Apple PowerBook (FireWire))

Apple Powerbook (FireWire) aka Pismo
Apple Powerbook (FireWire) aka Pismo

The PowerBook (FireWire) (aka "Pismo") was released in February 2000. It features a super-slim case and is light-weight (for that time). It was the first PowerBook from Apple that incorporated FireWire ports and USB ports. Instead of the DVD-ROM, you can insert a second battery that would offer even more battery life.

Apple PowerBook (FireWire)
CPU Motorola PPC 750 @ 400 MHz
Memory 1024 MB
Graphics 8 MB VRAM ATI Rage Mobility 128
Storage Devices IDE-drive
replaced by an 32 GB CF-Card with an CF-Card to IDE adapter
IDE-Matsushita DVD-ROM 6x (missing in mine)
Ports Ultra-ATA 66
1 PC card slot (type I or tpe II)
2 USB ports
2 FireWire ports
Sound in stereo 16Bit@44.1kHz
Sound out stereo 16Bit@44.1kHz
10/100 MBit Ethernet
4MBit IrDA
Built-In 56k v.92 Modem