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Musician / Band Pages
Record Labels and mailorders
Lyrics and else
  • Lyrics as the UWP was forced to be shut down, try here
  • Rockpalast The makers of Osterrocknacht, Bizarre and Loreley Festival
  • Tamito index of bands touring Germany, formerly known as "planetsound"

Magazines and fanzines
  • Komm küssen The best music fanzine ever and always (website offline and magazine discontinued)
  • komm küssen new webpage of kk; has to open yet
  • Headspin same as above
  • Make Room The site of a cool garage-surf-popcore etc. fanzine
  • Ox German punkrock magazine
  • Visions great German mainstream alternative magazine
  • Zillo thee German dark music magazine, formerly more open-minded to other indie music


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