 - Geelong, Barwon Club 
Fri 8 - Melbourne, Corner Hotel 
Sat 9 - Adelaide, Enigma 
Sun 10 - Adelaide, Holdfast Hotel 

'99 Tour Dates
For the updated tour dates, see local announcements
the Hard-Ons webpage is not updated during the tour

Australia - April

Sat 10th: Ground Zero - Channel 10

Thu 15th: Canberra - Gypsy Bar
Fri 16th: St. Kilda - Esplanade Hotel
Sat 17th: Melbourne - Punters Club

Wed 21st: Newcastle - SJ's 
Thu 22nd: Byron Bay - Great Northern Hotel
Fri 23rd: Toowoomba - The Powerhouse
Sat 24th: Brisbane - Waterloo Tavern
Sun 25th: Gold Coast - Broadbeach Tavern

Wed 28th: Carringbah - Bizzos
Thu 29th: UNSW Roundhouse
Fri 30th: Parramatta - Collector Tavern
Sat 1st:  Gosford - Showgrounds (all age & early)
      AND Manly - Fisherman's Club (late)

Europe - May & June

Fri 07.5. Krefeld-Kufa / D 
Sat 08.5. Riverside Festival / B 
Sun 09.5. Kontich - Lintfabrik / B

Tue 11.5. Paris - Arapaho / F 
Wed 12.5. Bordeaux - Theatre Barbey / F 
Thu 13.5. Bilbao - Bilborock / E 
Fri 14.5. Madrid - El Sol / E 
Sat 15.5. Barcelona - Mephisto / E 
Sun 16.5. Palma de Mallorca - Sonotone / E 

Tue 18.5. Mulhouse - Normatrouff / F 
Wed 19.5. Heidelberg - Schwimmbad / D 
Thu 20.5. D / NL - tba (*)
Fri 21.5. Eindhoven - Dynamo / NL 
Sat 22.5. Evreux - Les Rock États / F
Sun 23.5. Poitiers - Le Confort moderne / F

Tue 25.5. Innsbruck - Utopia / A
Wed 26.5. Milano - Binario Zero / I
Thu 27.5. Bern - ISC / CH 
Fri 28.5. Freiburg - Jazzhaus / D 
Sat 29.5. Zürich - Rote Farbrik / CH
Sun 30.5. Lyon - Pez Nerfs / F

Tue 01.6. München - Incognito / D
Wed 02.6. Wien - Flex / A 
Thu 03.6. Prague - tbc (*)
Fri 04.6. Ebensee - Kino / A 
Sat 05.6. Pordenone / I (*)
Sun 06.6. Lausanne - Dolce Vita / CH

Mon 07.6. Nürnberg - Desi / D
Tue 08.6. Stuttgart - Röhre / D 
Wed 09.6. Münster - Gleis 22 / D 
Thu 10.6. Eindhoven - Effenaar / NL
Fri 11.6. Wilhelmshaven - Kling Klang / D 
Sat 12.6. Amsterdam - Paradiso / NL
Sun 13.6. Düsseldorf - Stahlwerk / D

MON 14.6. Hamburg - Fabrik / D 
Wed 16.6. Kopenhagen - Loppen / DK 
Thu 17.6. Oslo - Mars / N 
Fri 18.6. Hultsfred Festival / S
Sat 19.6. tbc (*)
Sun 20.6. Marl - Schacht 8 / D

Mon 21.6. Fürstenwalde / Parkcafé / D
Tue 22.6. Berlin - Knaack / D 
Wed 23.6. Dresden - Starclub / D
Fri 25.6. Leeds - Duchess of York / UK
Sat 26.6. Birmingham tbc (*)


The releases of the band:


LP's / CD's

Smell my Finger ('86)
  • Buddies
  • Stairway to Punchbowl
  • Squat House
  • Then I kissed her
  • Lollipop
  • I farted
  • Dancing Girls
  • Wog Food
  • Think about you everyday

Hard-Ons ('87)

