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How it started:

In autumn '94, a friend of mine showed me THE WEB for the first time. I was quite impressed and when I heard it was possible to place my own pages on this server, I started to code them. So in the summer of '95, I began to experiment with the most common tags and started collecting graphics that I could use. The implementation of the 'Smells like...'-audio-clip was my first highlight. But I did not want my pages to be accessible until I added some graphics that I scanned myself. In January '96 I had the opportunity to play with the scanner of a friend (thank you, Markus!) and a few days later, my pages were ready for public access.
In the meantime, I added a couple of pages including Java-Applets, Javascripts, GIF-Animations and loads of other stuff. I helped Günther Krauß to put up the Dodecathlon Pages during August and September '96 and created graphics for this page as well. In 1997, I put up the web presentation for a local enterprise and in summer 1998, I did the Dodecathlon III -pages

What I changed recently:

  • 1/16/2000:
    - Started an Atari page out of a mood of nostalgia
    - Extended link list on the music page a lot
    - Included Personal Top10 list on Music Page
    - Finished F1 pages for 1999, started pages for 2000
    - Revised the Ferrari link graphic
    - Included Window-Shaker-JavaScript on personal page

  • 6/18/1999:
    - Added infos on the Hard-Ons page several times
    - Included a 99er F1 page with complete new layout and a few other '99er F1 info pages
    - Included the self in- and out-scrolling link tray on the central page
    - New structure of computer page (I'm not quite satisfied with it still)
    - New Lindenstraße-logo
    - Added a page with a mpg-snippet of Nico's first film "La dolce Vita"
    - Added "Casablanca" to my all-time movie faves
    - Put the content of the Mika Kaurismäki, the Aki kaurismäki and the Jim Jarmusch pages into tables
    - Added a page that tells you what JavaScript can find out about your browser and the plug-ins you use
    - Added a page that calculates the diploma grade with the help of JavaScript

  • 11/20/1998:
    - Included a 360 degree view of myself as Quicktime movie in the gallery
    - New tips on music and movie page
    - Final '98 statistics, comments and images on F1 page
    - Updated Cosmic Psychos, Hard-Ons and computer page

  • 9/20/1998:
    - Rewrote the JavaScript opening and closing the Arnie windows
    - Revision of "Start" and "Personal" page
    - Removed the pure text Personal page without the JavaScripts
    - Removed the GIF-animation F1 page and the F1GP records page
    - Rewrote the JavaScript selector on the Mac page
    - Reduced the volume of the "Smells like..."-soundfile

  • 9/1/1998:
    - Revision of this page
    - Updated the hardware on my computer page
    - Worked on a new computer page (not yet released)
    - Did a SSH on Mac manual
    - New filmtip on movie page

  • 5/23/1998:
    - Included and later revised the implementation of the Gabi-joke-page
    - Included a gatekeeper and some javascript-window-stuff
    - Changed the color scheme of a couple of pages and with it hued some images
    - Fine tuning on some transparent GIFs

  • 3/15/1998:
    - Added the F1 pages for the '98 season
    - Minimized the file sizes of my GIF-animations
    - New version of my record collection list
    - New images / logos on several pages

  • 1/28/1998:
    - Added a page with the '98 Formula One cars
    - Included a Java-wobbler in my Mac page
    - Made the WAV on my music page autoload (hope it works with Windows as well)
    - Several minor changes and fixes

  • 11/21/1997:
    - Fixed broken link in gallery
    - Reorganized my Mac page twice
    - Updated and added information on computer page
    - Added infos and pictures to Hard-Ons page (thanks Peter Canavan!)
    - Added tour info on Sisters page
    - Changed title construct on Bum Khun Cha Youth page
    - Added a F1 race calendar and a driver line-up for 1998
    - Finished the 1997 F1 comments page

  • 8/24/1997:
    - Added a Hard-Ons and a Cosmic Psychos-page
    - Added a picture to Sisters page
    - Added the first MPEG-Layer III-audio-file to the Formula One page

  • 8/13/1997:
    - Added a Bum Khun Cha Youth Fan Page
    - Updated the Formula One 1997 seasons page several times
    - Added two historical photographs to the Oberschöllenbach page and updated the data
    - Changed the order of the information on the personal page for faster access
    - Minor changes to several pages (e.g. started to change the date format to the english one)

  • 6/1/1997:
    - Revised the Jim Jarmusch page and added graphics
    - Started an all-time-greatest-movies-page

