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Neil Young

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Summer '96: Hey yo, as I go through this page, I think I should update it a little bit. So what I want to tell: Neil Young is again on his way through Europe. He stopped at Konstanz on June the 22nd and guess who was there... Yeah, I made my way down there through the pouring rain and it was damn cold there, but luckily the rain stopped until nearly the end of the concert. This weather made even Neil mention it: He said something like: "Thank you for coming under these circumstances." It was the only sentence he had to tell the crowd, but it is the fact that he DID mention it that matters.

This year, Crazy Horse is his backing band and you can see that these old guys fit together. For the first half hour of the concert or so, they played material from the new album called "Broken Arrow", that was released right before, or even after the tour start. All these songs were quite calm and that was a real pitty, because at that moment I would have needed some real shakers to warm me up because of the cold weather conditions. After the new material, he started to play some of his "hits", so the audience could better groove to the music. To name a few, they played "Like a Huricane" and "Cortez the Killer". These two seem (not only to me) to be his essentials which he has to play every night. They came back onto the stage twice (the second time even the lights were already switched on) and played a fabulous version of "Keep on rockin'".

Though I did enjoy his '95 gig with Pearl Jam at Salzburg more than the '96 one, I would say that it was again worth it traveling that far. If I see that old man humping around and express his music not only with his guitar and his voice, but also with his sometimes weird looking movements, in these moments I partially feel similar and I can drag power and strength out of it.

Summer '97: As far as I know, Neil did not play in Germany, because he injured his hand and therefore could not play the guitar for a while. In summer 1997, he released a live double-CD album of his '96 "Big Time" tour with Crazy Horse.

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