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F 1 Drivers and Teams 1997

Arrows Yamaha               1    Damon Hill

                            2    Pedro Diniz

Williams Renault            3    Jacques Villeneuve

                            4    Heinz-Harald Frentzen

Scuderia Ferrari            5    Michael Schumacher

                            6    Eddie Irvine

Benetton Renault            7    Jean Alesi

                            8    Gerhard Berger

McLaren Mercedes            9    Mika Hakkinen

                           10    David Coulthard

Jordan Peugeot             11    Ralf Schumacher
                           12    Giancarlo Fisichella

Ligier Mugen-Honda         14    Olivier Panis

                           15    Shinji Nakano

Sauber-Petronas Ferrari    16    Johnny Herbert

                           17    Nicola Larini

Tyrrell Ford               18    Jos Verstappen

                           19    Mika Salo

Minardi Hart               20    Jarno Trulli

                           21    Ukyo Katayama

Steward Ford               22    Rubens Barrichello

                           23    Jan Magnussen

Lola Ford                  24    Vincenzo Sospiri

                           24    Ricardo Rosset
No signed contract for this year (yet):
Martin Brundle, Norberto Fontana (test driver for Sauber), Pedro Lamy, Gianni Lavaggi, Jörg Müller (pre-contract with Arrows), Nigel Mansell (haha).

This joke turned out not to be a joke. In fact they were negotiating with the old man. Again I have an update on this: It is said he signed with Jordan.
Well, another day, another story: Mansell is said not to drive next year for Eddie Jordan. Either, he again turned out not to fit in a F1 cockpit, or he gets more money elsewhere (?IndyCar?) or he won't drive at all, anywhere for anyone. Who knows...

Other news are: Sauber will drive with Ferrari power in the back of their cars. On the team side, we have got a newcomer with Steward and a comeback with Lola returning to Formula One. My hope is that these teams will not disappear after one or two years as Pacific, Simtek, or Forti and earlier AGS, Zakspeed, Larousse, Coloni, Fondmetal or the Scuderia Italia team did. New drivers are Vincenzo Sospiri (sorry, never heard of him), Jan Magnussen (last year: ITC driver and McLaren test driver), Nicola Larini (drove in F1 earlier for Ferrari, Modena; last year: ITC; test driver for Ferrari for several years), Shinji Nakano (last year: ???), Ralf Schumacher (last year: Japanese Formula 3000), Jarno Trulli (last year: German Formula 3 champion). After a couple of years with Goodyear tyres only, Bridgestone makes its way to F1. Let's hope they are competitive (or the other way round), so that no team will be excluded from the strive for the podium because of their tyres.

Today I heard the news that the last seat in the 96 Formula One season was given to Giancarlo Fisichella. He will be the teammate of Ralf Schumacher in the Jordan team, so we have two young talented drivers racing for Eddie Jordan.

The seat at Minardi that I thought was reserved for Marques was given to this years German Formula 3 champion, the young Italian Jarno Trulli.

As I do not want to modify this page daily, follow this link to always the latest news. I will update my page from time to time...

The worst news is that Eurosport is not allowed to continue their coverage of the Grand Prix circus. Does this mean all the enthusiastic crowd will be locked out of the action?????
Mr Ecclestone, think about what you are doing, count the millions you already have in your pocket and support Eurosport instead of hindering them.

If he goes on like that,
Mr. Ecclestone will kill Formula One !!!!!!

If you want proof of what I am talking about, check out the fact on Atlas' pages.

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