Hot for your Love, Baby ('87)
  • Love Song for Cindy
  • Coffs Harbour Blues
  • School Days
  • It's cold outside
  • Then I kissed her (Arabic)
  • By my Side
  • I'll come again
  • Fifteen
  • Keish's new Song
  • From my Window
  • Rock'n'Roll all Nite

The Worst of the Hard-Ons ('84-'87)
  • All set to go
  • Love Song for Cindy
  • Coffs Harbour Blues
  • School Days
  • It's cold outside
  • Then I kissed her (Arabic)
  • By my Side
  • I'll come again
  • Fifteen
  • Keish's new Song
  • From my Window
  • Rock'n'Roll all Nite

Dickcheese ('88)
  • Stairway to Punchbowl
  • There was a Time
  • Made to love you
  • What am I 'spose to do?
  • Oozing for Pleasure
  • Nerds
  • Everytime I do a Fart
  • Got a Baby
  • Yuppies suck
  • Figaro
  • Fuck Society
  • Something about you
  • Mickey Juice
  • Ache to touch you
  • Why don't you shut up
  • Get away
  • All washed up
  • Pretty Face

No Cheese ('88) w. Stupids
  • No Reason
  • What is the Norm?
  • Fun
  • Let's go
  • Walk all over you
  • C.I.D.
  • Nuf
  • All set to go

Love is a Battlefield
of wounded Hearts ('89)
  • I don't wanna see you cry
  • Rejected
  • Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
  • Been had before
  • You're a Tease
  • Who do you wanna fool
  • Get wet
  • Rich Scrag
  • Do it with you
  • Missing you missing me
  • Throw it in
  • Kill your Mum

Yummy ('90)
  • Where did she come from?
  • Raining
  • Dull
  • Cool Hand Luke
  • Something I don't want to do
  • Sit beside you
  • Jaye's Song
  • On and on
  • Ain't gonna let you go
  • Me or you
  • Spew
  • Fade away
  • Little Miss Evil
  • Wait aroud
  • Feast on Flesh
  • Stairway to Heaven

Dateless Dudes Club ('92)
  • She's a Dish
  • Selfish
  • World
  • Hate so hard
  • Test
  • Raining
  • What am I s'posed to do?
  • Suck'n'swallow

Too far gone ('93)
  • Crazy crazy Eyes
  • Notice me
  • If it makes you happy
  • Carphone
  • Test
  • I do I do I do
  • Lost
  • The Blade
  • Noone can stop you
  • Cat Scan
  • If she only knew
  • It's up to me
  • Stressed out
  • Sleepy

Your Choice Live Series ('95)
  • Who do you wanna fool
  • Hate so hard
  • Happy (If it makes you happy)
  • I do (I do I do I do)
  • She's a Dish
  • Selfish
  • It's up to me
  • Crazy Eyes (Crazy crazy Eyes)
  • Suck + swallow
  • Sorry
  • Carphone
  • Notice me
  • Pretty Face
  • Spew
  • Too far gone
  • Been had be4
  • Just being with you

The last track is not mentioned on the cover at all, but it is definitely on the CD.

A Decade of Rock ('94)
Disk 1, Singles:
  • There was a Time
  • Excuses
  • Surfin' on my Face
  • Bye bye Girl
  • The Girl in the Sweater
  • I heard her call my Name
  • All set to go
  • Ferdi's Song
  • Busted
  • Suck'n'swallow
  • Just being with you
  • Growing old
  • Sick of being sick
  • Where did she come from?
  • Get out of my House
  • Dull
  • Sri Lanka
  • Let there be Rock
  • Carry me down
  • Sorry
  • Lose it
  • She's a Dish
  • Simple Love
  • Crazy, crazy Eyes
  • I'm down
  • Test
Disk 2, Rarities:
  • Squathouse
  • The Girl in the Sweater
  • I heard her call my Name
  • Got a Baby
  • Show us wot ya got
  • Walk all over you
  • Graham
  • Lick it up
  • Ache to touch you
  • Feast on Flesh
  • Missing you, missing me
  • Where did she come from?
  • Suck'n'swallow
  • Just being with you
  • Little Miss Evil
  • Love hurts
  • Simple Love
  • Hate so hard
  • Shit #2
  • Something is wrong
  • Shoot shoot
  • Goodbye

