Apple PowerBook 1400c/133

Apple Powerbook 1400c/133

The PowerBook 1400c/133 is one of the portable computers from Apples era of Nubus machines (1996/97).

Apple PowerBook 1400c/133
CPU Motorola PPC 603e @ 133 MHz
upgraded with a Sonnet Crescendo G3 card with 333 MHz
Memory 64 MB
Graphics 1 MB VRAM
Storage Devices IDE-IBM Travelstar with 4 GB
replaced by an 64 GB Transcend PATA SSD
1.44 MB floppy drive module
Ports 1 ATA-2 port for HDD (internal)
2 type II or 1 type I PC card slot
1 ADB port 1 SCSI HDI-30
1 serial port
1 Sound in
1 Sound out
1 IrDA (230kBit/s)