Apple Mac mini

Mac mini

The Mac mini was Apple's answer to the requests for a headless model that has no extras, could be used with already existing peripherals (keyboard, mouse, etc.) and was offered at an aggressive price. The initial G4 model was introduced at Macworld in January of 2005. During one year, the G4 mini was upgraded with a slightly faster CPU and was replaced roughly one year later by the by far more expensive mini with an Intel CPU.

Apple Mac mini
CPU PowerPC 7447a
Memory 1 GB
Graphics ATI Radeon 9200 4x AGP with 32 MB VRAM
Storage Devices PATA hard disc with 40 GB
IDE optical combo drive
Connectivity FireWire 400
2x USB 2.0
Sound out stereo 16Bit@44.1kHz
10/100 MBit Ethernet
54Mbit Airport WLAN
56 kbps Modem

OSes, that booted on that machine: