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The Sisters are back!!
...if they ever were away!

25th of September 2021: Another release made it into the market this summer: A CD containing the BBC sessions from the 80ies (John Peel 1982, David Kid Jensen 1983, John Peel 1984) in a 2021 variant as an official release on Warner records. No info yet, if this was done with consent of Von or not. :-) Just not to skip things too fast: In the last 20 years, the Sisters toured the planet from time to time. They had new songs from time to time. They played them live. They did not release them publicly. The Sisters are a rock band.

26th of December 2000: The official Sisters website received a slight update over Xmas. The front end page appears now in orange text on white background and the news section isn't black grounded anymore as well. The only change of content is on the front page as well: I can't remember the presence of the note concerning flash and java in earlier version of the website, but I maybe wrong here. Still no news concerning the upcoming album. 20th anniversary tour in spring 2001.

31st of August 2000: The Sisters played two shows in Germany in the last weeks and two new songs debuted: "Crash and Burn" and "Snub Nose". The latter is an instrumental. These two add up to "Bei mir bist Du schön", which debuted during last year's US tour and the songs mentioned below to 8 new, unreleased songs.

1st of February 2000: The official website of THE SISTERS OF MERCY has gone back online and now is very comprising. To conclude what I've read so far (and personally liked):
  • Andrew did the webdesign by himself.
  • The new album will be released soon. (Possibly on EMI, because on the lyrics pages for the "new" tracks, it reads: "lyrics reproduced by kind permission of EMI". Now please tell me someone: Didn't EMI merge with Time Warner and Time Warner with AOL and AOL with Netscape, recently. And isn't the hated record company east-west part of Time Warner. I hope this business bullshit won't delay the new album any further).
  • Andrew really likes Motörhead...
  • well as the Ramones.
  • He likes Carmageddon.
  • The SISTERS use Macs.
  • The new yet unreleased songs listed on the page are:
    Romeo Down
    War on Drugs
    We are the same, Susanne
    Will I dream?
  • THE SISTERS OF MERCY wil play summer festivals at Eurorock in Belgium on August 5th and in Hildeheim, Germany on August the 12th.
  • The Sisters currently are:
    Andrew Eldritch - vocals
    Adam Pearson - guitars
    Mike Varjak - guitars
    (Chris Sheehan - guitars)
    Doktor Avalanche - drums, etc
    Nurse - nurse to the Doktor
  • The Sisters Of Mercy are a left wing institution.
  • Andrew's adress: A Eldritch (Presidente), Carcassonne, South Kent, United States of Europe, Terra Prime
Ok, enough said! Go there and find details and let their webpage put a smile on your face.

1st of February 2000: The Sisters' albums "Vision Thing" and "First and last and always" and I guess the others as well are now available as nice price.

31st of January 2000: The official website of THE SISTERS OF MERCY has gone offline. Only a small info file told us to watch out for tomorrow.

September '99: Hey Mr. Eldritch! Your new songs are nearly 2 years old now and you still were not able to find a willing record company?!? Probably your work is not worth the amount of money you want for it. Don't understand me wrong, but the number of your fans is not growing with time passing. And with fewer fans, record companies have prospects of fewer sold records, resulting in a minor amount of money for you. Many record stores do not have a separate Sisters of Mercy file anymore. This says it all.
I think there are few parties that can afford not to "deliver" for so long. Computer company "Apple" is one, the Sisters are another one whose supporters show an unusual huge loyalty . To get it across: Your fans are starving! Feed us!

January '99: Still no new release of Mr. Eldritch. No sign of the official release of the ominous "SSV" and, most important, no new Sisters stuff.

Summer '98: The Sisters of Mercy headlined the Saturday evening of the "Taubertal Open Air" in Rothenburg ob der Tauber on 24th, 25th and 26th of July 1998. Other bands to play on that day were "Tito & Tarantula", "The Bates", "Subway to Sally" and "The Merlons". During the initial songs of the SoM show, there was hardly any sound from the mic of Andrew Eldritch, but after a couple of songs, this was fixed. The Sisters again played several new (meaning unreleased) songs and some "different" versions of well known tracks besides the regular stuff.
Due to the organizers of the festival (Bavarian heavy rotation, mainstream radio station "Bayern 3") the audience consisted only to a certain amount of typical Sisters-people, but those enjoyed the show. Sunday was headlined by "The Cure", but sadly I bought my ticket for Saturday-only before this was announced.

Early '98:I was able to attend at their initial show of the 1998 "Event Horizon" world tour in Erlangen. It was the first gig of the Sisters that I saw live. To my opinion, it was one of the best gigs I was ever allowed to witness. The show was sold out, it was worth it.
There are rumours that there will be a new Sisters record out soon. Even earlier, a different record related to Andrew Eldritch is to be released by his former record label. Rumours say that the album's title will be "Go figure" and the project will be called SSV. There are MP3's of SSV on the web. The first real new Sisters single was planned for April 98, but I hope they'll get their stuff out at least in this summer.

Short discography of their official releases:
I do not own most of these releases

Year Title Format Tracks
1980 The Damage done
The damage done
Home of the Hit-Men
1982 Body Electric
Body Electric
1982 Alice
1983 Anaconda
1983 Alice
1983 The Reptile House EP 12" Kiss the Carpet
Kiss the Carpet (Reprise)
1983 Temple of Love 7" Temple of Love
1983 Temple of Love 12" Temple of Love (Extended Version)
Gimme Shelter
1984 Body & Soul 7" Body & Soul
1984 Body & Soul 12" Body & Soul
Body Electric
1984 Walk away 7" Walk away
Poison Door
1984 Walk away 12" Walk away
Poison Door
On the Wire
1985 No Time to cry 7" No TIme to cry
Blood Money
1985 No TIme to cry 12" No Time to cry
Blood Money
Bury me deep
1985 First and Last and Always LP Black Planet
Walk away
No Time to cry
A Rock and a hard Place
Marian (Version)
First and Last and Always
Nine while nine
Some Kind of Stranger
1987 This Corrosion 7" This Corrosion
1987 This Corrosion 12" This Corrosion
1987 Floodland LP Dominion / Mother Russia
Lucretia my Reflection
This Corrosion
Flood II
Driven like the Snow
Never Land (a Fragment)
1988 Dominion 7" Dominion
1988 Dominion 12" Dominion
Emma or Ozymandias
1988 Lucretia my Reflection 7" Lucretia my Reflection
Long Train (1984)
1988 Lucretia my Reflection 12" Lucretia my Reflection (extended Version)
Long Train (1984)
1990 More 7" More
You could be the one
1990 More 12" More (extended Version)
You could be the one
1990 Vision Thing LP Vision Thing
Detonation Boulevard
Something fast
When you don't see me
Doctor Jeep
I was wrong
1990 Doctor Jeep 7" Doctor Jeep (Radio Edit)
Knockin on Heaven's Door (live)
1990 Doctor Jeep 12" Doctor Jeep (extended Version)
Knockin on Heaven's Door (live)
1991 When you don't see me 7" When you don't see me
Ribbons (live)
1991 When you don't see me 12" When you don't see me
Ribbons (live)
Something fast (live)
1992 Temple of Love 7" + 12" Temple of Love (1992)
I was wrong (American Fade)
1993 Under the Gun 7" Under the Gun
Alice (1993)
1993 Under the Gun 12" Under the Gun
Alice (1993)
Under the Gun (Jutland Mix)
2021 BBC Sessions 1982 - 1984 CD 1969
Good Things
Walk away
Poison Door
No Time to cry

By the way, did you know that about / around Jolene

Motörhead rulez !!!

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