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The Ramones
Gabba Gabba hey!

Ramones-Picture 32kB

I thought these guys ended the chapter called the Ramones in January or so in Japan, but recently I read something like the Ramones would play the "Lalabiglooza"-festival with Metallica. Hey fellaz, that's horrible. I thought the Ramones would know what they do and what they say and if they said: "This is the end of the Ramones", I thought this would really be the end of the Ramones. Not that I would not enjoy their one and only song (of which they did many, many different versions with different titles), but I hope this is NOT going in the direction of the Sex Pistols-Reunion. Abusing this kult-name after 20 years of being off the stage just for financial reasons is even more horrible than the Voodoo Lounge project last year. Man! It's credibility that counts and the Ramones had credibility. I just hope they don't give it away that easy. If they are not able to lead a life off the stage, they can play their gigs under other names, but they should not ruin their own history just for a few bucks...

My fear was unfounded. In 1997, the only news of the Ramones was their great live album of their last show at "The Palace" in L.A. on August 6, 1996. 32 tracks of Ramones power with special guests, amongst them Lemmy and Eddie Vedder. The album is called "We're outta here" and is produced by Radioactive Records / Eagle Records.

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