The Best of the Hard-Ons! ('99)
German double LP version
  • Small Talk
  • Raining
  • She's a Dish
  • Something about you
  • Think about you everyday
  • Do it with you
  • Sorry
  • Where did she come from
  • Suck'n'swallow
  • Missing you missing me
  • Get away
  • It's up to me
  • Girl in the Sweater
  • Busted
  • There was a Time
  • On and on
  • Wishing well
  • All set to go
  • Lost
  • Lose it
  • Wogfood
  • Don't wanna see you cry
  • I do I do I do
  • Just being with you
  • Simple Love
  • Wait around
  • School Days
  • Get wet
  • Surfin' on my Face
  • What am I supposed to do?
  • Throw it in

The Best of the Hard-Ons! ('99) Best of Argentine version
Argentine CD version
  • Small Talk
  • Raining
  • She's a Dish
  • Something about you
  • Think about you everyday
  • Do it with you
  • Sorry
  • Where did she come from
  • Suck'n'swallow
  • Missing you missing me
  • Get away
  • It's up to me
  • Girl in the Sweater
  • Busted
  • There was a Time
  • On and on
  • Wishing well
  • All set to go
  • Lost
  • Lose it
  • Wogfood
  • Don't wanna see you cry
  • I do I do I do
  • Just being with you

This terrible Place ('01) Terrible Place
  • Fallen Star
  • Strangers
  • Ice Cream
  • First Cut is the Weakest
  • Time won't let me
  • Trouble Trouble
  • Shark's Head
  • Oyster Sauce
  • Charger
  • I'm bringing you Death
  • Nosebleed
  • Sadly ever after
  • Birthday
  • I hate Clubbers

Very exciting! ('03) Very exciting!
  • Sunny
  • Punk Police
  • Scared of it all
  • Killing me
  • Baka
  • Olympic Diver
  • Radio
  • Cats got your Tongue
  • Taxi
  • Race Track
  • Caravan Man
  • (Every Time I hear) Techno (I pray for Death)
  • Breakfast Caramel
  • Preservation of a Wildcat

Most People are a Waste of Time ('06) Most People are a Waste of Time
  • What would Stiv Bators do
  • I'm hurt I'm in Pain
  • There goes one of the Creeps that hassled my Girlfriend
  • Crack
  • Knowing my Luck..
  • I'll get thrush or something
  • Bubble Bath
  • Stop crying
  • Poorest Kid on the Block
  • But Officer I was just doing my Job
  • Her Smile is a Wish I can't obtain
  • The Ballad of Katrin Cartlidge
  • Cockroach

Most People are nicer than us ('07) Most People are a nicer than us
  • Carrot Top
  • Don't fear the Reeperbahn
  • Being broke is fucked
  • My Style of Attack
  • Punky No-No
  • You Sir, can fuck off
  • Does that come in Size Aquaman?
  • Spent the Day in Hell, was bored
  • I got a Cause
  • Bottom Feeders
  • Making Money from Goths is easy
  • Dance Parties = Dickhead Fest.
  • Two Laps in Serbia
  • Pretty soon, I will burst into Flames
  • Rat Face and Buffalo Ass

Alfaalfa Males Conform or die once Summer is done ('10) Alfaalfa Males Conform or die once Summer is done
  • Feisty
  • Cigarettes
  • In the End we all die alone
  • Everyone seems to be out to get you
  • The Media Frenzy that followed
  • I'm a frozen Boy
  • Damp
  • Near the Casino
  • Farmer wants a Root
  • Burn everything
  • Keep talking my Eyes aren't completely galzed over
  • Tie ya Mother down
  • Give me Arse a Haircut
  • Atomic Handshake
  • 1st Element is Sweat aka SG's at Dawn
  • Pretend it's Vanilla
  • The Socialists' Hero
  • Aunty

