Here comes the list of my


Be it LPs, Singles, CDs, Maxis, 10inchers, 3inch-CDs, Videos or MCs. The first three columns should be self-explanatory. Fourth column is the number of songs on this record. With the help of this figure, you can decide whether it is a single or a full-length LP, as the last column can't differ between a 2-track 7-inch and a full length LP displaying both simply as "LP".

   1|(International) Noise Conspiracy, th|A new Morning, new Weather          | 11|CD   
   2|(International) Noise Conspiracy, th|Armed Love                          | 10|CD   
   3|(International) Noise Conspiracy, th|Survival Sickness                   | 11|CD   
   4|(International) Noise Conspiracy, th|The Cross of my Calling             | 14|CD   
   5|(International) Noise Conspiracy, th|The first Conspiracy                | 12|CD   
   6|(International) Noise Conspiracy, th|Your Choice Live Series             |  8|CD   
   7|1.FCN                               |Best of Club Gold Edition           | 20|CD   
   8|10 CC                               |I'm not in Love                     |  2|LP   
   9|2 Unlimited                         |The magic Friend                    |  6|CD   
  10|22 Pistepirkko                      |Bare Bone Nest                      | 13|CD   
  11|22 Pistepirkko                      |Drops & Kicks                       | 14|CD   
  12|22 Pistepirkko                      |Eleven                              | 10|CD   
  13|22 Pistepirkko                      |Lime green DeLorean                 | 11|CD   
  14|22 Pistepirkko                      |Rally of Love                       | 11|CD   
  15|2Raumwohnung                        |36 Grad                             | 13|CD   
  16|2Raumwohnung                        |Achtung Fertig                      | 13|CD   
  17|2Raumwohnung                        |Kommt zusammen                      | 13|CD   
  18|2Raumwohnung                        |Lasso                               | 13|CD   
  19|2Raumwohnung                        |Melancholisch schön                 | 11|CD   
  20|A Tribe called Knarf                |Es ist die Wahrheit, obwohl es nie p| 10|CD   
  21|Abay                                |Conversions Vol. 1                  |  6|LP   
  22|Abay                                |Everything's amazing and nobody is h| 10|CD   
  23|Abay                                |Love and Distortion                 | 10|CD   
  24|Abwärts                             |Abwärts                             | 12|CD   
  25|Abwärts                             |Comic-Krieg                         |  9|CD   
  26|Abwärts                             |Comic-Krieg                         |  9|LP   
  27|Abwärts                             |Der Westen ist einsam               | 10|CD   
  28|Abwärts                             |Europa Safe                         | 13|CD   
  29|Abwärts                             |Herzlich willkommen im Irrenhaus    | 12|CD   
  30|Abwärts                             |Hurra                               | 14|CD   
  31|Abwärts                             |Ich seh die Schiffe den Fluss herunt| 10|CD   
  32|Abwärts                             |Krautrock                           | 13|LP   
  33|Abwärts                             |Mehr Alkohol                        |  7|CD   
  34|Abwärts                             |Nuprop                              | 15|CD   
  35|Abwärts                             |Rom                                 | 15|CD   
  36|Abwärts                             |Smart Bomb                          | 13|CD   
  37|Abwärts                             |Superfucker                         | 10|CD   
  38|Abwärts                             |V8                                  | 13|LP   
  39|AC/DC                               |Back in black                       | 10|MC   
  40|AC/DC                               |Blow up your Video                  | 10|LP   
  41|AC/DC                               |High Voltage                        |  9|MC   
  42|AC/DC                               |Highway to Hell                     | 10|MC   
  43|AC/DC                               |If you want Blood you've got it     | 10|MC   
  44|AC/DC                               |Jailbreak '74                       |  5|MC   
  45|AC/DC                               |Let there be Rock                   |  8|MC   
  46|AC/DC                               |The Razors Edge                     | 12|MC   
  47|AC/DC                               |Who made who                        |  9|MC   
  48|AC4                                 |AC4                                 | 15|CD   
  49|AC4                                 |Burn the World                      | 16|LP   
  50|Acitiacca                           |Shaker                              | 12|CD   
  51|Adams, Bryan                        |Cuts like a Knife                   | 10|LP   
  52|Adams, Bryan                        |Into the Fire                       | 10|LP   
  53|Adams, Bryan                        |Reckless                            | 10|LP   
  54|Adams, Bryan                        |You want it, you got it             | 10|MC   
  55|Adamski                             |Adamski vs. the Sentinels           |  6|CD   
  56|Adamski                             |Liveandirect                        | 13|CD   
  57|Aeronauten, die                     |Boheme pas de Probleme              | 12|CD   
  58|Aeronauten, die                     |Gegen Alles                         | 13|CD   
  59|Aeronauten, die                     |Hier: Die Aeronauten                | 13|CD   
  60|Aeronauten, die                     |Too big to fail                     | 26|CD   
  61|Affenmesserkampf                    |Clowns in Wut - Ein deutsches Herz h| 13|CD   
  62|Afghan Whigs                        |Osterkonzert '96                    |  7|Video
  63|Albers, Hans                        |Das Beste von Hans Albers           | 20|CD   
  64|Alex Mofa Gang                      |Ende offen                          | 12|CD   
  65|Alexandra                           |Ihre größten Erfolge I              | 14|CD   
  66|Alexandra                           |Ihre größten Erfolge II             | 14|CD   
  67|Alexandra                           |Ihre größten Erfolge III            | 14|CD   
  68|Alexandra                           |Mein Freund, der Baum               | 14|CD   
  69|Alice in Chains                     |Dirt                                | 12|MC   
  70|Alice in Chains                     |Jar of Flies                        |  7|LP   
  71|Alice in Chains                     |Sap                                 |  4|LP   
  72|Alte Sau                            |Öl im Bauch                         | 13|CD   
  73|Alter Egon!                         |Stahlbeton                          |  5|LP   
  74|Amen 81                             |Attack of the Chemtrails            | 13|LP   
  75|Amos, Tori                          |Crucify                             |  5|MC   
  76|Amos, Tori                          |New York 1994                       | 12|CD   
  77|Amos, Tori                          |Scarlet's Walk                      | 18|CD   
  78|Amos, Tori                          |Silent all these Years              | 13|CD   
  79|Andersen, Lale                      |Lili Marleen                        | 24|CD   
  80|Anderson, Lynn                      |Lynn Anderson I                     | 17|CD   
  81|Anderson, Lynn                      |Lynn Anderson II                    | 17|CD   
  82|Anger 77                            |Anger 77                            |  4|CD   
  83|Animotion                           |I engineer                          |  3|LP   
  84|Anvil                               |Forged in Fire                      | 10|CD   
  85|Anvil                               |Hard'n'heavy                        | 10|CD   
  86|Anvil                               |Metal on Metal                      | 10|CD   
  87|Anvil                               |This is thirteen                    | 14|CD   
  88|Aphex Twin                          |drukgs I                            | 16|CD   
  89|Aphex Twin                          |drukgs II                           | 14|CD   
  90|Apocalyptica                        |Apocalyptica plays Metallica four Ce|  8|CD   
  91|April March                         |Chrominance Decoder                 | 19|CD   
  92|April March                         |Triggers                            | 13|CD   
  93|Arctic Monkeys                      |Humbug                              | 10|CD   
  94|Ärzte, die                          |Das ist nicht die ganze Wahrheit    | 14|MC   
  95|Ärzte, die                          |Ist das alles (13 Höhepunkte mit den| 13|MC   
  96|Ärzte, die                          |Live aus dem Alabama '94            | 14|MC   
  97|Ärzte, die                          |Nach uns die Sintflut I             | 15|LP   
  98|Ärzte, die                          |Nach uns die Sintflut II            | 20|LP   
  99|Ärzte, die                          |Nach uns die Sintflut III           | 10|LP   
 100|Ash                                 |1977                                | 12|CD   
 101|Ash                                 |A-Z Vol. 1                          | 18|CD   
 102|Ash                                 |Free all Angels                     | 13|CD   
 103|Ash                                 |Islands                             | 12|CD   
 104|Ash                                 |Kablammo!                           | 12|CD   
 105|Ash                                 |Meltdown                            | 11|CD   
 106|Ash                                 |Meltdown (live Bonus)               | 14|CD   
 107|Ash                                 |Race the Night                      | 11|CD   
 108|Ash                                 |Twilight of the Innocents           | 12|CD   
 109|Asia                                |Asia                                |  9|MC   
 110|Atari Teenage Riot                  |1995                                | 12|CD   
 111|Atari Teenage Riot                  |60 Second Wipeout                   | 13|CD   
 112|Atari Teenage Riot                  |60 Second Wipeout - Live in Philadel|  9|CD   
 113|Atari Teenage Riot                  |Live at Brixton Academy 1999        |  1|CD   
 114|Atari Teenage Riot                  |Rage EP                             |  4|CD   
 115|Atari Teenage Riot                  |The Future of War                   | 12|CD   
 116|Atemnot                             |20 Jahre Punk                       | 13|CD   
 117|B A P                               |Affjetaut                           | 10|LP   
 118|B A P                               |Ahl Männer, aalglatt                |  9|MC   
 119|B A P                               |BAP '81 live in West 3              | 26|Video
 120|B A P                               |Bess demnähx I                      |  9|LP   
 121|B A P                               |Bess demnähx II                     |  9|LP   
 122|B A P                               |Comics & Pin-Ups                    | 13|CD   
 123|B A P                               |Da capo                             |  9|MC   
 124|B A P                               |Für usszeschnigge                   | 10|LP   
 125|B A P                               |Live                                | 16|MC   
 126|B A P                               |Live '96 Koblenz                    | 29|Video
 127|B A P                               |Pik sibbe                           | 12|CD   
 128|B A P                               |Rockt andere Kölsche Leeder         |  8|LP   
 129|B A P                               |Vun drinne noh drusse               | 11|LP   
 130|B A P                               |X für 'e U                          | 10|LP   
 131|B A P                               |Zwesche Salzjebäck un Bier          |  9|LP   
 132|B, Bela & Mokestack Lightnin'       |Bye                                 | 13|CD   
 133|Baby Metal                          |Baby Metal                          | 15|CD   
 134|Babyshambles                        |Shotters Nation                     | 12|CD   
 135|Backbeat Band                       |Backbeat                            | 12|LP   
 136|Bad Religion                        |Loreley '96                         | 18|Video
 137|Bad Religion                        |The new America                     | 13|CD   
 138|Baez, Joan                          |The Best of                         | 12|CD   
 139|Bangles, the                        |Definitive Collection               | 21|CD   
 140|Bangles, the                        |Definitive Collection Bonus CD      |  5|CD   
 141|Barclay James Harvest               |Berlin - a Concert for the People   |  0|MC   
 142|Barclay James Harvest               |Turn of the Tide                    | 10|MC   
 143|Bardens, Pete                       |Seen one Earth                      |  8|LP   
 144|Bardens, Pete                       |Speed of Light                      | 10|LP   
 145|Basso Bo                            |Model Agency                        |  5|LP   
 146|Battlebeats, the                    |Search and destroy                  | 17|LP   
 147|Bauhaus                             |Bela Lugosi's dead                  |  2|LP   
 148|Bauhaus                             |Press the eject and give me the Tape| 17|CD   
 149|Baxendale                           |Music for Girls EP                  |  4|CD   
 150|Beach Boys, the                     |20 golden Greats                    | 20|CD   
 151|Beach Boys, the                     |Pet Sounds                          | 16|CD   
 152|Beach Boys, the                     |Surfin' USA                         | 12|MC   
 153|Beatles, the                        |1967 - 1970 I                       | 14|MC   
 154|Beatles, the                        |1967 - 1970 II                      | 14|MC   
 155|Beatles, the                        |A Collection of Beatles Oldies      | 16|LP   
 156|Beatles, the                        |Reeperbahn                          | 28|CD   
 157|Beatsteaks, the                     |Living Targets                      | 12|CD   
 158|Becaud, Gilbert                     |Nathalie                            | 16|CD   
 159|Beck                                |Pay no Mind (Snoozer)               |  4|CD   
 160|Beck, Robin                         |First Time                          |  2|LP   
 161|Begemann, Bernd                     |Endlich                             | 11|CD   
 162|Begemann, Bernd                     |Ich werde sie finden                | 19|CD   
 163|Begemann, Bernd                     |Jetzt bist Du in Talkshows          | 24|CD   
 164|Begemann, Bernd                     |Live                                | 18|CD   
 165|Begemann, Bernd                     |Sag Hallo zur Hölle                 | 23|CD   
 166|Begemann, Bernd                     |Solange die Rasenmäher singen       | 15|CD   
 167|Begemann, Bernd & die Antwort       |1987                                | 17|CD   
 168|Begemann, Bernd & die Befreiung     |Eine kurze Liste mit Forderungen    | 28|CD   
 169|Begemann, Bernd & die Befreiung     |Ich erkläre diese Krise für beendet | 13|CD   
 170|Begemann, Bernd & die Befreiung     |Unsere Liebe ist ein Aufstand       | 12|CD   
 171|Begemann, Bernd & die Befreiung     |Unsere Liebe ist ein Aufstand       | 10|CD   
 172|Begemann, Bernd & die Befreiung     |Wilde Brombeeren                    | 12|CD   
 173|Begemann, Bernd begleitet von Kai Do|Die Stadt & das Mädchen             | 12|CD   
 174|Beginner                            |Blast Action Heroes                 | 13|CD   
 175|Beige GT                            |Jukebox Heroes                      | 12|CD   
 176|Bela B. & PVC                       |Pogo dancing                        |  3|CD   
 177|Belafonte, Harry                    |Christmas is coming                 | 13|CD   
 178|Belafonte, Harry                    |Island in the Sun I                 | 21|CD   
 179|Belafonte, Harry                    |Island in the Sun II                | 16|CD   
 180|Benatar, Pat                        |Live from Earth                     | 10|LP   
 181|Berlin                              |Count three and pray                | 10|LP   
 182|Berry, Chuck                        |Chess Masters                       | 16|LP   
 183|Berry, Mike                         |A Tribute to Buddy Holly            | 14|CD   
 184|Berurier Noir                       |Abracadaboum!                       |  8|MC   
 185|Berurier Noir                       |Nada                                |  6|LP   
 186|Berurier Noir                       |Souvent fauche toujours marteau     | 10|MC   
 187|Berurier Noir                       |Viva Bertaga I                      | 11|LP   
 188|Berurier Noir                       |Viva Bertaga II                     | 11|LP   
 189|Bierbeben, das                      |Das Bierbeben                       | 10|CD   
 190|Bierbeben, das                      |Der letzte Pinselstrich             |  2|LP   
 191|Biermann, Wolf                      |Es gibt ein Leben vor dem Tod       | 15|CD   
 192|Biermösl Blosn                      |Jodelhorrormonstershow              | 12|MC   
 193|Biermösl Blosn                      |Tschüß Bayernland                   | 18|MC   
 194|Big Country                         |Live in the GDR                     |  7|MC   
 195|Big Country                         |Peace in our Time                   | 10|LP   
 196|Bizet, George                       |Carmen Suite No.1&2,L'Arlesienne, Bo| 15|CD   
