Nico's first appearance in Fellini's

"La Dolce Vita"

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Technical details concerning the video snippet

The dialogue happens as follows:
(fast translation by myself from German to English)

Mas: Nico!
Nico: Marcellino!
Mas: How's it going, my love? Where are you going?
Nico: I'm heading for Bassamo di Suprio with my fiancé
Mas: Why don't you take me with you?
Nico: If you'd like to...
Mas: By the way, Paparazzo wanted to do a photo series with you for the Vogue.
Nico: Thanks, but I'm not working anymore as a model. I haven't for a whole year. That's history.
Voice from the background: Nico!
Nico: Yes? (turns round) Aaah! Here they are already!

Camera focusses on driving car.

Guy in the car: Nicolina! Here! Over here!
Nico (bends towards the car): You've got a free place for a friend of mine?
Car-guy: Perhaps the ones behind. (points to car behind his car)

Car drives away, Nico steps onto the road and stops the next car.

Nico: Stop! Is there any room for two poor students?
Female voice from inside of car: Hello, darling!
Male voice from car: You should try it at the 1400er back there, you can sit more comfortable there.
Nico (sighs): Oh dio mio!

Car drives off, next car approaches.

Nico: Stop! Stop! Oliviero, you've got two places left for me?
Oliviero: Yeah! I'm curious for whom you picked up there.
Nico (to Mas): Come!
Nico and Mas step into the car.
Oliviero (to other woman inside the car): When we're outside of Rome, you can take over the wheel, ma chère.
Other woman: You know, otherwise, I'll take a taxi.
Other car drives by.
Driver of the other car: We go there via Capranica, the short-cut through the olive grove!
Female voice: We've got to be sparing of fuel.
Fade out

Technical details concerning the video snippet

The video was recorded from German television, saved as Quicktime movie, with Apple's "MoviePlayer" several video and audio tracks were added (the video title, the video fade-in and fade-out, the audio track fades were done with an external editor and then pasted into the film with "MoviePlayer"). Then I encoded the videotrack using "Sparkle" as MPEG-video, encoded the audio track as MPEG layer2 using "MPEG Audio Creator" and pasted these two tracks together again in "MoviePlayer".

To conclude, the file consists of a video track: and an audio track: So the file should be playable using QuickTime 3.0 or a MPEG-compatible video player.

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