Suck and swallow - 25 Years 25 Songs ('10) Suck and swallow - 25 Years 25 Songs
  • Surfin' on my Face
  • Girl in the Sweater
  • Think about you everyday
  • All set to go
  • Suck n swallow
  • Ache to touch you
  • Made to love you
  • Just being with you
  • Get wet
  • You're a Tease
  • Where did she come from?
  • Wait around
  • Sit beside you
  • Notice me
  • I do I do I do
  • You disappointed me
  • Fallen Star
  • Race Track
  • Baka
  • Wild Cat
  • What would Stiv Bators do?
  • Stop crying
  • Bottom Feeders
  • Carrot Top
  • Everyone seems to be out to get you

Eat Shit, Listen to horrible Music ('11) Eat Shit, Listen to horrible Music
  • Missing you missing me
  • All set to go
  • Punk Police Reprise
  • Always hang around
  • Vibraphone Magic
  • Fallen Star
  • What's on your Mind
  • There was a Time
  • Girl in the Sweater
  • Where did she come from
  • Selfish
  • Don't fear the Reeperbahn
  • Don't wanna see you cry
  • Throw it in
  • She's a Dish
  • Cockroach
  • Face the Day
  • Carrot Top
  • Happy Birthday to us
  • What would Stiv Bators do
  • I'm hurt, I'm in Pain
  • Auntie
  • Think about you everyday
  • Lost
  • I do I do I do

Peel me like a Egg ('14) Eat Shit, Listen to horrible Music
  • Burning up on Re-Entry
  • Shadow Self
  • With Structure, with Stress
  • Close to the Ground
  • Held my Hand out & caught the Drops
  • Clumsy Little Oaf I am
  • Darth Vader pretends
  • Sweatin on the Beat
  • We just ripped off Paul McCartney
  • Those hard to get Spots
  • If I were you I'd hit the Deck
  • Peel me like a Egg
  • Ain't no Guardian Angel

So I could have them destroyed ('19) Eat Shit, Listen to horrible Music
  • Made to love you II
  • Bad bad Temper to match
  • Better by the Hour
  • Midnight
  • Oh... you're crushed
  • Not just for a Day
  • A whole Lot of Tooth
  • Float
  • This is how we roll
  • Do the Bunk
  • Harder and harder
  • It seems like I've spent every Penny that I've earnt today

I'm sorry Sir, that Riff's been taken ('21) I'm sorry Sir, that Riff's been taken
  • Hold tight
  • Fucked up Party
  • Pucker up
  • Lite as a Feather
  • Back Pack Sweat
  • Frequencies
  • Home Sweet Home
  • Humiliated/Humiliator
  • The Laws of Gossip
  • Needles and Pins (sic)
  • Shove it down
  • Shoot me in the Back


7" / 12" / MaxiCD's

Surfin on my Face (Mid '85)

Surfin on my Face (early '87) Reissue

All set to go (early '87)

Busted (late '87)
  • Busted
  • Suck'n'swallow

Just being with you (late '88) (Pinball Cover)
  • Just being with you
  • Growing old

Sick of being sick (mid '89)
Gig giveaway EP, only in Sydney, Melbourne and London
  • Sick of being sick
  • Graham
  • Fuck off Fuckfeatures

Where did she come from? ('90)
  • Where did she come from?
  • Get out of my House

Dull (early '91)
  • Dull
  • Just being with you
  • Sri Lanka (only on the 12")
  • Growing old (only on the 12")

Dull (late '91) overseas only
  • Dull
  • Just being with you
  • Sri Lanka (only on the 12")
  • Growing old (only on the 12")

Let there be Rock ('91) with Henry Rollins
  • Let there be Rock
  • Carry me down

Where the wild Things are... ('92) with the Celibate Rifles
  • Sorry
  • Lose it
  • 5 Lamps (the Celibate Rifles)
  • Electric Flowers (the Celibate Rifles)