 197|Björk                               |Debut                               | 12|CD   
 198|Black Heino                         |Heldentum und Idiotie               | 10|CD   
 199|Black Sabbath                       |Greatest Hits                       | 10|LP   
 200|Black Sabbath                       |Live at Last                        |  9|LP   
 201|Black, Frank                        |Bonus zu Teenager of the Year       |  3|CD   
 202|Black, Frank                        |Loreley '96                         |  6|Video
 203|Black, Frank                        |Teenager of the Year                | 22|CD   
 204|Black, Frank                        |The Cult of Ray                     | 13|CD   
 205|Black, Roy & the Cannons            |The last Rock'n'Roll Show Live 26.12|  6|CD   
 206|Bloc Party                          |A Weekend in the City               | 12|CD   
 207|Blond                               |Perlen                              | 12|CD   
 208|Blondie                             |Parallel Lines                      | 16|CD   
 209|Blondie                             |Plastic Letters                     | 17|CD   
 210|Bloodhound Gang                     |One fierce Beer Coaster             | 14|CD   
 211|Blue Manner Haze                    |Blue Manner Haze                    | 10|LP   
 212|Blumfeld                            |Jenseits von Jedem                  | 11|CD   
 213|Blumfeld                            |Old Nobody                          | 11|LP   
 214|Blur                                |Blur                                | 14|CD   
 215|BMX Bandits                         |Life goes on                        | 13|CD   
 216|Boa, Phillip and the Voodoo Club    |20 Years of Indie Cult              |  5|CD   
 217|Boa, Phillip and the Voodoo Club    |Boaphenia                           | 11|CD   
 218|Boa, Phillip and the Voodoo Club    |Bonus zu Helios                     |  5|LP   
 219|Boa, Phillip and the Voodoo Club    |Container Love                      |  2|LP   
 220|Boa, Phillip and the Voodoo Club    |Copperfield                         | 16|CD   
 221|Boa, Phillip and the Voodoo Club    |Diamonds fall                       | 12|CD   
 222|Boa, Phillip and the Voodoo Club    |God                                 | 12|CD   
 223|Boa, Phillip and the Voodoo Club    |Hair                                | 18|CD   
 224|Boa, Phillip and the Voodoo Club    |Helios                              | 10|LP   
 225|Boa, Phillip and the Voodoo Club    |Live! Exile on Valletta Street      | 23|CD   
 226|Boa, Phillip and the Voodoo Club    |Love on Sale                        |  4|CD   
 227|Boa, Phillip and the Voodoo Club    |Starman                             |  4|CD   
 228|Bobo in white wooden Houses         |Cosmic Ceiling                      | 10|LP   
 229|Bombpops, the                       |Death in Venice Beach               | 12|CD   
 230|Bombpops, the                       |Fear of missing out                 | 12|CD   
 231|Bon Jovi                            |Bon Jovi                            |  9|LP   
 232|Bon Jovi                            |Glibbery when wet                   | 10|MC   
 233|Boney M.                            |Nightflight to Venus                | 10|MC   
 234|Bonfire                             |Don't touch the Light               | 12|MC   
 235|Boo, RP                             |Legacy                              | 15|CD   
 236|Boss Hog                            |Boss Hog                            | 15|MC   
 237|Bowie, David                        |Changesbowie                        | 18|MC   
 238|Bowie, David                        |The Man who sold the World          | 13|CD   
 239|Brahem, Anouar                      |Le Voyage de Sahar                  | 13|CD   
 240|Bratze                              |Highlight                           | 10|CD   
 241|Bratze                              |Korrektur nach unten                | 10|CD   
 242|Bratze                              |Kraft                               | 11|CD   
 243|Braut haut ins Auge, die            |Was nehm ich mit?                   | 15|MC   
 244|Breeders, The                       |Last Splash                         | 15|LP   
 245|Breeders, the                       |Title TK                            | 12|CD   
 246|Brel, Jacques                       |Quinze Ans d'Amour                  | 20|CD   
 247|Brickell, Edie and the new Bohemians|Shooting Rubberbands at the Stars   | 12|CD   
 248|Bring the Noise                     |...down                             | 12|CD   
 249|Bring the Noise                     |Bring the Noise                     |  5|MC   
 250|Brings                              |Live aus dem Alabama '93            |  0|MC   
 251|Bristols, the                       |I got a Thing about you             |  2|LP   
 252|Bristols, the                       |Introducing...                      | 12|CD   
 253|Bristols, the                       |Tune in with...                     | 12|CD   
 254|Bristols, the                       |Turn it on                          |  2|LP   
 255|Brockdorff Klang Labor              |Die Fälschung der Welt              | 14|CD   
 256|Brockdorff Klang Labor              |Mädchenmusik                        | 12|CD   
 257|Brockdorff Klang Labor              |Signs and Sparks                    | 13|CD   
 258|Brown, Sam                          |Stop!                               | 12|LP   
 259|Buck, Wolfgang                      |Flusszigeiner                       | 12|CD   
 260|BUck, Wolfgang                      |Sambesi                             | 15|CD   
 261|Buckley, Jeff                       |Grace                               | 11|CD   
 262|Buena Vista Social Club             |Buena Vista Social Club             | 14|CD   
 263|Bullet Lavolta                      |Gimme Danger                        |  5|LP   
 264|Bum Khun Cha Youth                  |Alarm! Hanns-Martin ist verschwunden| 12|CD   
 265|Bum Khun Cha Youth                  |Ersatzpunk                          |  4|LP   
 266|Bum Khun Cha Youth                  |Turn mich an, es geht alles         |  3|LP   
 267|Bum Khun Cha Youth                  |Unendliche Freiheit                 |  6|LP   
 268|Bum Khun Cha Youth vs. Abbau West   |Cliquenedition #4                   |  2|LP   
 269|Bum Khun Cha Youth vs. Amen 81      |Cliquenedition #5                   |  2|LP   
 270|Bum Khun Cha Youth vs. Donkey Prince|Cliquenedition #3                   |  2|LP   
 271|Bum Khun Cha Youth vs. Jens Friebe f|Cliquenedition #2                   |  2|LP   
 272|Bum Khun Cha Youth vs. Quasi Zombie |Cliquenedition #1                   |  2|LP   
 273|Burdon, Eric                        |The Story of Eric Burdon I          | 10|LP   
 274|Burdon, Eric                        |The Story of Eric Burdon II         |  8|LP   
 275|Burger Weekends                     |Dead Romance                        |  4|LP   
 276|Bush                                |Golden State                        | 12|CD   
 277|Bush                                |The Science of Things               | 12|CD   
 278|Butler, Bernard                     |Friends and Lovers                  | 12|CD   
 279|Butler, Bernhard                    |People move on                      | 12|CD   
 280|Butthole Surfers, the               |Independent Worm Saloon             | 17|CD   
 281|Buzzcocks                           |A different Compilation             | 23|CD   
 282|Caesars, the                        |Strawberry Weed                     | 24|CD   
 283|Calloway, Cab                       |Minnie the Moocher                  | 18|CD   
 284|Canned Heat                         |Livin' the Blues                    | 17|MC   
 285|Cannibal Corpse                     |Red before black                    | 12|CD   
 286|Cardigans, the                      |Gran Turismo                        | 11|CD   
 287|Carlisle, Belinda                   |Heaven is a Place on Earth          |  2|LP   
 288|Cars, the                           |Greatest Hits                       | 12|LP   
 289|Carson Sage and the black Riders    |Skirl o'Carson                      | 14|LP   
 290|Cash, Johnny                        |America                             | 21|CD   
 291|Cash, Johnny                        |American III: Solitary Man          | 14|CD   
 292|Cash, Johnny                        |American Recordings                 | 13|CD   
 293|Cash, Johnny                        |American V: A hundred Highways      | 12|CD   
 294|Cash, Johnny                        |American VI: Ain't no Grave         | 10|CD   
 295|Cash, Johnny                        |At Folsom Prison                    | 19|CD   
 296|Cash, Johnny                        |At San Quentin (the complete 1969 Co| 18|CD   
 297|Cash, Johnny                        |Bitter Tears  Ballads of the America|  8|MC   
 298|Cash, Johnny                        |I walk the Line                     |  2|LP   
 299|Cash, Johnny                        |Life                                | 18|MC   
 300|Cash, Johnny                        |My Mother's Hymn Book               | 15|CD   
 301|Cash, Johnny                        |Orange Blossom Special              | 15|CD   
 302|Cash, Johnny                        |Personal File I                     | 25|CD   
 303|Cash, Johnny                        |Personal File II                    | 24|CD   
 304|Cash, Johnny                        |Ragged old Flag                     | 12|CD   
 305|Cash, Johnny                        |Ride this Train                     | 12|CD   
 306|Cash, Johnny                        |San Quentin & other Hits            | 16|CD   
 307|Cash, Johnny                        |Sings the Ballads of the true West  | 22|CD   
 308|Cash, Johnny                        |The classic Christmas Album         | 16|CD   
 309|Cash, Johnny                        |The essential Sun Collection I      | 18|CD   
 310|Cash, Johnny                        |The essential Sun Collection II     | 18|CD   
 311|Cash, Johnny                        |The golden Years                    | 18|CD   
 312|Cash, Johnny                        |The great lost Performance          | 18|CD   
 313|Cash, Johnny                        |The Man comes around                | 15|CD   
 314|Cash, Johnny                        |Unchained                           | 14|CD   
 315|Cash, Johnny                        |Unearthed Best of Cash on American  | 15|CD   
 316|Cash, Johnny                        |Unearthed My Mother's Hymn Book     | 15|CD   
 317|Cash, Johnny                        |Unearthed Redemption Songs          | 15|CD   
 318|Cash, Johnny                        |Unearthed Trouble in Mind           | 16|CD   
 319|Cash, Johnny                        |Unearthed Who's gonna cry           | 18|CD   
 320|Cash, Johnny & June Carter          |Carryin' on with                    | 13|CD   
 321|Cash, Johnny & June Carter Cash     |Duets                               | 16|CD   
 322|Cash, Johnny and Willie Nelson      |Johnny Cash / Willie Nelson         | 15|CD   
 323|Cat Power                           |Cat Power sings Dylan               | 15|CD   
 324|Cat Power                           |Covers                              | 12|CD   
 325|Cat Power                           |Jukebox                             | 13|CD   
 326|Cat Power                           |The Covers Record                   | 12|CD   
 327|Cat Power                           |Undercover                          |  3|LP   
 328|Cat Power                           |Wanderer                            | 11|CD   
 329|Cave, Nick                          |From her to Eternity                | 10|CD   
 330|Cave, Nick                          |Here comes the Sun                  |  2|CD   
 331|Cave, Nick                          |Idiot Prayer - Alone at Alexandra Pa| 22|CD   
 332|Cave, Nick & the bad Seeds          |Abattoir Blues                      |  9|CD   
 333|Cave, Nick & the bad Seeds          |B-Sides & Rarities I                | 19|CD   
 334|Cave, Nick & the bad Seeds          |B-Sides & Rarities II               | 18|CD   
 335|Cave, Nick & the bad Seeds          |B-Sides & Rarities III              | 19|CD   
 336|Cave, Nick & the bad Seeds          |Dig!!! Lazarus Dig!!!               | 11|CD   
 337|Cave, Nick & the bad Seeds          |Henry's Dream                       |  9|CD   
 338|Cave, Nick & the bad Seeds          |Let Love in                         | 10|CD   
 339|Cave, Nick & the bad Seeds          |Live from KCRW                      | 10|CD   
 340|Cave, Nick & the bad Seeds          |Live in Germany 1996                | 11|LP   
 341|Cave, Nick & the bad Seeds          |Lovely Creatures: The Best of Nick C| 21|CD   
 342|Cave, Nick & the bad Seeds          |Push the Sky away                   |  9|CD   
 343|Cave, Nick & the bad Seeds          |Skeleton Tree                       |  8|CD   
 344|Cave, Nick & the bad Seeds          |Tender Prey                         | 11|CD   
 345|Cave, Nick & the bad Seeds          |The Lyre of Orpheus                 |  8|CD   
 346|Cave, Nick & Warren Ellis           |Carnage                             |  8|CD   
 347|Cave, Nick and the bad Seeds        |First born is dead                  |  9|CD   
 348|Cave, Nick and the bad Seeds        |Ghosteen                            | 11|CD   
 349|Cave, Nick and the bad Seeds        |Henry's Dream                       |  9|MC   
 350|Cave, Nick and the bad Seeds        |Kicking against the Pricks          | 14|CD   
 351|Cave, Nick and the bad Seeds        |Let Love in                         | 10|MC   
 352|Cave, Nick and the bad Seeds        |Live Seeds                          | 13|CD   
 353|Cave, Nick and the Bad Seeds        |Murder Ballads                      | 10|CD   
 354|Cave, Nick and the Bad Seeds        |No more shall we part               | 12|CD   
 355|Cave, Nick and the bad Seeds        |Nocturama                           | 10|CD   
 356|Cave, Nick and the bad Seeds        |The Boatman's Call                  | 12|CD   
 357|Cave, Nick and the bad Seeds        |The good Son                        |  9|MC   
 358|Cave, Nick and the bad Seeds        |Your Funeral my Trial               |  9|CD   
 359|Cave, Nick and Warren Ellis         |The Proposition                     | 16|CD   
 360|Ceasars, the                        |39 Minutes of Bliss (in an otherwise| 12|CD   
 361|Ceasars, the                        |Paper Tigers                        | 13|CD   
 362|Celibate Rifles, the                |Platters du Jour                    | 23|CD   
 363|Celibate Rifles, the                |Where the wild Things are ...       |  2|LP   
 364|Century                             |Lover why                           |  2|LP   
 365|Chapman, Tracy                      |Crossroads                          | 10|MC   
 366|Chapman, Tracy                      |Let it rain                         | 12|CD   
 367|Chapman, Tracy                      |Matters of the Heart                | 10|MC   
 368|Chapman, Tracy                      |Our bright Future                   | 11|CD   
 369|Chapman, Tracy                      |Talkin' bout a Revolution           |  2|LP   
 370|Chapman, Tracy                      |Tracy Chapman                       | 11|CD   
 371|Chapman, Tracy                      |Tracy Chapman                       | 11|MC   
 372|Cheech & Chong                      |Get out of my Room                  | 14|LP   
 373|Cherry, Neneh                       |Homebrew                            | 10|CD   
 374|Cherry, Neneh                       |Man                                 | 11|CD   
 375|Cherry, Neneh                       |Raw like Sushi                      | 15|MC   
 376|Chieftans, the                      |The long black Veil                 | 13|MC   
 377|Chrackie                            |The Cats can read our Minds         | 13|CD   
 378|Chumbawumba                         |Osterkonzert '96                    |  8|Video
 379|Church, the                         |Gold Afternoon Fix                  | 13|CD   
 380|Church, the                         |Starfish                            | 10|CD   
 381|Clapton, Eric                       |Telephone Blues                     | 14|CD   
 382|Clark, Anne                         |Changing Places                     | 11|CD   
 383|Clark, Anne                         |Hopeless Cases                      | 10|LP   
 384|Clark, Anne                         |Joined up writing                   |  8|CD   
 385|Clark, Anne                         |Terra incognita                     | 11|MC   
 386|Clark, Anne                         |Unstill Life                        | 13|LP   
 387|Clark, Petula                       |En Vogue I                          | 25|CD   
 388|Clark, Petula                       |En Vogue II                         | 25|CD   
 389|Clash, the                          |London calling                      | 19|CD   
 390|Clash, the                          |Sandinista! Disc 1                  | 12|CD   
 391|Clash, the                          |Sandinista! Disc 2                  | 12|CD   
 392|Clash, the                          |Sandinista! Disc 3                  | 12|CD   
 393|Clawfinger                          |Deaf Dumb Blind                     | 10|MC   
 394|Clothilde                           |French Swinging Mademoiselle 1967   | 11|CD   
 395|Cocker, Joe                         |With a little Help from my Friends  | 10|LP   
 396|Cocktailbar Stammheim               |Es wird ja auch nicht lustiger      | 14|LP   
 397|Cohen, Leonard                      |Dear Heather                        | 13|CD   
