Apple Power Macintosh

PowerMac 4400/200

Released in 1997, the PowerMac 4400/200 came in a newly designed low profile case, with the floppy drive on the left. (a Mac rarity) It had 256k L2 cache. The 4400 was a very cheap Mac: Imagine! You have to unscrew some screws to open the housing!! Nevertheless, it had quite a fast CPU in it for that time.
Later on, I upgraded the 4400 with a G3-CPU card from Phase5 called MACcelerate!750TA running @ 240 MHz.

Apple Power Macintosh 4400/200
CPU Motorola PPC 603ev @ 200 MHz
upgraded to G3 PPC 750 @ 240 MHz
Transistors 2,600,000
SPECint95 6.4
SPECfp95 4.1
Memory 160 MB
Graphics 4 MB VRAM (*) allows
640*480*Millions of colors
800*6000*Millions of colors
832*624*Thousands of colors
1024*768*Thousands of colors
Storage Devices 3.5"-Sony Floppy Disc with 1.44 MB
IDE-Quantum HD with 2 GB (replaced by Quantum 20 GB)
IDE-Matsushita CD-ROM 8x
Ports Printer (RS-422, serial)
Modem (RS-422, serial)
SCSI (5 MB/s)
IDE (15MB/s)
Apple Desktop Bus ADB
Microphone/Sound in stereo 16Bit@44.1kHz
Sound out stereo 16Bit@44.1kHz
CommSlotII 10Mbit ethernet
2 PCI slots