She's a Dish ('92)
  • She's a Dish
  • Simple Love

Crazy, crazy Eyes ('93)
  • Crazy, crazy Eyes
  • I'm down
  • Destroyer

Test ('93)
  • Test
  • Stan the Ice Cream Man
  • Wishing well
  • Burn in Hell
  • See her tonite (Live with Jerry A)

Birthday / Shark's Head ('99)
  • Birthday
  • Shark's Head

You disappointed me / Say Goodbye ('99)
  • You disappointed me
  • Say Goodbye

Yesterday & today ('99)
  • Small talk
  • You disappointed me
  • Been had before
  • Got a Baby

There goes one of the Creeps that hassled my Girlfriend ('05)
  • There goes one of the Creeps that hassled my Girlfriend
  • Happy Birthday to us

Shit Pants Shit Pants ('11) Shit Pants Shit Pants
  • Me going out Flanno
  • Darwinian Bent
  • Watch ya Step Boy
  • Shit Pants Shit Pants
  • It might seem like a lonely Ship passing thru the Night but there's actually a mad Party going on aboard
  • One Chord Wonders

American Exports (with Neil Hamburger) ('11) Hard-Ons with Neil Hamburger
  • American Exports
  • Committed to Suicide
  • Young Punks
  • Six Pack


Contributions to Samplers

La Herenica de los Munster #11 (Spanish zine with 7")
  • Love hurts - Hard-Ons
  • Fortunate Son - Devil Dogs
  • Piss ... flaps - Dubrovniks
  • Does it float - Dinosaur Jr.

Off Limits ('92)
  • Intro
  • Here we go (oh yeah) - Psychotic Youth
  • California Sun - Hitmen
  • Pipeline - Weird Riders of the Surf
  • Rockaway Beach - Ramones
  • California dreamin' - M.I.A.
  • Gigantor - The Dickies
  • Mr. Moto - Agent Orange
  • Dig yourself - The Crowd
  • Hang ten in East Berlin - D.I.
  • Jet Boy Jet Girl - Chron Gen
  • Banzai Pass - Go ahead!
  • Surfin' Bird - Ramones
  • Destined to loose - Badtown Boys
  • Surfing with the Contras - Zombie Squad
  • Nice Girls - Psychotic Youth
  • Surf Pigs - The Conditionz
  • Something about you - Hard-Ons
  • California - Simpletones

Survival - From out of Nowhere 2 ('94)
  • Test - Hard-Ons
  • Sushi Bowl - Screamfeeder
  • Swing - Lung
  • My Side - Front End Loader
  • The tiredest Man awake - Hoss
  • Daddy's Footsteps - Real Cool Killers
  • Got you on my Mind - Screaming Tribesmen
  • Memories - The Chevelles
  • Song for the Walls - Roscoe's Gang
  • A Stand alone - Screaming Tribesmen
  • Lost Cause - Cosmic Psychos
  • World - Hard-Ons
  • I'm waiting for the Man - Bored
  • Probe T.V. - The Meanies
  • Exchange Rate - Peril
  • Cash in Hand - Bigger than Jesus
  • Balance - Massappeal
  • Shades of grey - Suiciety

Hard to beat Twenty-one Stooges Killers ('94)
  • Your pretty Face is going to Hell - Thrust
  • Down on the Street - Exploding white Mice
  • I need somebody - Seminal Rats
  • Penetration - No Mans Land
  • Not right - Stress of Terror
  • Real cool Time - GOD
  • T.V. Eye - Asylum
  • Kill City - Johnny Kannis
  • Dirt - Magnolia Strip
  • She Creatures of the Hollywood Hills - Raw Power
  • 1970 - Hard-Ons
  • Loose - Vocal Lizard
  • I got nothing - ME 262
  • 1969 - Psychotic Turnbuckles
  • I wanna be your Dog - NRG
  • Anne - Feedtime
  • No Fun - Plunderers
  • Tight Pants - The Girlies
  • Gimme Danger - Celibate Rifles
  • Open up & breed - Harem Scarem
  • Search and destroy - Hellmenn