 398|Cohen, Leonard                      |I'm your Man                        |  8|LP   
 399|Cohen, Leonard                      |So long , Marianne                  | 12|CD   
 400|Cohen, Leonard                      |Thanks for the Dance                |  9|CD   
 401|Cohen, Leonard                      |You want it darker                  |  9|CD   
 402|Collins, Phil                       |In the Air tonight                  |  3|LP   
 403|Collins, Phil                       |Serious live Tour '90               |  0|MC   
 404|Console                             |Reset the Preset I                  |  8|CD   
 405|Console                             |Reset the Preset II                 |  8|CD   
 406|Cooder, Ry                          |Get Rhythm                          |  4|LP   
 407|Cooder, Ry                          |Paris, Texas                        | 10|CD   
 408|Cooder, Ry                          |Super Stars Best Collection         | 12|CD   
 409|Cooper, Alice                       |Trash                               | 10|MC   
 410|Cornfield, Klaus                    |Comes                               | 15|CD   
 411|Cosmic Pschos                       |Mountain of Piss                    | 11|CD   
 412|Cosmic Psychos                      |Back at School                      |  3|CD   
 413|Cosmic Psychos                      |Blokes you can trust                | 10|LP   
 414|Cosmic Psychos                      |Blokes you can trust                | 10|CD   
 415|Cosmic Psychos                      |Cum the raw Prawn                   | 10|CD   
 416|Cosmic Psychos                      |Down on the Farm & Cosmic Psychos   | 17|CD   
 417|Cosmic Psychos                      |Dung Australia                      | 11|CD   
 418|Cosmic Psychos                      |Dung Australia (Pitshark)           | 12|CD   
 419|Cosmic Psychos                      |Fifteen Years, a Million Beers I    | 19|CD   
 420|Cosmic Psychos                      |Fifteen Years, a Million Beers II   | 20|CD   
 421|Cosmic Psychos                      |Garbage Rock                        |  2|LP   
 422|Cosmic Psychos                      |Glorious Barsteds                   | 12|LP   
 423|Cosmic Psychos                      |Glorius Barsteds                    | 12|CD   
 424|Cosmic Psychos                      |Glorius Barsteds Bonus Disc         | 16|CD   
 425|Cosmic Psychos                      |Go the Hack                         |  9|LP   
 426|Cosmic Psychos                      |I love my Tractor                   | 18|CD   
 427|Cosmic Psychos                      |Loudmouth Soup                      | 10|CD   
 428|Cosmic Psychos                      |Neighbours                          |  3|LP   
 429|Cosmic Psychos                      |Off ya Cruet!                       | 10|CD   
 430|Cosmic Psychos                      |Oh what a lovely Pie                | 10|CD   
 431|Cosmic Psychos                      |Palomino Pizza                      |  7|CD   
 432|Cosmic Psychos                      |Self totalled                       | 10|LP   
 433|Cosmic Psychos                      |Slave to the Crave Live at the Palac| 11|LP   
 434|Cosmic Psychos                      |Whip me                             |  5|CD   
 435|Cougar Mellencamp, John             |Big Daddy                           | 11|LP   
 436|Cougar Mellencamp, John             |The lonesome Jubilee                | 10|LP   
 437|Cougar, John                        |American Fool                       |  9|LP   
 438|Counting Crows, the                 |USA 1994                            | 11|CD   
 439|Courettes, the                      |Back in mono                        | 14|CD   
 440|Courettes, the                      |Want you! Like a Cigarette          |  2|LP   
 441|Cozmic Jam                          |Quadrophonia                        | 14|CD   
 442|Cranberries, the                    |No need to argue                    | 13|MC   
 443|Credit to the Nation                |Take dis                            | 17|CD   
 444|Cult, the                           |Ceremony                            | 11|MC   
 445|Cult, the                           |Live Cult Marquee London 1991       |  9|MC   
 446|Cult, the                           |Pure Cult                           | 18|MC   
 447|Culture Club                        |Do you really want to hurt me       |  2|LP   
 448|Cure, the                           |Disintegration                      | 12|CD   
 449|Cure, the                           |Entreat  live Wembley July '89      |  8|CD   
 450|Cure, the                           |Japanese Whispers SIngles '82 - '83 |  8|MC   
 451|Cure, the                           |Live Excerpt                        |  2|MC   
 452|Cure, the                           |Staring at the Sea - The Singles    | 17|MC   
 453|Cypress Hill                        |Black Sunday                        | 14|MC   
 454|Cypress Hill                        |Osterkonzert '96                    |  0|Video
 455|D.R.I.                              |Thrash Zone                         | 13|LP   
 456|DAF                                 |Das ist DAF - Alles ist gut         | 10|CD   
 457|DAF                                 |Das ist DAF - Die Kleinen und die Bö| 19|CD   
 458|DAF                                 |Das ist DAF - Für immer             | 10|CD   
 459|DAF                                 |Das ist DAF - Gold und Liebe        | 10|CD   
 460|DAF                                 |Das ist DAF - Reworx Bonus Disc     |  6|CD   
 461|Damned, the                         |Mindless, directionless, Energy-live|  9|MC   
 462|Dando, Evan                         |Baby I'm bored                      | 12|CD   
 463|Darmstaedter, Dirk & Bernd Begemann |So geht das jede Nacht              | 14|CD   
 464|Datsuns, the                        |Deep sleep                          | 10|CD   
 465|Datsuns, the                        |The Datsuns                         | 10|CD   
 466|Davis, Miles                        |All Time Best                       | 13|CD   
 467|Davis, Miles                        |Concierto de Aranjuez  1958-1960    |  7|CD   
 468|Davis, Miles                        |Milestones 1945-1954                | 18|CD   
 469|Davis, Miles featuring Sonny Rollins|Dig                                 |  5|CD   
 470|Dead Boys                           |We have come for your Children      | 10|CD   
 471|Dead Boys                           |Young loud and snotty               | 11|CD   
 472|Dead Kennedys                       |Give me Convenience or give me Death| 17|MC   
 473|Dead Moon                           |Black September                     |  2|LP   
 474|Dead Moon                           |Crack in the System                 | 11|CD   
 475|Dead Moon                           |D.O.A.                              |  2|LP   
 476|Dead Moon                           |Day after Day                       |  2|LP   
 477|Dead Moon                           |Dead ahead                          | 11|MC   
 478|Dead Moon                           |Dead ahead Tour 2004                | 10|MC   
 479|Dead Moon                           |Dead Moon Night                     | 12|LP   
 480|Dead Moon                           |Defiance                            | 10|LP   
 481|Dead Moon                           |Destination X                       | 11|CD   
 482|Dead Moon                           |Don't burn the Fires                |  2|LP   
 483|Dead Moon                           |Echoes from the Past II             | 23|MC   
 484|Dead Moon                           |Echoes of the Past I                | 26|MC   
 485|Dead Moon                           |Fire in the Western World           |  2|LP   
 486|Dead Moon                           |Going South                         | 22|CD   
 487|Dead Moon                           |Hard wired in Ljubljana             | 20|CD   
 488|Dead Moon                           |In the Graveyard                    | 10|LP   
 489|Dead Moon                           |Live at Satyricon                   | 14|CD   
 490|Dead Moon                           |Live at the Casbah 10/21/2004       | 22|CD   
 491|Dead Moon                           |Live E.P.                           |  4|LP   
 492|Dead Moon                           |Live Evil I                         | 13|LP   
 493|Dead Moon                           |Live Evil II                        | 15|LP   
 494|Dead Moon                           |Nervous sooner changes              | 10|LP   
 495|Dead Moon                           |Over the Edge                       |  2|LP   
 496|Dead Moon                           |Parchment Farm                      |  2|LP   
 497|Dead Moon                           |Ricochet, Running out of Time       |  2|LP   
 498|Dead Moon                           |Stranded in the Mystery Zone        | 10|LP   
 499|Dead Moon                           |Strange pray tell                   | 12|LP   
 500|Dead Moon                           |Thirteen off my Hook                | 15|LP   
 501|Dead Moon                           |Too many People                     |  4|LP   
 502|Dead Moon                           |Trash & Burn                        | 11|CD   
 503|Dead Moon                           |Unknown Passage                     | 10|LP   
 504|Dead Moon                           |What a Way to see the old Girl go   |  8|CD   
 505|Dean, Jimmy                         |20 Great Story Songs                | 20|CD   
 506|DeBurgh, Chris                      |Best Moves                          | 11|MC   
 507|DeBurgh, Chris                      |Into the Light                      | 11|MC   
 508|Deep Forest                         |World Mix                           | 15|MC   
 509|Deep Purple                         |24 Carat Purple                     |  7|MC   
 510|Deep Purple                         |Deep Purple in Rock                 |  7|MC   
 511|Def Leppard                         |Mysteria                            | 12|MC   
 512|Deichkind                           |Neues vom Dauerzustand              | 14|CD   
 513|Deichkind                           |Niveau weshalb warum                | 15|CD   
 514|Deichkind                           |Wer sagt denn das?                  | 18|CD   
 515|Deine Lakaien                       |Forest enter Exit                   |  9|CD   
 516|Del Rey, Lana                       |Blue Banisters                      | 15|CD   
 517|Del Rey, Lana                       |Born to die                         | 12|CD   
 518|Del Rey, Lana                       |Chemtrails over the Country Club    | 11|CD   
 519|Del Rey, Lana                       |Honeymoon                           | 14|CD   
 520|Del Rey, Lana                       |Lust for Life                       | 16|CD   
 521|Del Rey, Lana                       |Norman Fucking Roswell!             | 14|CD   
 522|Del Rey, Lana                       |Ultraviolence                       | 15|CD   
 523|Del Rey, Lana                       |Video Games - Blue Jeans            |  2|CD   
 524|Delay, Jan                          |Searching for the Jan Soul Rebels   | 12|CD   
 525|Delay, Jan                          |Searching for the Jan Soul Rebels   | 12|CD   
 526|Delsol, Fabienne                    |Between you and me                  | 14|CD   
 527|Delsol, Fabienne                    |Four                                | 11|CD   
 528|Delsol, Fabienne                    |No Time for Sorrows                 | 13|CD   
 529|Delsol, Fabienne                    |On my Mind                          | 12|CD   
 530|Depeche Mode                        |Barrel of a Gun                     |  4|CD   
 531|Depeche Mode                        |Delta Machine                       | 13|CD   
 532|Depeche Mode                        |Little 15                           |  2|LP   
 533|Depeche Mode                        |Music for the Masses                | 14|CD   
 534|Depeche Mode                        |Songs of Faith and Devotion         | 10|LP   
 535|Depeche Mode                        |The Singles '81 - '85               | 15|MC   
 536|Depeche Mode                        |Ultra                               | 11|CD   
 537|Depeche Mode                        |Violator                            |  9|MC   
 538|Der König tanzt                     |Der König tanzt                     | 12|CD   
 539|Desireless                          |John                                |  2|LP   
 540|Destroyer                           |Kaputt                              |  9|CD   
 541|Devils, the                         |Sin, you Sinners                    | 10|LP   
 542|Deviser                             |Evil summons evil                   |  9|CD   
 543|Dickies, the                        |Great Dictations The definitive Dick| 16|LP   
 544|Dickies, the                        |Second Coming                       | 11|CD   
 545|Dico, Tina                          |Count to Ten                        | 10|CD   
 546|Dico, Tina                          |Fuel                                | 11|CD   
 547|Dico, Tina                          |Notes                               | 12|CD   
 548|Dico, Tina                          |The Road to Gävle                   | 13|CD   
 549|Dictators, the                      |Go Girl crazy!                      |  9|CD   
 550|Diesel, Johnny and the Injectors    |Johnny Diesel and the Injectors     | 12|LP   
 551|Dietrich, Marlene                   |Der blonde Engel                    | 25|CD   
 552|Dimple Minds                        |Helden der Arbeit                   | 12|CD   
 553|Dinosaur Jr                         |Bug                                 |  9|MC   
 554|Dinosaur Jr                         |Green Mind                          |  9|LP   
 555|Dinosaur Jr                         |Sweep it into Space                 | 12|CD   
 556|Dinosaur Jr                         |Where you been                      | 10|MC   
 557|Dinosaur Jr.                        |Beyond                              | 11|CD   
 558|Dinosaur Jr.                        |Give a Glimpse of what yer not      | 11|CD   
 559|Dionysos                            |Haiku                               | 14|CD   
 560|Dire Straits                        |Brothers in Arms                    |  9|MC   
 561|Dire Straits                        |Communique                          | 11|MC   
 562|Dire Straits                        |Dire Straits                        |  9|MC   
 563|Dire Straits                        |Making Movies                       |  7|MC   
 564|Dire Straits                        |Money for Nothing                   |  9|MC   
 565|Dire Straits                        |On every Street                     | 12|MC   
 566|Doctor No                           |Pamecho M'boue                      | 12|LP   
 567|Doherty, Peter                      |Grace / Wastelands                  | 12|CD   
 568|Donnas, the                         |Bitchin'                            | 15|CD   
 569|Donnas, the                         |Spend the Night                     | 14|CD   
 570|Donnas, the                         |Take it off                         |  3|CD   
 571|Donnas, the                         |Turn 21                             | 14|CD   
 572|Donovan                             |The very Best of Donovan            | 20|MC   
 573|Doors, the                          |L.A. Woman                          | 10|MC   
 574|Doors, the                          |Strange Days                        | 10|LP   
 575|Doors, the                          |The Doors                           | 11|LP   
 576|Doors, the                          |The soft Parade                     |  9|CD   
 577|Dota                                |Keine Gefahr                        | 12|CD   
 578|Dota                                |Mascha Kaleko                       | 20|CD   
 579|Dota                                |Wir rufen Dich Galaktika            | 13|CD   
 580|Dota                                |Wo soll ich suchen                  | 16|CD   
 581|Dota und die Stadtpiraten           |Bis auf den Grund                   | 13|CD   
 582|Dota und die Stadtpiraten           |Die Freiheit                        | 14|CD   
 583|Dota und die Stadtpiraten           |Die Kleingeldprinzessin und die Stad|  9|CD   
 584|Dozer                               |Beyond Colossal                     | 10|CD   
 585|Dozer                               |Call it Conspiracy                  | 12|CD   
 586|Dozer                               |In the Tail of a Comet              | 12|CD   
 587|Dozer                               |Madre de Dios                       | 11|CD   
 588|Dr. Alban                           |Hello Africa                        |  2|MC   
 589|Dr. Alban                           |No Coke                             |  2|MC   
 590|Dr. Alban                           |Sing Shi-Wo-Wo                      |  1|MC   
 591|Dr. Explosion                       |The crazy World of the Youngs       | 14|LP   
 592|Drake, Nick                         |Pink Moon                           | 11|CD   
 593|Drangsal                            |Harieschaim                         | 10|CD   
 594|Dreck weg                           |Dreck weg                           | 11|LP   
 595|Droste, Wiglaf                      |Wieso heißen plötzlich alle Oliver? |  4|CD   
 596|Duesenjaeger                        |Blindflug                           |  6|LP   
 597|Duesenjaeger                        |Die Gespenster und der Schnee       | 15|LP   
 598|Duesenjaeger                        |Las Palmas O.K.                     | 12|CD   