  • 5/29/1997:
    - Revised Aki Kaurismäki page and added graphics
    - Revised Mika Kaurismäki page and added graphics
    - Earlier this week: Added new statistical graphs to Formula One page (have to be improved)

  • 4/27/1997:
    - Revised the Formula One page
    - Nevertheless started a statistics page for this years F1 season
    - Hopefully smoothened the gradient backround of the computer page

  • 4/17/1997:
    - Discovered the strength of the "FONT FACE"-tag and implemented it on some pages
    - Removed some outdated links from music, formula one and mac page, added some others
    - Created a waving MkLinux-logo-gif-animation and put it with a new backgorund on the computer page

  • 3/29/1997:
    - Added a page with the new '97 F1 cars
    - Improved the Background Image on my Mac page
    - Updated the Movie and the Music page
    - Cut down the linking paths to purely relative ones without any URL except for the front page and the external links

  • 2/14/1997:
    - Added origin note, e-mail, width and height to the rest of the pages
    - Rewrote the lower part of the Nico page

  • 2/2/1997 and the time since 1/5/1997:
    - Inserted to most pages an origin note, my e-mail address and the width, height of the pictures
    - Checked the titles of the modified pages.

  • 1/5/1997:
    - Worked over the Movie, the Mac and the Formula One page

  • 12/21/1996:
    - Updated the F1 driver list for 1997

  • 12/19/1996:
    - Played a while with Sisters Logos and a graphics application
    - Set up the Sisters and the Jolene / Marleen page
    - Revised the teams 1997 Formula One page

  • 12/16/1996:
    - Hopefully fixed the loop of the chick-gif-animation. (Nope, it did not yet work)
    - Scanned the Europe map (thanks to Jörg)
    - Added details about Oberschöllenbach

  • 12/05/1996:
    - Put the horny chick on my secret page. (Hint: There is a hot spot on the upper imagemap, find it!!)
    - Deleted the NervousText-applet on my frontend page, that never worked, but on my mac.
    - Revised the frontend page
    - While trying to optimize the HTML-code for M$ IE, I had to find out that it can not work perfectly with IE as well as with Netscape. More or less minor bugs will remain (e.g. the <BR> command does not produce same output on diferent browsers). So I decided that from now on, my pages will be optimized for Netscape Navigator only

  • 11/27/1996:
    - Fixed the title of the Dodecathlon-Link-pages
    - Designed the Oberschöllenbach pages with the help of common HTML-imagemaps. The Java-Maps turned out to be buggy on my Netscape, so that project had to be canceled.

  • 11/11/1996:
    - Started to add the following line to the headers, that keeps the search robots from indexing my pages:
    - Added the On Mouse command to:
    • person.html
    • personohnegrafik.hmtl
    • lind.html
    • gallery.html (worked over whole page)
    - Fixed a bug in the lower imagemap of the personal page

  • 11/8/1996:
    - Added the Java-Script-Fader to this history-page, colorized this page

  • 11/5/1996:
    - Finished the 1996 Formula One comment page and added final statistical graphics

  • 11/4/1996:
    - Added this history file

Plans for the future:

  • Do a Motörhead page (they really deserve it!!)
  • Think over my linking organization
  • Add newer, up-to-date photos to the Gallery

Why ?

Why do I do this, you might ask. One reason is for sure my own satisfaction and entertainment. Another one is that these pages allow me to learn and practise HTML. As I do not use some sophisticated tool as "Frontpage" or another of these meanwhile quite usable WYSIWYG-HTML-tools, I have full control over the source code and I know what a <TAG> is. By creating web pages I also made little excursions into JavaScript and of course, there is the need to learn how to handle some graphics applications as well. Extension of my capabilities is what I'm talking about. Not to forget that there are some pages within my site (yes, there are!) that have content that could interest others.  

Why in English?

Firstly to improve my English language capabilities. Writing these pages in English is the only time that I really use English. I think that reading English texts should be no problem for me, but I have a clear deficit in creating whole sentences in English. These pages are my way to work on this. On the other hand, English is the language of worldwide communication and it allows people from all over the world to read these pages.  

If you have any suggestions, please let me know and send an e-mail to:
olivers - at -

Some current statisctics:

At the moment, this web site comprises 601 files that need 8,159,472 bytes of hard disc space. (Excluding the frontend-welcome-page)  

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started on 11/4/1996
last modified on 1/16/2000