Ox-Compilation #34 - drinkfest bis zum überlaufen ('99)
CD of German punkrock zine "Ox"
  • Kill the Messenger - Bellrays
  • Schlitzed - Moorat Fingers
  • Already fucked up - Radiation Kings
  • Wishing well - Hard-Ons
  • The Stand - Fixtures
  • Vergaser - Motormuschi
  • Lucky Day - Lady Luck
  • Pickpocket - At the Drive-In
  • Potential for a Fall - Sick of it all
  • K.G.B. - Generators
  • Treachery - Youth Brigade
  • I'm so Nazi - Loudmouths
  • Crash my Car - Masons
  • Give me Pussy - Yucca Spiders
  • San Pablo Rap - Rube Waddall
  • New Can of Ice - Ninewood
  • Diesel Smoke '98 - Raymen
  • Cretin 66 - Cretin 66
  • I'm in Love with myself - Dumbell
  • Rock'n'Roll Satisfaction - Cato Salsa Experience
  • Solitary Confinement - Dickies
  • Ein Tor war es nicht - Wohlstandskinder
  • Declaration - Across the Border
  • Lebensrezeptur - Kafkas
  • Blut - Planlos
  • Entertainer - Limp
  • Sunny Side of Life - Skin of Tears
  • Small Death - Kingsize Canary
  • Today away - Under the Church
  • Saturday Night - Clockwise from Top
  • Kein Applaus - Part Time Punx
  • Lever dod as slav - WSE

Split Single with Manges! ('11) Hard-Ons with Manges
  • Aunty - The Hard-Ons
  • You don't wanna be like me - The Manges with Joe Queer


Other Hard-Ons stuff

Hard-Ons vs. Europe 2007 ('08) DVD
   Live Songs:
  • Just being with you
  • Raining
  • Fallen Star
  • Two Laps in Serbia
  • Bubble Bath
  • Don't wanna see you cry
  • Where did she come from
  • Made to love you
  • Pimple
  • What would Stiv Bators do
  • Don't fear the Reeperbahn
  • Bottom Feeders
   Score Songs:
  • Suck'n'swallow
  • Race Track
  • Everytime I do a Fart
  • I got a Cause
  • Breakfast Caramel
  • Carphone
  • Ferdi's Song
  • Sunny
  • Stop crying
Songs and interviews with Hard-Ons members and tour guys
approx. 70 min long


Hard-Ons members projects

The Cats can read our Minds ('99)
  • Spider
  • Vampire in Croydon
  • Wait
  • Augniaiah Lidakika Waheda
  • Pay Attention
  • Baa!
  • Kissing you
  • Guess again
  • Adzuki
  • Apricot
  • Harry don't go hungry
  • Daughter of my Eye
  • Women
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Nunchukka Superfly
Nunchukka Superfly ('99)
  • Chow Yun-Fat
  • Jacket
  • Quiff
  • Loneliness is cool
  • Hey Pinky
  • Power
  • Calaveras Catrina de la Mesa Herida

Nunchukka Superfly
There are no Accidents... just Fuckwits There are no Accidents... just Fuckwits ('01)
  • Hat
  • Doo Wop King
  • Hot enough for ya?
  • D.N.N.N.
  • Paul Cook's Doppelgänger
  • There's a Mess where my Cock should be
  • Sleeping Bag Stingray
  • Signed Epstein's Mother
  • Bleed from their Mouths
  • Giordano Bruno's Trial set to Music
  • Imagine being taller

Nunchukka Superfly
III III ('04)
  • The only good Jock is a dead Jock
  • Couch
  • Gelatine
  • Tattoo Shop Riff
  • Godless
  • Get fucked
  • Not all my Friends are happy
  • Earth Wind and FIRE
  • More Mint Sauce?!!
  • Train:Car:Car:Train:Murder
  • I'm really into my Boyfriend's Band
  • Ageing Rocker squeezing into a Pair of Tights



! ! My thanks go out to Peter Canavan, to Damo, to Schinnek, to Pietr for the track info to "Decade" and last, but definitely not least to Ray for some pictures and informations and of course to the Hard-Ons just for being there ! !


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