 599|Duesenjaeger                        |Leben Lieben Sterben                |  7|LP   
 600|Duesenjaeger                        |Schimmern                           | 13|LP   
 601|Duesenjaeger                        |Treibsand                           | 10|LP   
 602|Dum Dum Boys                        |Splitter Pine                       | 10|CD   
 603|Dum Dum Girls                       |End of Daze                         |  5|CD   
 604|Dum Dum Girls                       |He gets me high                     |  4|LP   
 605|Dum Dum Girls                       |I will be                           | 11|CD   
 606|Dum Dum Girls                       |Only in Dreams                      | 10|CD   
 607|Dum Dum Girls                       |Too true                            | 10|LP   
 608|Dung                                |Who flung                           | 11|CD   
 609|Dutronc, Jacques                    |Jacques Dutronc I                   | 18|CD   
 610|Dutronc, Jacques                    |Jacques Dutronc II                  | 18|CD   
 611|Dwarves                             |Anybody out there                   |  4|CD   
 612|Dylan, Bob                          |Blood on the Tracks                 | 10|CD   
 613|Dylan, Bob                          |Highway 61 Revisited                |  9|LP   
 614|Dylan, Bob                          |Love and Theft                      | 12|CD   
 615|Dylan, Bob                          |Modern Times                        | 10|CD   
 616|Dylan, Bob                          |Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid         | 10|CD   
 617|Dylan, Bob                          |Subterrean Homesick Blues           | 11|CD   
 618|Dylan, Bob                          |The freewheelin' Bob Dylan          | 13|CD   
 619|Dylan, Bob                          |The Times they are a-changing       | 16|CD   
 620|Dylan, Bob                          |Under the red Sky                   | 10|LP   
 621|Dylan, Bob                          |Unplugged                           | 12|CD   
 622|Dylan, Bob featuring Tom Petty      |Live USA                            | 10|CD   
 623|Eagles, the                         |One of these Nights                 |  9|LP   
 624|Egotronic                           |... die richtige Einstellung        | 13|CD   
 625|Egotronic                           |Ausflug mit Freunden                | 10|CD   
 626|Egotronic                           |C'est moi                           | 12|CD   
 627|Egotronic                           |Die Natur ist Dein Feind            | 15|CD   
 628|Egotronic                           |Egotronic                           | 12|CD   
 629|Egotronic                           |Ihr seid doch auch nicht besser     | 14|CD   
 630|Egotronic                           |Keine Argumente!                    | 24|CD   
 631|Egotronic                           |Lustprinzip                         | 11|CD   
 632|Egotronic                           |Macht keinen Lärm                   | 14|CD   
 633|Egotronic                           |Stresz                              | 12|CD   
 634|Eighth Wonder                       |I'm not scared                      |  2|LP   
 635|Eigth Wonder                        |Brilliant Dreams                    |  6|CD   
 636|Eigth Wonder                        |Fearless                            | 16|CD   
 637|Einstürzende Neubauten              |Tabula Rasa                         | 10|LP   
 638|Eisenpimmel                         |Viva la Nix! 1                      | 17|CD   
 639|Eisenpimmel                         |Viva la Nix! 2                      | 18|CD   
 640|Elastica                            |Elastica                            | 16|CD   
 641|Electric Light Orchestra            |Balance of Power                    | 11|MC   
 642|Element of Crime                    |Mittelpunkt der Welt                | 10|CD   
 643|Eliminator Jr.                      |Chandal                             | 13|CD   
 644|EMF                                 |Stigma                              |  0|MC   
 645|Ensemble Resonanz & Charly Hübner   |Mercy Seat - Winterreise            | 19|CD   
 646|Erasure                             |Ship of Fools                       |  2|LP   
 647|Erste Allgemeine Verunsicherung     |Geld oder Leben                     | 15|MC   
 648|Europe                              |The final Countdown                 | 10|MC   
 649|Eurythmics                          |Revenge                             | 10|MC   
 650|Eurythmics                          |Sweet Dreams                        |  2|LP   
 651|Eurythmics                          |Touch                               |  9|LP   
 652|Extrabreit                          |Ihre größten Erfolge                | 13|LP   
 653|Extrabreit                          |Welch ein Land! Was für Männer      | 10|CD   
 654|Fairuz                              |Live 2000 Festival de Beiteddine Lib| 17|CD   
 655|Fairuz                              |The very best of Fairuz             | 14|CD   
 656|Fairuz                              |Wala Kif                            | 10|CD   
 657|Fall, the                           |Extricate                           | 14|CD   
 658|Famous B. Brothers, the             |The dead Sea Scrolls                | 10|LP   
 659|Fantastischen Vier, die             |4 gewinnt                           | 18|MC   
 660|Fastbacks                           |Gone to the Moon                    |  4|LP   
 661|Fastbacks                           |Zücker                              | 14|LP   
 662|Fatboy Slim                         |You've come a long Way, Baby        | 11|CD   
 663|Fayrouz                             |Bebalee                             | 10|CD   
 664|Fehlfarben                          |Knietief im Dispo                   | 12|CD   
 665|Fehlfarben                          |Monarchie und Alltag                | 15|CD   
 666|Feine Sahne Fischfilet              |Alles glänzt                        | 12|CD   
 667|Feine Sahne Fischfilet              |Alles glänzt - alles live           | 20|CD   
 668|Feine Sahne Fischfilet              |Bleiben oder gehen                  | 12|CD   
 669|Feine Sahne Fischfilet              |Scheitern und verstehen             | 11|CD   
 670|Feine Sahne Fischfilet              |Sturm & Dreck                       | 12|CD   
 671|Feine Sahne Fischfilet              |Wut im Bauch Trauer im Herzen       | 12|CD   
 672|Felix                               |It will make me crazy               |  4|CD   
 673|Fendrich, Rainhard                  |Kein schöner Land                   | 11|LP   
 674|Fendrich, Rainhard                  |Wien bei Nacht                      | 11|MC   
 675|Ferris MC                           |Glück ohne Scherben                 | 13|CD   
 676|Fesl, Fredl                         |Drei                                | 10|MC   
 677|Fettes Brot                         |Am Wasser gebaut                    | 10|CD   
 678|Fettes Brot                         |Außen Top Hhits, innen Geschmack    | 14|CD   
 679|Fettes Brot                         |lässt grüssen                       | 20|CD   
 680|Fettes Brot                         |Strom und Drang                     | 11|CD   
 681|Fields of the Nephilim              |Dawnrazor                           |  8|LP   
 682|Fields of the Nephilim              |Elizium                             |  8|LP   
 683|Fields of the Nephilim              |Fallen                              | 10|CD   
 684|Fields of the Nephilim              |The Nephilim                        |  8|LP   
 685|Fink                                |Haiku Ambulanz                      | 13|CD   
 686|Fix & Fertig                        |Der blonde Hans von der Bundesbahn  |  2|LP   
 687|Flamin' Groovies, the               |Live at the Festival of the Sun     | 15|CD   
 688|Flash and the Pan                   |Collection                          | 15|LP   
 689|Flash and the Pan                   |Yesterday's gone                    |  2|LP   
 690|Fleetwood Mac                       |Tango in the Night                  | 12|LP   
 691|Flowerpornoes                       |' nicht von Straßen, nicht von| 12|CD   
 692|Flowerpornoes                       |Ich & ich                           |  9|CD   
 693|Flowerpornoes                       |Mamas Pfirsiche (fuer schlechte Zeit| 16|CD   
 694|Flowerpornoes                       |Wie oft musst Du vor die Wand laufen| 11|CD   
 695|Foo Fighters                        |Foo Fighters                        | 12|CD   
 696|Foo Fighters                        |Learn to fly                        |  3|CD   
 697|Foo Fighters                        |One by one                          | 11|CD   
 698|Foo Fighters                        |The Colour and the Shape            | 13|CD   
 699|Foo Fighters                        |There is nothing left to lose       | 11|CD   
 700|Ford, Tennessee Ernie               |Sixteen Tons                        | 20|CD   
 701|Foreigner                           |Say you will                        |  2|LP   
 702|Franz Ferdinand                     |Franz Ferdinand                     | 10|CD   
 703|Franz Ferdinand                     |You could have it so much better    | 13|CD   
 704|Fred & Toody                        |Live at Third Man Records           |  2|LP   
 705|Friebe, Jens                        |Abändern                            | 11|CD   
 706|Friebe, Jens                        |Das mit dem Auto ist egal, Hauptsach| 11|CD   
 707|Friebe, Jens                        |Fuck Penetration                    | 11|CD   
 708|Friebe, Jens                        |Hypnose                             | 12|CD   
 709|Friebe, Jens                        |Nackte Angst zieh Dich an wir gehen | 11|CD   
 710|Friebe, Jens                        |Vorher Nachher Bilder               | 11|CD   
 711|Friebe, Jens                        |WIr sind schön                      | 11|CD   
 712|Front 242                           |Never stop!                         |  6|LP   
 713|Front 242                           |Up Evil                             | 13|CD   
 714|Front End Loader                    |Front End Loader                    | 14|CD   
 715|Fu Manchu                           |(Godzilla's) Eatin' Dust            |  8|CD   
 716|Fu Manchu                           |Clone of the Universe               |  7|CD   
 717|Fu Manchu                           |Gigantoid                           |  9|CD   
 718|Fuller, Bobby                       |El Paso Rock  Early Recordings Volum| 24|CD   
 719|Fury in the Slaughterhouse          |Mono                                | 13|MC   
 720|Fuzztones, the                      |Preaching to the Perverted          | 12|CD   
 721|Gabriel, Gunter                     |Aus dem Leben gegriffen             | 21|CD   
 722|Gabriel, Gunter                     |Gabriel singt Cash                  | 18|CD   
 723|Gabriel, Gunter                     |Gunterwegs                          | 15|CD   
 724|Gabriel, Gunter                     |Knastsongs                          | 12|CD   
 725|Gabriel, Gunter                     |Sohn aus dem Volk - German Recording| 14|CD   
 726|Gainsbourg, Charlotte               |5:55                                | 11|MC   
 727|Gainsbourg, Charlotte               |IRM                                 | 14|CD   
 728|Gainsbourg, Serge                   |Les talents du Siecle               | 16|CD   
 729|Gainsbourg, Serge                   |Rock around the Bunker              | 10|CD   
 730|Gall, France                        |Babacar                             |  2|LP   
 731|Gall, France                        |En allemand - Das Beste in deutsch  | 20|CD   
 732|Gall, France                        |Lounge Legends                      | 20|CD   
 733|Garbage                             |Beautiful Garbage                   | 13|CD   
 734|Garbage                             |Garbage                             | 12|CD   
 735|Garbage                             |No Gods no Masters                  | 19|CD   
 736|Garbage                             |Osterkonzert '96                    | 11|Video
 737|Garbage                             |Version 2.0                         | 12|CD   
 738|Gardot, Melody                      |Worrisome Heart                     | 10|CD   
 739|Gaslight Anthem, the                |American Slang                      | 10|CD   
 740|Gaslight Anthem, the                |Sink or Swin                        | 12|CD   
 741|Gaslight Anthem, the                |The '59 Sound                       | 12|CD   
 742|Gautsch                             |Gautsch                             | 17|CD   
 743|GBH                                 |Momentum                            | 12|CD   
 744|Genepool                            |(Spalter!)                          | 12|CD   
 745|Genesis                             |Genesis                             |  9|LP   
 746|Gipsy Kings                         |Bamboleo                            |  2|LP   
 747|Golden Earring                      |Radar Love                          |  2|LP   
 748|Goldenen Zitronen, die              |Porsche Genscher Hallo HSV          | 29|CD   
 749|Goldman, Jean-Jacques               |Singulier 81/89                     | 18|CD   
 750|Goldman, Jean-Jacques               |Singulier II 81/89                  | 16|CD   
 751|Golightly, Holly                    |Do the Get Along                    | 12|CD   
 752|Golightly, Holly & the Brokeoffs    |You can't buy a Gun when you're cryi| 14|CD   
 753|Goombay Dance Band                  |Tropical Dreams                     | 16|LP   
 754|Grande Roses                        |Disease                             | 10|CD   
 755|Grebe, Rainald                      |Das Elfenbeinkonzert                | 21|CD   
 756|Grebe, Rainald                      |Das Hongkongkonzert                 | 23|CD   
 757|Grebe, Rainald                      |Popmusik                            | 12|CD   
 758|Grebe, Rainald & die Kapelle der Ver|Albanien                            | 17|CD   
 759|Green Day                           |Father of all...                    | 10|CD   
 760|Grillmaster Flash                   |Flaesh Metal                        |  9|CD   
 761|Grinderman                          |Grinderman                          | 11|CD   
 762|Grinderman                          |Grinderman 2                        |  9|CD   
 763|Grizzly Bear                        |Shields                             | 10|CD   
 764|Grönemeyer, Herbert                 |Bochum                              | 10|LP   
 765|Grönemeyer, Herbert                 |Gemischte Gefühle                   | 10|CD   
 766|Grönemeyer, Herbert                 |Grönemeyer                          | 10|CD   
 767|Grönemeyer, Herbert                 |Mensch                              | 11|CD   
 768|Grönemeyer, Herbert                 |Ö                                   |  9|LP   
 769|Grönemeyer, Herbert                 |Sprünge                             | 10|LP   
 770|Grönemeyer, Herbert                 |Total egal                          | 10|CD   
 771|Grönemeyer, Herbert                 |Zwo                                 | 10|CD   
 772|Grönemeyer, Herbert                 |Zwölf                               | 12|CD   
 773|Gun Club, the                       |Danse Kalinda Boom                  |  7|CD   
 774|Gun Club, the                       |Fire of Love                        | 11|CD   
 775|Gun Club, the                       |Lucky Jim                           | 10|LP   
 776|Gun Club, the                       |Pastoral Hide & Seek                | 10|CD   
 777|Gundermann                          |Einsame Spitze                      | 14|CD   
 778|Gundermann                          |Krams - das letzte Konzert I        | 21|CD   
 779|Gundermann                          |Krams - das letzte Konzert II       | 19|CD   
 780|Gundermann & Seilschaft             |Engel über dem Revier               | 12|CD   
 781|Gundermann und Seilschaft           |Der siebente Samurai                | 14|CD   
 782|Gundermann, Gerhard                 |Einsame Spitze                      | 14|CD   
 783|Gundermann, Gerhard                 |Männer, Frauen und Maschinen        | 17|CD   
 784|Guns'n'Roses                        |Appetite for Destruction            | 11|MC   
 785|Guns'n'Roses                        |GN'R lies                           |  8|CD   
 786|Guns'n'Roses                        |The Spaghetti Incident?             | 12|CD   
 787|Guns'n'Roses                        |Use your Illusion II                | 11|Video
 788|Guns'n'Roses                        |Use your Illusions I + II  (Best of.| 16|MC   
 789|Guthrie, Woody                      |The very Best of  Legend of American| 21|CD   
 790|Guz                                 |We do wie Du                        | 14|CD   
 791|Haindling                           |Meuterei                            | 13|MC   
 792|Hamdan, Yasmine                     |Ya Nass                             | 13|CD   
 793|Hammerhead                          |Nachdenken über Deutschland         | 14|CD   
 794|Handsome Family, the                |Singing Bones                       | 13|CD   
 795|Hansen Band                         |Keine Lieder über Liebe             | 10|CD   
 796|Hard-Ons                            |Alfalfa Males once Summer is done co| 19|CD   
 797|Hard-Ons                            |Birthday                            |  2|LP   
 798|Hard-Ons                            |Crazy, crazy Eyes                   |  3|CD   
