Apple Macintosh SE 1/40

Mac Macintosh SE 1/40

The Apple Macintosh SE 1/40 was sort of a upgrade to the Plus. An optional hard drive could find its space in the housing. The keyboard and mouse was connected through ADB (instead of some special serial connection). Still the CPU was a 68000 with 8MHz. The max. RAM was 4 MB. The SE dates back to 1987.

Apple Macintosh SE 1/40
CPU Motorola 68000 @ 8 MHz
Memory 4 MB
Graphics 512*342 b/w
Storage Devices 3.5"-Floppy Disc with 800 kB internal
Ports SE PDS
2x ADB for Mouse and Keyboard
2x Serial RS-422 for Printer and Modem
SCSI (1.25 MB/s)
Sound out 8Bit