 799|Hard-Ons                            |Dateless Dudes Club                 |  8|LP   
 800|Hard-Ons                            |Dickcheese                          | 18|LP   
 801|Hard-Ons                            |Dull                                |  4|LP   
 802|Hard-Ons                            |Dull                                |  2|LP   
 803|Hard-Ons                            |Eat Shit, listen to horrible Music  | 25|LP   
 804|Hard-Ons                            |I'm sorry Sir, that Riff's been take| 12|CD   
 805|Hard-Ons                            |Love is a Battlefield of wounded Hea| 12|LP   
 806|Hard-Ons                            |Most People are nicer than us       | 15|CD   
 807|Hard-Ons                            |Ripper '23                          | 12|CD   
 808|Hard-Ons                            |She's a Dish                        |  2|CD   
 809|Hard-Ons                            |Shit Pants Shit Pants               |  6|CD   
 810|Hard-Ons                            |Suck and swallow                    | 25|CD   
 811|Hard-Ons                            |Test                                |  5|CD   
 812|Hard-Ons                            |The Best of the Hard-Ons            | 31|LP   
 813|Hard-Ons                            |The Best of the Hard-Ons            | 24|CD   
 814|Hard-Ons                            |The Best of the...                  | 24|CD   
 815|Hard-Ons                            |The Worst of the Hard-Ons ('84-'87) | 12|LP   
 816|Hard-Ons                            |There goes one of the Creeps that ha|  2|LP   
 817|Hard-Ons                            |This terrible Place                 | 14|CD   
 818|Hard-Ons                            |Too far gone                        | 14|CD   
 819|Hard-Ons                            |Very exciting!                      | 14|CD   
 820|Hard-Ons                            |Where did she come from?            |  2|LP   
 821|Hard-Ons                            |Where the wild Things are ...       |  2|LP   
 822|Hard-Ons                            |Yesterday & Today                   |  4|CD   
 823|Hard-Ons                            |You disappointed me                 |  2|LP   
 824|Hard-Ons                            |Your Choice live Series             | 16|CD   
 825|Hard-Ons                            |Yummy!                              | 16|LP   
 826|Hard-Ons & Henry Rollins            |Let there be Rock                   |  2|CD   
 827|Hard-Ons with Neil Hamburger        |American Exports                    |  4|LP   
 828|Hard-Ons, the                       |I'm sorry Sir, that Riff's been take| 12|LP   
 829|Hard-Ons, the                       |Most People are a Waste of Time     | 13|CD   
 830|Hard-Ons, the                       |Peel me like a Egg                  | 13|LP   
 831|Hard-Ons, the                       |So I could have them destroyed      | 12|LP   
 832|Hardy, Francoise                    |(Parentheses...)                    | 12|CD   
 833|Hardy, Francoise                    |All over the World                  | 20|CD   
 834|Hardy, Francoise                    |Clair obscure                       | 13|CD   
 835|Hardy, Francoise                    |Collection Platinum                 | 18|CD   
 836|Hardy, Francoise                    |Collection Platinum I               | 18|CD   
 837|Hardy, Francoise                    |Collection Platinum II              | 20|CD   
 838|Hardy, Francoise                    |Comment te fire adieu               | 12|CD   
 839|Hardy, Francoise                    |En anglais                          | 11|CD   
 840|Hardy, Francoise                    |Entracte                            | 10|CD   
 841|Hardy, Francoise                    |Et si je m'en vais avant toi        | 12|CD   
 842|Hardy, Francoise                    |Frag den Abendwind                  | 26|CD   
 843|Hardy, Francoise                    |Gin Tonic                           | 11|CD   
 844|Hardy, Francoise                    |If you listen                       | 12|CD   
 845|Hardy, Francoise                    |L'Amour fou                         | 10|CD   
 846|Hardy, Francoise                    |La Pluie sans Parapluie             | 13|CD   
 847|Hardy, Francoise                    |La Pluie sans Parapluie             | 13|CD   
 848|Hardy, Francoise                    |La Question                         | 12|CD   
 849|Hardy, Francoise                    |La Question                         | 12|CD   
 850|Hardy, Francoise                    |Le Danger                           | 13|CD   
 851|Hardy, Francoise                    |Ma Jeunesse fout le Camp            | 12|CD   
 852|Hardy, Francoise                    |Message Personnel                   |  9|CD   
 853|Hardy, Francoise                    |Midnight Blues: Paris, London, 1968-| 24|CD   
 854|Hardy, Francoise                    |Musique Saoule                      | 11|CD   
 855|Hardy, Francoise                    |One-Nine-Seven-Zero                 | 11|CD   
 856|Hardy, Francoise                    |Personne d'Autre                    | 12|CD   
 857|Hardy, Francoise                    |Soleil                              | 12|CD   
 858|Hardy, Francoise                    |Star                                | 10|CD   
 859|Hardy, Francoise                    |Tant de belles Choses               | 12|CD   
 860|Hardy, Francoise                    |The Vogue Years I                   | 25|CD   
 861|Hardy, Francoise                    |The Vogue Years II                  | 25|CD   
 862|Haroulis, Giannis                   |Himonanthos                         | 12|CD   
 863|Harvey, PJ                          |White Chalk                         | 11|CD   
 864|Hass                                |Macht kaputt, was längst kaputt ist | 16|CD   
 865|Hatfield, Juliana                   |Beautiful Creature                  | 13|CD   
 866|Haut and Nick Cave, die             |Burnin' the Ice                     |  7|CD   
 867|Hawkins, Screamin' Jay              |Heart Attack & Vine                 |  3|CD   
 868|Hayes, Gemma                        |The Hollow of Morning               | 10|CD   
 869|Haza, Ofra                          |Im nin' alu (played in full Mix)    |  2|LP   
 870|Hazelwood, Lee                      |Lounge Legends                      | 20|CD   
 871|Hazlewood, Lee                      |The LHI Years: Singles, Nudes & Back| 17|CD   
 872|Head Cat                            |Fool's Paradise                     | 15|CD   
 873|Head Cat                            |Walk the Walk... Talk the Talk      | 12|CD   
 874|Headcrash                           |Osterkonzert '96                    |  0|Video
 875|Heart                               |Bad Animals                         | 10|MC   
 876|Heart                               |Heart                               | 10|MC   
 877|Heather Nova                        |Loreley '96                         |  6|Video
 878|Heaven 17                           |The Ballad of Go Go Brown           |  2|LP   
 879|Hecker, Maximilian                  |Infinite Love Songs                 | 12|CD   
 880|Hecker, Maximilian                  |Lady Sleep                          | 11|CD   
 881|Hecker, Maximilian                  |One Day                             | 11|CD   
 882|Hecker, Maximilian                  |Rose                                | 11|CD   
 883|Heiterkeit, die                     |Herz aus Gold                       | 12|CD   
 884|Heiterkeit, die                     |Was passiert ist                    | 11|CD   
 885|Hell, Richard & the Voidoids        |Blank Generation                    | 12|CD   
 886|Hellacopters, the                   |Eyes of Oblivion                    | 10|CD   
 887|Hellacopters, the                   |Grande Rock                         | 12|CD   
 888|Hellacopters, the                   |Grande Rock Revisited               | 12|CD   
 889|Hellacopters, the                   |Head off                            | 12|CD   
 890|Hellacopters, the                   |High Visibility                     | 13|CD   
 891|Hellacopters, the                   |Rock & Roll is dead                 | 13|CD   
 892|Helloween                           |Keeper of the seven Keys            | 11|MC   
 893|Helloween                           |Walls of Jericho                    | 10|MC   
 894|Helmet                              |Betty                               | 14|CD   
 895|Helmet and House of Pain            |Just another Victim                 |  5|CD   
 896|Hendrix, Jimi                       |Anthology I                         |  8|CD   
 897|Hendrix, Jimi                       |Anthology II                        |  8|CD   
 898|Hendrix, Jimi                       |Anthology III                       |  8|CD   
 899|Hendrix, Jimi                       |At his Best                         | 14|LP   
 900|Hendrix, Jimi                       |Jimi plays Monterey 18.6.67         |  9|MC   
 901|Henley, Don                         |Boys of Summer                      |  2|LP   
 902|Herman's Hermits                    |I'm into something good             | 16|CD   
 903|Heroes del Silencio                 |El Espiritu del Vino                | 16|CD   
 904|Heroes del Silencio                 |El Mar no cesa                      | 13|CD   
 905|Heroes del Silencio                 |Entre dos Tierras                   |  4|CD   
 906|Heroes del Silencio                 |Live aus dem Alabama '92            |  0|MC   
 907|Heroes del Silencio                 |Live aus dem Alabama '93            | 10|MC   
 908|Heroes del Silencio                 |Nuestros Nombres                    |  4|CD   
 909|Heroes del Silencio                 |Senderos de Traicion                | 12|CD   
 910|Herold, Ted                         |Die Singles 1958-1960               | 24|CD   
 911|Hersh, Kristin                      |Clear Pond Road                     | 10|CD   
 912|Hersh, Kristin                      |Hips and Makers                     | 15|CD   
 913|Hersh, Kristin                      |The Grotto                          | 10|CD   
 914|Hersh, Kristin                      |Your Ghost                          |  4|CD   
 915|Him                                 |Deep Shadows and brilliant Highlight| 10|CD   
 916|him                                 |Greatest Lovesongs Vol. 666         |  9|CD   
 917|him                                 |Love Metal                          |  9|CD   
 918|Hinds, the                          |Leave me alone                      | 12|CD   
 919|Hirsch, Ludwig                      |Komm großer schwarzer Vogel         |  9|CD   
 920|Hives, the                          |Barely legal                        | 14|CD   
 921|Hives, the                          |Lex Hives                           | 12|CD   
 922|Hives, the                          |Tarred and Feathered                |  3|LP   
 923|Hives, the                          |The black and white Album           | 14|CD   
 924|Hives, the                          |The Death of Randy Fitzsommons      | 12|CD   
 925|Hives, the                          |Tyrannosaurus Hives                 | 12|CD   
 926|Hives, the                          |Veni vidi vicious                   | 12|CD   
 927|Hives, the                          |Your new favourite Band             | 12|CD   
 928|Ho99o9                              |United States of Horror             | 17|CD   
 929|Hole                                |Live through this                   | 12|CD   
 930|Hole                                |Pretty on the Inside                | 11|CD   
 931|Holly, Buddy                        |Greatest                            | 16|CD   
 932|Hooker, John Lee                    |The Healer                          | 10|MC   
 933|Hooker, John Lee                    |The Story I                         | 14|MC   
 934|Hooker, John Lee                    |The Story II                        | 11|MC   
 935|Hooters, the                        |Live aus dem Alabama '93            |  8|MC   
 936|Hooters, the                        |Nervous Night                       | 10|CD   
 937|Hooters, the                        |Nervous Night                       |  9|MC   
 938|Hooters, the                        |One Way Home                        |  9|LP   
 939|Hooters, the                        |Out of Body                         | 10|CD   
 940|Hooters, the                        |Zig Zag                             | 10|LP   
 941|Hot Snakes                          |Jericho Sirens                      | 10|CD   
 942|House of Love, the                  |The House of Love                   | 12|CD   
 943|House of Pain                       |House of Pain                       | 14|MC   
 944|Howlin Wolf                         |My Life                             | 20|CD   
 945|Hrubesch Youth                      |Dahlin Orgel                        | 15|LP   
 946|Huah!                               |Scheiss Kapitalismus!               | 15|MC   
 947|Huah!                               |Was machen Huah jetzt?              | 15|CD   
 948|Huntigton Cads, the                 |Go exotic!!                         | 14|CD   
 949|Huun Huur Tu                        |60 Horses in my Herd                | 12|CD   
 950|Hüsker Dü                           |The living End                      | 24|CD   
 951|I walk the Line                     |Black Wave rising!                  | 11|CD   
 952|Icehouse                            |Big Wheel                           | 10|CD   
 953|Icehouse                            |Fresco                              |  5|LP   
 954|Icehouse                            |Measure for Measure                 | 10|LP   
 955|Ideal                               |Der Ernst des Lebens                | 11|LP   
 956|Ideal                               |Ideal                               | 10|LP   
 957|Idol, Billy                         |Rebel Yell                          |  9|LP   
 958|Idol, Billy                         |Whiplash Smile                      | 10|LP   
 959|IFA Wartburg                        |Im Dienste des Sozialismus          | 14|CD   
 960|Iggy and the Stooges                |Gimme Danger                        |  2|LP   
 961|Iggy and the Stooges                |Ready to die                        | 10|CD   
 962|Iggy and the Stooges                |Telluric Chaos                      | 17|CD   
 963|Iguanas, the                        |The Iguanas                         | 24|CD   
 964|Imarhan                             |Aboogi                              | 11|CD   
 965|Imarhan                             |Temet                               | 10|CD   
 966|InXS                                |Full Moon, dirty Hearts             | 12|Video
 967|InXS                                |Kick                                | 12|MC   
 968|InXS                                |Welcome to wherever you are         | 12|MC   
 969|InXS                                |X                                   | 11|LP   
 970|Iron Maiden                         |The Number of the Beast             |  8|MC   
 971|Isaak, Chris                        |Forever Blue                        | 13|MC   
 972|Isaak, Chris                        |Wicked Game                         | 12|CD   
 973|J.B.O.                              |Live aus dem Alabama '96            |  9|MC   
 974|J.M.K.E.                            |Kylmälle maale                      | 12|MC   
 975|Jackson, Michael                    |Dirty Diana                         |  2|LP   
 976|Jeans Team                          |Ding Dong                           | 13|CD   
 977|Jeans Team                          |Hi Fans / Ein Atom                  |  6|CD   
 978|Jesus & Mary Chain, the             |Barbed Wire Kisses                  | 20|CD   
 979|Jesus & Mary Chain, the             |Psychocandy                         | 14|CD   
 980|Jesus Chrüsler Supercar             |Among the Ruins and desolate Lands  | 12|CD   
 981|Jet                                 |Get born                            | 13|CD   
 982|Jet Bumpers, the                    |It's a sexy Burnout                 | 15|LP   
 983|Jethro Tull                         |The Best of Jethro Tull             | 11|LP   
 984|Jett, Joan and the Blackhearts      |I love Rock'n'Roll                  | 10|LP   
 985|Jetzt!                              |Können Lieder Freunde sein?         | 12|CD   
 986|Jetzt!                              |Liebe in grossen Städten 1984-1988  | 17|CD   
 987|Jetzt!                              |Wie es war                          | 12|CD   
 988|Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, the    |Sideways Soul: Dub Narcotic meets TJ|  9|CD   
 989|Journey                             |Infinity                            | 10|LP   
 990|Joy Division                        |A Means to an End                   | 17|CD   
 991|Joy Division                        |The Best of                         | 25|CD   
 992|Juliana Hatfield Thrre, the         |Become what you are                 | 12|CD   
 993|Justice                             |T - 1st Album                       | 12|CD   
 994|Jürgens, Udo                        |Best of I                           | 20|CD   
 995|Jürgens, Udo                        |Best of II                          | 18|CD   
 996|Kacel, Karim                        |En Scene                            | 17|CD   
 997|Kacel, Karim                        |Futur interieur                     | 18|CD   
 998|Kacel, Karim                        |L'Orage est passe                   | 10|CD   
 999|Kaisers, the                        |Beat it up!                         | 16|LP   
1000|Kante                               |Zombi                               | 10|CD   
1001|Kante, Mory                         |Ye Ke Ye Ke                         |  3|LP   
1002|Kapot                               |Alles geht kapot                    | 10|LP   
1003|Katzmann, Nosie                     |Greatest Hits 1                     | 12|CD   
1004|Kettcar                             |Du und wieviel von Deinen Freunden  | 11|CD   
1005|Kettcar                             |Ich vs. Wir                         | 11|CD   
1006|Kettcar                             |Von Spatzen und Tauben, Dächern und | 11|CD   
1007|Khaled                              |Sahra                               | 16|CD   
1008|King Bee                            |King Bee                            | 14|LP   
1009|King Kurt                           |Live and rockin'                    | 12|MC   
1010|King Kurt                           |The last Will and Testicle          | 13|MC   
1011|Kings of Leon                       |Only by the Night                   | 11|CD   
1012|Kinski, Klaus                       |Ich bin so wild nach Deinem Erdbeerm| 10|CD   
1013|Kiss                                |Crazy Nights                        | 11|MC   
1014|KLF, the                            |3 A.M. Eternal (Live at the SSL)    |  3|MC   
1015|KLF, the                            |America: What Time is Love?         |  4|MC   
1016|KLF, the                            |Justified and ancient               |  5|MC   
1017|KLF, the                            |Last Train to Transcentral (Live fro|  3|MC   
1018|KLF, the                            |What Time is Love? Live at Transcent|  3|MC   
1019|KMFDM                               |Nihil                               | 10|LP   
1020|Knarf Rellöm                        |Knarf Rellöm Trinity                |  4|LP   
1021|Knarf Rellöm Arkestra               |Kritik der Leistungsgesellschaft    | 10|CD   
1022|Knieper, Jürgen                     |Des Teufels Paradies                | 15|LP   
1023|Kolsoum, Omme                       |The Classics                        | 10|CD   
1024|Kommando Sonne-Nmilch               |You pay I fuck                      | 14|CD   
1025|Kotzreiz                            |Du machst die Stadt kaputt!         | 14|CD   
1026|Kotzreiz                            |Nüchtern unerträglich               | 11|CD   
1027|Kotzreiz                            |Punk bleibt Punk                    | 12|CD   
1028|Kraftklub                           |In schwarz                          | 16|CD   
1029|Kraftklub                           |Kargo                               | 11|CD   
1030|Kraftklub                           |Keine Nacht für niemand             | 12|CD   
1031|Kraftklub                           |Mit K                               | 13|CD   
1032|Kraftwerk                           |Das Model                           |  2|LP   
1033|Kraftwerk                           |Tour de France                      |  4|CD   
1034|Kravitz, Lenny                      |Are you gonna go my Way             | 11|CD   
1035|Kreator                             |Endorama                            | 12|CD   
1036|Kreator                             |Extreme Aggression                  |  9|CD   
1037|Kreator                             |Gods of Violence                    | 11|CD   
1038|Kreator                             |Hordes of Chaos                     |  9|CD   
1039|Krupps, die                         |A Tribute to Metallica              |  5|CD   
1040|Krupps, die                         |Paradise now                        | 13|CD   
1041|Krüger, Hardy                       |Blind Date (I'm a lonely Man)       |  2|LP   
1042|Kula Shaker                         |Live aus dem Schlachthof 03.1997    |  9|MC   
1043|L7                                  |Bricks are heavy                    | 11|LP   
1044|L7                                  |Fast and frightening                | 12|LP   
1045|L7                                  |L7                                  | 11|LP   
1046|L7                                  |Smell the Magic                     |  6|LP   
1047|Ladytron                            |Gravity the Seducer                 | 12|CD   
1048|Ladytron                            |Time's Arrow                        | 10|CD   
1049|Ladytron                            |Witching Hour                       | 21|CD   
1050|Laforet, Marie                      |Portrait 1963/1969                  | 24|CD   
1051|Laibach                             |Kapital                             | 15|CD   
1052|Laibach                             |Life is Life                        |  3|LP   
1053|Laing                               |Paradies naiv                       | 13|CD   
1054|Lard                                |The last Temptation of Reid         |  9|MC   
1055|Last Shadow Puppets, the            |Everything you've come to expect    | 11|CD   
1056|Last Shadow Puppets, the            |The Age of the Understatement       | 12|CD   
1057|Last Shadow Puppets, the            |The Dream Synopsis EP               |  6|CD   
1058|Laurel                              |Dogviolet                           | 12|CD   
1059|Lead belly                          |Lead Belly's Last Session Disc 1    | 31|CD   
1060|Lead Belly                          |Lead Belly's Last Session Disc 2    | 18|CD   
1061|Lead Belly                          |Lead Belly's Last Session Disc 3    | 20|CD   
1062|Lead Belly                          |Lead Belly's Last Session Disc 4    | 23|CD   
1063|Leander, Zarah                      |Ich weiss, es wird einmla ein Wunder| 16|CD   
1064|Led Zeppelin                        |IV                                  |  8|CD   
1065|Lee, Myron and the Caddies          |Homicide                            |  2|LP   
1066|Lemmy & the Upsetters with Mick Gree|Blue Suede Shoes                    |  2|LP   
1067|Lemonbabies                         |Pussy! Pop                          | 13|CD   
1068|Lemonheads                          |Come on feel the Lemonheads         | 15|CD   
1069|Lemonheads                          |It's a Shame about Ray              | 13|CD   
1070|Lemonheads                          |It's all true                       |  4|LP   
1071|Lemonheads                          |Lick                                | 11|CD   
1072|Lemonheads                          |Mrs. Robinson                       |  4|CD   
1073|Lemonheads                          |Osterrocknacht '97                  |  7|Video
1074|Lemonheads, the                     |Car Button Cloth                    | 13|CD   
1075|Lemonheads, the                     |Hotel Sessions                      | 14|CD   
1076|Lemonheads, the                     |The Lemonheads                      | 11|MC   
1077|Lemonheads, the                     |Varshons 2                          | 13|CD   
1078|Lena                                |My Cassette Player                  | 14|CD   
1079|Leningrad Cowboys                   |Leningrad Cowboys go America        | 17|LP   
1080|Leningrad Cowboys                   |We cum from Brooklyn                | 15|CD   
1081|Leningrad Cowboys feat. Alexandrov r|Happy together - the total Balalaika| 23|MC   
1082|Lennon, John                        |Cold Turkey                         |  2|LP   
1083|Lennon, John                        |Instant Karma                       |  2|LP   
1084|Lennon, John                        |The John Lennon Collection          | 19|MC   
1085|Lewis, Jerry Lee                    |Up through the Years 1956-1963      | 24|CD   
1086|Linkin Park                         |Hybrid Theory                       | 12|CD   
1087|Linkssentimentale Transportarbeiterf|Blutende Herzen                     | 15|CD   
1088|Linkssentimentale Transportarbeiterf|Singt mit uns!                      |  7|CD   
1089|Liwa, Tom                           |Evolution Blues                     | 15|CD   
1090|Liwa, Tom                           |Ganz normale Songs                  | 11|CD   
1091|Liwa, Tom                           |Ich reite auf einem Pferd auf dem so| 15|CD   
1092|Liwa, Tom                           |Nostalgia no existe                 | 17|CD   
1093|Loli & the Chones                   |P.S. We hate you                    | 14|CD   
1094|Lolitas                             |Bouche-baiser                       | 13|LP   
1095|Lolitas                             |Hara Kiri                           | 20|CD   
1096|Lollipop Shoppe                     |Just Colour                         | 16|CD   
1097|Lotte Ohm                           |Letzte Tanke vor Babylon            | 12|CD   
1098|Love, Courtney                      |America's Sweetheart                | 12|CD   
1099|LUH                                 |Spiritual Songs for Lovers to sing  | 12|CD   
1100|Luke                                |D'autre Part                        | 11|CD   
1101|Luke                                |La Tete en Arriere                  | 11|CD   
1102|Luke                                |La Vie presque                      | 11|CD   
1103|Luke                                |Les Enfants de Saturne              | 13|CD   
1104|Luke                                |Les Enfants de Saturne              | 13|CD   
1105|Luke                                |Ou en est la Nuit                   | 15|CD   
1106|Maahn, Wolf                         |Live in West 3                      |  4|Video
1107|MacDonald, Amy                      |A curious Thing                     | 12|CD   
1108|MacDonald, Amy                      |Life in a beautiful Light           | 12|CD   
1109|Mad Max                             |Night of Passion                    | 13|MC   
1110|Madonna                             |Confessions on a Dancefloor         | 12|CD   
1111|Male                                |Zensur & Zensur                     | 22|CD   
1112|Mambo Kurt                          |The Return of Alleinunterhalter     | 19|CD   
1113|Mando Diao                          |Give me Fire!                       | 13|CD   
1114|Maneskin                            |Rush!                               | 17|CD   
1115|Maneskin                            |Teatro d'Ira                        |  8|CD   
1116|Manic Street Preachers              |Forever Delayed The Greatest Hist   | 20|CD   
1117|Manic Street Preachers              |Forever Delayed The Remixes         | 13|CD   
1118|Manu Chao                           |Clandestino                         | 16|CD   
1119|Manu Chao                           |Radiolina                           | 21|CD   
1120|Marillion                           |Live in the GDR                     |  6|MC   
1121|Marina & the Diamonds               |The Family Jewels                   | 14|CD   
1122|Marley, Bob & the Wailers           |Rastaman Vibration                  | 11|CD   
1123|Marley, Bob & the Wailers           |Uprising                            | 12|CD   
1124|Marley, Bob and the Wailers         |20 greatest Hits                    | 20|LP   
1125|Marley, Bob and the Wailers         |Babylon by Bus I                    |  7|MC   
1126|Marley, Bob and the Wailers         |Babylon by Bus II                   |  6|MC   
1127|Marley, Bob and the Wailers         |Best Rarities                       | 16|LP   
1128|Marley, Bob and the Wailers         |Kinky Reggae                        | 30|CD   
1129|Marley, Bob and the Wailers         |Legend                              | 14|MC   
1130|Marley, Bob and the Wailers         |Live                                |  7|MC   
1131|Marley, Bob and the Wailers         |Live '80 in West 3                  | 18|Video
1132|Marley, Ziggy and the Melody Makers |Fallen is Babylon                   | 14|CD   
1133|Martin, Dean                        |The very Best of Dean Martin        | 16|CD   
1134|Mascis, J & the Fog                 |More Light                          | 11|CD   
1135|Maur, Melissa auf der               |Auf der Maur                        | 12|CD   
1136|MC5                                 |Kick out the Jams                   |  8|CD   
1137|Mean Jeans                          |Are you serious?                    | 13|LP   
1138|Mediengruppe Telekommander          |Die ganze Kraft einer Kultur        | 11|CD   
1139|Megadeth                            |Peace sells... but who's buying     | 12|CD   
1140|Mellencamp, John                    |Human Wheels                        | 11|CD   
1141|Mellencamp, John                    |No better than this                 | 13|CD   
1142|Melvins                             |Electroretard                       |  8|CD   
1143|Melvins                             |Houdini                             | 13|CD   
1144|Melvins                             |Stoner Witch                        | 11|CD   
1145|Men at Work                         |Business as usual                   | 10|LP   
1146|Men without Hats                    |Rhythm of Youth                     | 10|LP   
1147|Metallica                           |... and Justice for all             |  9|MC   
1148|Metallica                           |Blindman's Ball 1997                | 16|MC   
1149|Metallica                           |Concerts Volume 2+3                 | 23|CD   
1150|Metallica                           |Creeping Death/Jump in the Fire     |  6|LP   
1151|Metallica                           |Death Magnetic                      | 10|CD   
1152|Metallica                           |Garage Inc. I                       | 11|CD   
1153|Metallica                           |Garage Inc. II                      | 16|CD   
1154|Metallica                           |Kill 'em all                        | 10|MC   
1155|Metallica                           |Live for AIDS and Freddie Mercury We|  3|MC   
1156|Metallica                           |Load                                | 14|MC   
1157|Metallica                           |Masters of Puppets                  |  8|MC   
1158|Metallica                           |Metallica                           | 12|MC   
1159|Metallica                           |Ride the Lightning                  |  8|MC   
1160|Metallica                           |St. Anger                           | 11|CD   
1161|Metallica                           |The $5.98 E.P. Garage Days Re-revisi|  5|MC   
1162|Metz                                |Metz                                | 10|CD   
1163|Midnight Oil                        |Blue Sky Mining                     | 10|MC   
1164|Midnight Oil                        |Diesel and Dust                     | 10|LP   
1165|Midnight Oil                        |Red Sails in the Sunset             | 12|LP   
1166|Midnight Oil                        |Unplugged                           |  9|MC   
1167|Miller, Roger                       |Greatest Hits                       | 12|CD   
1168|Milliarden                          |Schuldig                            | 11|CD   
1169|Million Dollar Quartet, the         |The Complete Million Dollar Quartet | 16|CD   
1170|Million Dollar Quartet, the         |The Complete Million Dollar Quartet | 31|CD   
1171|Mimmi's, die                        |Alles zuscheißen                    | 27|CD   
1172|Ministry                            |If you didn't feel like showing up (|  6|CD   
1173|Ministry                            |Psalm 69                            |  9|CD   
1174|Mission, the                        |God's own Medicine                  | 12|CD   
1175|Mission, the                        |Sum and Substance I                 |  9|LP   
1176|Mission, the                        |Sum and Substance II                |  9|LP   
1177|Mission, the                        |The first Chapter                   |  9|CD   
1178|Money, Eddie                        |Can't hold back                     | 14|MC   
1179|Money, Eddie                        |Sound of Money  Greatest Hits       | 12|LP   
1180|Monkees, the                        |16 Smash Hits                       | 16|CD   
1181|Monster Magnet                      |Evil                                |  3|LP   
1182|Monster Magnet                      |Superjudge                          | 11|MC   
1183|Moore, Gary                         |Run for Cover                       |  9|MC   
1184|Moore, Gary                         |Wild Frontier                       |  8|MC   
1185|Moped, Johnny                       |Lurrigate your Mind                 | 14|CD   
1186|Morrison, Patricia                  |Reflect on this                     |  8|CD   
1187|Morrissey                           |Ringleader of the Tormentors        | 12|CD   
1188|Morrissey                           |Southpaw Grammar                    | 12|CD   
1189|Morrissey                           |World Peace is none of your Business| 12|CD   
1190|Morrissey                           |Years of Refusal                    | 12|CD   
1191|Morrissey                           |You are the Quarry                  | 12|CD   
1192|Motärhead                           |Ace of Spades 40th Anniversary II   | 17|CD   
1193|Motörhead                           |1916                                | 11|LP   
1194|Motörhead                           |Ace of Spades                       | 12|LP   
1195|Motörhead                           |Ace of Spades 40th Anniversary I    | 12|CD   
1196|Motörhead                           |Aftershock                          | 14|CD   
1197|Motörhead                           |Another perfect Day                 | 10|MC   
1198|Motörhead                           |Another Perfect Day                 | 13|CD   
1199|Motörhead                           |Bad Magic                           | 13|CD   
1200|Motörhead                           |Bastards                            | 12|CD   
1201|Motörhead                           |Bite the Bullet I                   | 18|CD   
1202|Motörhead                           |Bite the Bullet II                  | 18|CD   
1203|Motörhead                           |Bobmber                             | 10|LP   
1204|Motörhead                           |Bomber                              | 15|CD   
1205|Motörhead                           |Born to lose, live to win           | 15|LP   
1206|Motörhead                           |Hammered                            | 11|CD   
1207|Motörhead                           |Inferno                             | 12|CD   
1208|Motörhead                           |Iron Fist                           | 17|CD   
1209|Motörhead                           |Kiss of Death                       | 13|CD   
1210|Motörhead                           |March ör die                        | 11|CD   
1211|Motörhead                           |Motörizer                           | 11|CD   
1212|Motörhead                           |No Remorse                          | 22|CD   
1213|Motörhead                           |No Sleep 'til Hammersmith           | 11|LP   
1214|Motörhead                           |No Sleep at All                     | 10|LP   
1215|Motörhead                           |On Parole                           | 13|CD   
1216|Motörhead                           |Orgasmatron                         |  9|LP   
1217|Motörhead                           |Overkill                            | 15|CD   
1218|Motörhead                           |Overnight Sensation                 | 11|CD   
1219|Motörhead                           |Rock'n Roll                         |  9|LP   
1220|Motörhead                           |Rock'n'Roll                         | 11|CD   
1221|Motörhead                           |Sacrifice                           | 11|CD   
1222|Motörhead                           |Snake Bite Love                     | 11|CD   
1223|Motörhead                           |The Wörld is yours                  | 10|CD   
1224|Motörhead                           |We are Motörhead                    | 10|CD   
1225|Motörhead                           |Welcome to the Beartrap I           | 10|LP   
1226|Motörhead                           |Welcome to the Beartrap II          | 10|LP   
1227|Motörhead                           |What's Words worth                  | 11|MC   
1228|Moustaki, Georges                   |Ma Liberte                          | 20|CD   
1229|Mr. Chop                            |For Pete's Sake                     | 17|CD   
1230|Mr. Floppy                          |Breakfast                           |  9|CD   
1231|Mudhoney                            |Suck you dry                        |  4|CD   
1232|Mudhoney                            |Superfuzz Bigmuff                   |  6|CD   
1233|Mudhoney / Gas Huffer               |You stupid Asshole                  |  4|LP   
1234|Mustang Ford                        |Chatterbox                          | 11|CD   
1235|Myles, Alannah                      |Alannah Myles                       | 10|LP   
1236|Müller, Ina                         |Das wär Dein Lied gewesen           | 13|CD   
1237|Müller-Westernhagen, Marius         |Affentheater                        | 13|CD   
1238|Müller-Westernhagen, Marius         |Mit Pfefferminz bin ich Dein Prinz  | 10|LP   
1239|Müller-Westernhagen, Marius         |Westernhagen Live I                 |  9|MC   
1240|Müller-Westernhagen, Marius         |Westernhagen Live II                |  9|MC   
1241|N.W.A.                              |Niggaz4Life                         | 18|MC   
1242|Nada Surf                           |The Stars are indifferent to Astrono| 10|CD   
1243|Nada Surf                           |The Weight is a Gift                | 11|CD   
1244|Napalm Beach                        |Fire Air and Water                  | 12|LP   
1245|Napalm Death                        |From Enslavement to Obliteration    | 27|CD   
1246|Napalm Death                        |Nazi Pigs fuck off                  |  4|LP   
1247|National, the                       |Boxer                               | 12|CD   
1248|National, the                       |High violet                         | 11|CD   
1249|National, the                       |Sleep well Beast                    | 12|CD   
1250|National, the                       |Trouble will find me                | 13|CD   
1251|Nazareth                            |The Ballad Album                    | 10|LP   
1252|Neigungsgruppe Sex, Gewalt & gute La|Loss mas bleibm                     | 14|CD   
1253|Nelson, Willie                      |All Time Best                       | 20|CD   
1254|Nelson, Willie                      |Desperado                           | 18|CD   
1255|Nena                                |Definitive Collection               | 18|CD   
1256|Nena                                |Feat. Nena                          | 13|CD   
1257|Nena                                |Nena                                | 10|CD   
1258|Nena                                |Willst Du mit mir gehn - Orange     |  9|CD   
1259|Nena                                |Willst Du mit mir gehn - Rot        | 11|CD   
1260|Nerven, die                         |Fake                                | 12|CD   
1261|Neutral Milk Hotel                  |In the Aeroplane over the Sea       | 11|CD   
1262|Neutral Milk Hotel                  |On Avery Island                     | 12|CD   
1263|New Model Army                      |51st State                          |  4|LP   
1264|New Model Army                      |Here comes the War                  |  3|LP   
1265|New Model Army                      |High                                | 12|CD   
1266|New Model Army                      |Impurity                            | 11|LP   
1267|New Model Army                      |No Rest for the Wicked              | 11|LP   
1268|New Model Army                      |Raw Melody Men I                    |  8|LP   
1269|New Model Army                      |Raw Melody Men II                   |  8|LP   
1270|New Model Army                      |The Collection                      | 15|CD   
1271|New Model Army                      |The Ghost of Cain                   | 10|LP   
1272|New Model Army                      |The Love of hopeless Cases          | 10|CD   
1273|New Model Army                      |The Price                           |  5|LP   
1274|New Model Army                      |Thunder and Consolation             | 10|LP   
1275|New Model Army                      |Unbroken                            | 11|CD   
1276|New Model Army                      |Vengeance                           |  8|LP   
1277|New Model Army                      |Winter                              | 13|CD   
1278|New Wave Hookers, the               |Pornschlegel                        | 20|CD   
1279|New York Dolls                      |New York Dolls                      | 11|CD   
1280|Nichts                              |Made in Eile                        | 11|CD   
1281|Nichts                              |Tango 2000                          | 13|CD   
1282|Nico                                |Chelsea Girl                        | 10|CD   
1283|Nico                                |Chelsea live                        | 14|CD   
1284|Nico                                |Desertshore                         |  8|CD   
1285|Nico                                |Do or die - Diary 1982              | 13|CD   
1286|Nico                                |Drama of Exile                      | 10|CD   
1287|Nico                                |Heroine                             | 13|CD   
1288|Nico                                |Live in Tokyo                       | 11|CD   
1289|Nico                                |Nico's last Concert - Fata Morgana  |  8|CD   
1290|Nico                                |The End                             |  8|CD   
1291|Nico                                |The Marble Index                    | 10|CD   
1292|Nico                                |The Peel Sessions                   |  4|CD   
1293|Nico + the Faction                  |Camera Obscura                      |  9|CD   
1294|Nico vs. Trance Groove              |Reich der Träume                    |  3|CD   
1295|Nicoletta                           |Master Serie                        | 19|CD   
1296|Nine inch Nails                     |And all that could have been        | 16|CD   
1297|Nine Inch Nails                     |Broken                              |  6|CD   
1298|Nine Inch Nails                     |The downward Spiral                 | 14|CD   
1299|Nine Inch Nails                     |The Fragile I                       | 12|CD   
1300|Nine Inch Nails                     |The Fragile II                      | 11|CD   
1301|Nirvana                             |Bleach                              | 13|CD   
1302|Nirvana                             |Blew                                |  4|LP   
1303|Nirvana                             |Come as you are                     |  4|CD   
1304|Nirvana                             |Europe 1991                         | 18|CD   
1305|Nirvana                             |Heart-shaped Box                    |  3|CD   
1306|Nirvana                             |In Utero                            | 13|CD   
1307|Nirvana                             |Incesticide                         | 15|CD   
1308|Nirvana                             |Lithium                             |  3|CD   
1309|Nirvana                             |Live Dallas '91                     | 17|CD   
1310|Nirvana                             |Live in Belgium                     | 20|CD   
1311|Nirvana                             |Love Box live Germany '89           | 15|LP   
1312|Nirvana                             |Nevermind                           | 12|LP   
1313|Nirvana                             |Nevermind                           | 12|CD   
1314|Nirvana                             |Oi! Kinnock give us back our Rose   |  3|LP   
1315|Nirvana                             |Ok. Let's rock  Nirvana Demos       | 14|LP   
1316|Nirvana                             |Radio Show 1991 25.11.1991 Paradiso | 15|LP   
1317|Nirvana                             |Sliver                              |  2|LP   
1318|Nirvana                             |Sliver (The Best of the Box)        | 21|CD   
1319|Nirvana                             |Smells like Teen Spirit             |  3|CD   
1320|Nirvana                             |Unplugged                           | 12|MC   
1321|Nirvana                             |Unplugged in New York               | 14|MC   
1322|Nirvana                             |Wipeout (Studio Sessions 1990)      | 13|LP   
1323|Nirvana / the Jesus Lizard          |Oh, the Guilt / Puss                |  2|CD   
1324|Nits, the                           |In the Dutch Mountains              | 12|LP   
1325|No Fun at all                       |EP's going steady                   | 25|CD   
1326|Noir Desir                          |Tostaky                             | 12|CD   
1327|Noiseworks                          |Touch                               | 11|LP   
1328|Novotny TV                          |Das Volk sind wirr                  | 17|CD   
1329|Novotny TV                          |Tod, Pest, Verwesung                | 16|LP   
1330|Nuclear Raped Fuck Bomb             |Trüffelbürste                       | 10|CD   
1331|Numinen, M.A.                       |Dägä Dägä                           | 22|CD   
1332|Nunchukka Superfly                  |III                                 | 12|CD   
1333|Nunchukka Superfly                  |Nunchukka Superfly                  |  7|CD   
1334|Nunchukka Superfly                  |There are no Accidents...           | 11|CD   
1335|Oasis                               |(What's the Story) Morning Glory    | 12|CD   
1336|Oasis                               |Be here now                         | 12|CD   
1337|Oasis                               |Definitely Maybe (+Whatever)        | 12|CD   
1338|Oasis                               |Some might say                      |  4|CD   
1339|Oasis                               |Standing on the Shoulders of Giants | 10|CD   
1340|Obituary                            |Back from the Dead                  | 11|CD   
1341|Obituary                            |Cause of Death                      | 12|MC   
1342|Obituary                            |Dead                                | 16|CD   
1343|Obituary                            |Inked in Blood                      | 12|CD   
1344|Obituary                            |Obituary                            | 11|CD   
1345|Obituary                            |The End complete                    |  9|CD   
1346|Obituary                            |World Demise                        | 12|CD   
1347|Oblivians                           |Desperation                         | 14|CD   
1348|Oblivians, the                      |Play 9 Songs with Mr. Quintron      |  9|CD   
1349|Offspring, the                      |Ixnay on the Hombre                 | 14|CD   
1350|Offspring, the                      |Osterrocknacht '97                  | 18|Video
1351|Offspring, the                      |Smash                               | 15|CD   
1352|Orixa                               |Siembra                             | 14|CD   
1353|Others, the aka 22 Pistepirkko      |Monochromeset                       | 13|CD   
1354|Oubliettes, the                     |Lil'One-Arm                         | 13|CD   
1355|Ox                                  |Dust Bowl Revival                   | 14|CD   
1356|Page, Jimmy                         |Studio Works 1964-1968              | 27|CD   
1357|Palast Orchester und Max Raabe      |An einem Tag im Frühling            | 14|CD   
1358|Palast Orchester und Max Raabe      |Oh, Donna Clara                     | 14|CD   
1359|Palast Orchester und Max Raabe      |Palast Orchester mit seinem Sänger M| 14|CD   
1360|Pantera                             |San Antonio 1994                    | 13|CD   
1361|Panx Romana                         |Smase th Crammh                     | 13|MC   
1362|Papa Wemba                          |Papa Wemba en Concert  Hommage a Fra|  9|Video
1363|Paradise Lost                       |Believe in Nothing                  | 12|CD   
1364|Paradise Lost                       |Draconian Times                     | 12|LP   
1365|Paradise Lost                       |Icon                                | 13|CD   
1366|Paradise Lost                       |Lost Paradise                       |  9|CD   
1367|Paradise Lost                       |Medusa                              |  8|CD   
1368|Paradise Lost                       |Obsidian                            |  9|CD   
1369|Paradise Lost                       |One Second                          | 12|CD   
1370|Paradise Lost                       |The last Time                       |  4|LP   
1371|Paradise Lost                       |The Plague within                   | 11|CD   
1372|Parlotones, the                     |A World next Door to Yours          | 14|CD   
1373|Parton, Dolly                       |The Essential I                     | 18|CD   
1374|Parton, Dolly                       |The Esssential II                   | 19|CD   
1375|Paula                               |Himmelfahrt                         | 11|CD   
1376|Pavement                            |Crooked Rain, crooked Rain I        | 24|CD   
1377|Pavement                            |Crooked Rain, crooked Rain II       | 25|CD   
1378|Pearl Jam                           |Backspacer                          | 11|CD   
1379|Pearl Jam                           |No Code                             | 13|CD   
1380|Pearl Jam                           |Unplugged                           |  6|MC   
1381|Pearl Jam                           |Yield                               | 11|CD   
1382|Pearl Jam with Neil Young           |Merkinball                          |  2|LP   
1383|Perkins, Carl                       |Greatest Hits                       | 14|CD   
1384|PeterLicht                          |Das Ende der Beschwerde             | 12|CD   
1385|PeterLicht                          |Lieder vom Ende des Kapitalismus    | 12|CD   
1386|Peterlicht                          |Melancholie und Gesellschaft        | 10|CD   
1387|Peterlicht                          |Stratosphärenlieder                 | 12|CD   
1388|PeterLicht                          |Vierzehn Lieder                     | 14|CD   
1389|Petrakis, Stelios                   |Akri Tou Dounia                     | 10|CD   
1390|Peyroux, Madeleine                  |Bare Bones                          | 11|CD   
1391|Peyroux, Madeleine                  |Half the perfect World              | 12|MC   
1392|Piaf, Edith                         |Volume 2                            | 16|CD   
1393|Pierce, Jeffrey Lee                 |Wildweed                            | 13|CD   
1394|Pierced Arrows                      |Descending Shadows                  | 11|CD   
1395|Pierced Arrows                      |In my Brain                         |  2|LP   
1396|Pierced Arrows                      |Keep pushin'                        |  2|LP   
1397|Pierced Arrows                      |Paranoia                            |  2|LP   
1398|Pierced Arrows                      |Straight to the Heart               | 12|CD   
1399|Pierced Arrows                      |This is the Day                     |  2|LP   
1400|Pink Floyd                          |Live USA                            |  5|CD   
1401|Pink Floyd                          |The Wall I                          | 13|MC   
1402|Pink Floyd                          |The Wall II                         | 13|MC   
1403|Pink Floyd                          |Wish you were here                  |  5|MC   
1404|Pisse                               |Hornhaut ist der beste Handschuh    |  4|LP   
1405|Pisse                               |Kohlrübenwinter #1                  |  4|LP   
1406|Pisse                               |Kohlrübenwinter #2                  |  4|LP   
1407|Pisse                               |Lambada                             |  7|LP   
1408|Pissed Jeans                        |Half Divorced                       | 12|CD   
1409|Pixies                              |Surfer Rosa & Come on Pilgrim       | 21|MC   
1410|Pixies, the                         |Wave of Mutiliation: Best of Pixies | 23|CD   
1411|PJ Harvey                           |To bring you my Love                | 10|MC   
1412|Placebo                             |Black Market Music                  | 12|CD   
1413|Placebo                             |Placebo                             | 10|CD   
1414|Placebo                             |Sleeping with Ghosts                | 12|CD   
1415|Pogues, the                         |Hell's Ditch                        | 13|CD   
1416|Pogues, the                         |If I should fall from Grace with God| 12|LP   
1417|Pogues, the                         |If I should fall from Grace with God| 15|CD   
1418|Pogues, the                         |Peace and Love                      | 14|CD   
1419|Pogues, the                         |Red Roses for me                    | 13|CD   
1420|Pogues, the                         |Rum, Sodomy & the Lash              | 13|CD   
1421|Police, the                         |Every Breath you take               |  2|LP   
1422|Pop, Iggy                           |American Ceasar                     | 17|CD   
1423|Pop, Iggy                           |Anenue B                            | 13|CD   
1424|Pop, Iggy                           |Beat em up                          | 15|CD   
1425|Pop, Iggy                           |Blah - Blah - Blah                  |  9|MC   
1426|Pop, Iggy                           |Every Loser                         | 11|CD   
1427|Pop, Iggy                           |Free                                | 10|CD   
1428|Pop, Iggy                           |Hello Cleveland live                | 12|CD   
1429|Pop, Iggy                           |Live Bizarre '96                    | 18|Video
1430|Pop, Iggy                           |Loreley '96                         | 15|Video
1431|Pop, Iggy                           |Lust for Life                       |  9|LP   
1432|Pop, Iggy                           |Naughty little Doggie               | 10|CD   
1433|Pop, Iggy                           |Post Pop Depression                 |  9|CD   
1434|Pop, Iggy                           |Soldier                             | 11|CD   
1435|Pop, Iggy                           |The Idiot                           |  8|MC   
1436|Pop, Iggy and the Stooges           |Head On I                           | 11|CD   
1437|Pop, Iggy and the Stooges           |Head On II                          | 10|CD   
1438|Presley, Elvis                      |The Classic Christmas Album         | 17|CD   
1439|Presley, Elvis & Friends            |Rockin' tonight                     | 15|CD   
1440|Prince and the Revolution           |Purple Rain                         |  9|LP   
1441|Procol Harum                        |Portfolio                           | 10|LP   
1442|Psychotic Youth                     |Bamboozle                           | 16|CD   
1443|Psychotic Youth                     |Bamboozle Live Bonus                | 17|CD   
1444|Public Enemy                        |Muse sick-n-Hour Mess Age           | 21|CD   
1445|Public Enemy                        |New Whirl Odor                      | 14|CD   
1446|Public Enemy                        |Yo! Bum Rush the Show               | 12|MC   
1447|Pulp                                |Loreley '96                         |  4|Video
1448|Puppe 3000                          |                    |  8|CD   
1449|Queen                               |Live Magic                          | 15|LP   
1450|Quinn, Freddy                       |1956-1965                           | 24|CD   
1451|R.E.M.                              |Accelerate                          | 11|CD   
1452|R.E.M.                              |Around the Sun                      | 13|CD   
1453|R.E.M.                              |Automatic for the People            | 12|CD   
1454|R.E.M.                              |Dead Letter Office                  | 15|LP   
1455|R.E.M.                              |Document No.5                       | 11|LP   
1456|R.E.M.                              |Drive                               |  3|CD   
1457|R.E.M.                              |Live in West 3   vom 2.10.85        | 25|MC   
1458|R.E.M.                              |Monster                             | 12|MC   
1459|R.E.M.                              |New Adventures in Hi-Fi             | 14|CD   
1460|R.E.M.                              |Out of Time                         | 11|LP   
1461|R.E.M.                              |Reveal                              | 12|CD   
1462|R.E.M.                              |Up                                  | 14|CD   
1463|Radio Birdman                       |The Essential (1974-1978)           | 22|CD   
1464|Radiohead                           |Pablo Honey                         | 12|CD   
1465|Rage against the Machine            |Rage against the Machine            | 10|MC   
1466|Railway                             |Climax                              | 12|LP   
1467|Ramazzotti, Eros                    |In certi Momenti                    | 10|LP   
1468|Ramazzotti, Eros                    |Nuovi eroi                          |  9|LP   
1469|Rammstein                           |Herzeleid                           | 11|MC   
1470|Rammstein                           |Live Bizarre '96                    |  7|Video
1471|Ramone, CJ                          |Christmas Lullaby                   |  2|LP   
1472|Ramone, Dee Dee                     |Ain't it Fun?                       | 14|CD   
1473|Ramone, Dee Dee and the Chinese Drag|What about me                       |  2|LP   
1474|Ramone, Joey                        |"...ya know?"                       | 15|CD   
1475|Ramone, Joey                        |Don't worry about me                | 11|CD   
1476|Ramones                             |Acid Eaters                         | 12|CD   
1477|Ramones                             |Adios Amigos                        | 13|CD   
1478|Ramones                             |Animal Boy                          | 12|LP   
1479|Ramones                             |Brain Drain                         | 12|LP   
1480|Ramones                             |End of the Century                  | 12|CD   
1481|Ramones                             |Halfway to Russia live in Finnland J| 31|CD   
1482|Ramones                             |Halfway to Sanity                   | 12|LP   
1483|Ramones                             |Leave Home                          | 14|LP   
1484|Ramones                             |Live at Musikladen 1978             | 21|MC   
1485|Ramones                             |Loco live Seite eins                | 16|LP   
1486|Ramones                             |Loco live Seite zwei                | 17|LP   
1487|Ramones                             |Mondo bizarro                       | 13|CD   
1488|Ramones                             |Pleasant Dreams                     | 12|CD   
1489|Ramones                             |Ramones                             | 14|LP   
1490|Ramones                             |Ramonesmania I                      | 16|LP   
1491|Ramones                             |Ramonesmania II                     | 14|LP   
1492|Ramones                             |Raries E.P.                         |  8|LP   
1493|Ramones                             |Road to Ruin                        | 12|CD   
1494|Ramones                             |Rocket to Russia                    | 14|LP   
1495|Ramones                             |Subterranean Jungle                 | 18|CD   
1496|Ramones                             |Subterrean Jungle                   | 12|LP   
1497|Ramones                             |Too tough to die                    | 13|LP   
1498|Ramones                             |We're outta here                    | 31|CD   
1499|Ramones, the                        |It's alive                          | 28|CD   
1500|Ramones, the                        |The lost Album                      | 15|LP   
1501|Ramones/Various                     |Rock'n'Roll High School             | 13|LP   
1502|Range Rats                          |Range Rats                          | 11|LP   
1503|Rats, the                           |In a desparate Red                  | 16|LP   
1504|Rats, the                           |Intermittent Signals                | 16|LP   
1505|Rats, the                           |The Rats                            | 15|LP   
1506|Rauchen                             |Nein                                | 12|LP   
1507|Ravenonettes, the                   |Raven in the Grave                  |  9|CD   
1508|Raveonettes, the                    |2016 Atomized                       | 12|CD   
1509|Raveonettes, the                    |Chain Gang of Love                  | 13|CD   
1510|Raveonettes, the                    |In and out of Control               | 11|CD   
1511|Raveonettes, the                    |Lust Lust Lust                      | 12|CD   
1512|Raveonettes, the                    |Observator                          |  9|CD   
1513|Raveonettes, the                    |Pe'ahi                              | 10|CD   
1514|Raveonettes, the                    |Pretty in Black                     | 13|CD   
1515|Raveonettes, the                    |Whip it on                          |  8|CD   
1516|Ray, Shilpa                         |Last Year's Savage                  | 11|CD   
1517|Ray, Shilpa                         |Portrait of a Lady                  | 12|CD   
1518|Rea, Chris                          |Dancing with Strangers              | 11|LP   
1519|Real gone Lovers                    |Real gone Lovers                    |  8|LP   
1520|Real Life                           |Heartland                           | 10|LP   
1521|Reed, Lou                           |Live in Italy '83                   | 14|CD   
1522|Reed, Lou                           |New York                            | 14|CD   
1523|Reed, Lou                           |Perfect Day                         | 18|CD   
1524|Reed, Lou                           |Transformer                         | 11|CD   
1525|Reed, Lou, John Cale & Nico         |Le Bataclan Paris Jan 29 72         | 16|CD   
1526|Regierung, die                      |Raus                                | 11|CD   
1527|Reichel, Achim                      |100% Leben Das Jubiläumskonzert     | 31|CD   
1528|Reiser, Rio                         |Rio I.                              | 10|CD   
1529|Rellöm, Knarf                       |Einbildung ist auch ne Bildung      | 17|CD   
1530|Rellöm, Knarf Trinity               |Move your Ass and your Mind will fol| 13|CD   
1531|Rellöm, LL Knarf                    |Bitte vor R.E.M. einordnen          | 13|CD   
1532|Remmler, Stefan                     |10 Jahre bei der Stange             | 12|MC   
1533|Renegades, the                      |Complete Cadillac I                 | 23|CD   
1534|Renegades, the                      |Complete Cadillac II                | 24|CD   
1535|Republica                           |Osterrocknacht '97                  |  6|Video
1536|Reverend Horton Heat                |Space Heater                        | 16|CD   
1537|Reverend Horton Heat                |Whole new Life                      | 11|CD   
1538|Rezillos, the                       |Can't stand the Rezillos            | 28|CD   
1539|Ringsgwandl                         |Das Letzte                          | 10|LP   
1540|Ringsgwandl                         |Live aus dem Alabama '92            |  8|MC   
1541|Robin S                             |Show me Love                        |  4|CD   
1542|Rock-a-Billy Mafia                  |Das ist Rockabilly!!!               | 13|CD   
1543|Rock-a-Billy Mafia                  |Jamboree                            | 24|CD   
1544|Rocket from the Crypt               |Live from Camp X-Ray                | 10|CD   
1545|Rocket from the Crypt               |RFTC                                | 13|CD   
1546|Rocket from the Tombs               |Black Record                        | 11|CD   
1547|Rocket from the Tombs               |Rocket Redux                        | 12|CD   
1548|Rocket from the Tombs               |The Day the Earth met the Rocket fro| 19|CD   
1549|Rockin' Vickers, the                |The Complete: It's alright!         | 14|CD   
1550|Rodriguez                           |Coming from Reality                 | 13|CD   
1551|Rodriguez                           |Searching for Sugar Man             | 14|CD   
1552|Rolling Stones                      |Aftermath                           | 11|CD   
1553|Rolling Stones                      |Beggars Banquet                     | 10|CD   
1554|Rolling Stones                      |Goats Head Soup                     | 10|CD   
1555|Rolling Stones                      |Let it bleed                        |  9|CD   
1556|Rolling Stones                      |Steel Wheels                        | 12|CD   
1557|Rosenberg, Marianne                 |Lieder der Nacht  16 unvergessene Hi| 15|CD   
1558|Royal Philharminc Orchestra, the    |The greatest Hits of Simon & Garfunk| 14|CD   
1559|RunDMC                              |Raising Hell                        | 13|MC   
1560|Running Wild                        |Branded and exiled                  | 12|MC   
1561|S.U.M.P.                            |Get wise, get ugly, get sump        |  8|CD   
1562|Sage, Greg                          |Sacrifice (for Love)                | 10|CD   
1563|Sage, Greg                          |Straight ahead                      | 12|CD   
1564|Saint Etienne                       |Tiger Bay                           | 15|CD   
1565|Saint Etienne                       |Words and Music by Saint Etienne    | 13|CD   
1566|Saints, the                         |(I'm) Stranded                      | 12|CD   
1567|Saints, the                         |Know your Product (The Best of...)  | 22|CD   
1568|Saints, the                         |Prodigal Son                        | 11|CD   
1569|Saints, The                         |The most primitive Band in the World| 10|CD   
1570|Salad                               |Singles Bar                         | 11|CD   
1571|Sam Ragga Band                      |Loktown Hi-Life                     | 12|CD   
1572|Sandra                              |Stop for a Minute                   |  2|LP   
1573|Santana                             |Beyond Appearances                  | 10|MC   
1574|Scheissediebullen                   |Simulation eines guten Lebens       | 14|CD   
1575|Schwarzen Schafe, die               |Systemrelevant                      | 12|LP   
1576|Scorpions                           |Blackout                            |  9|LP   
1577|Scorpions                           |In Trance                           | 10|LP   
1578|Scorpions                           |Savage Amusement                    |  9|MC   
1579|Scorpions                           |World wide live I                   | 10|MC   
1580|Scorpions                           |World wide live II                  |  9|MC   
1581|Screamfeeder                        |Flour                               | 11|CD   
1582|Screaming Tribesmen, the            |Formaldehyde                        | 11|CD   
1583|Screenshots, the                    |2 Millionen Umsatz mit einer einfach| 12|CD   
1584|Screenshots, the                    |Europa                              | 17|LP   
1585|Seaweed                             |Measure                             |  4|CD   
1586|Seaweed                             |Weak                                | 10|CD   
1587|Seeds, the                          |The Seeds                           | 22|CD   
1588|Sepultura                           |Chaos A.D.                          | 12|CD   
1589|Sepultura                           |Under Siege                         |  3|CD   
1590|Sex Pistols                         |Never Mind the Bollocks here's the S| 12|MC   
1591|Sex Pistols                         |The original Pistols live           | 12|LP   
1592|Sham 69                             |The FIrst, the Best and the Last    | 16|CD   
1593|Shame                               |Songs of Praise                     | 10|CD   
1594|Shamen, the                         |Boss Drum                           | 12|CD   
1595|Shampoo                             |Girl Power                          | 11|CD   
1596|Shampoo                             |We are Shampoo                      | 12|CD   
1597|Shangri-Las, the                    |The very Best of                    | 24|CD   
1598|Sharkey, Feargal                    |Feargal Sharkey                     | 10|LP   
1599|Shilpa Ray                          |Door Girl                           | 12|CD   
1600|Shilpa Ray                          |It's all self Fellatio              |  4|CD   
1601|Shiny Gnomes                        |Cowboys of Peace live 2002          | 15|CD   
1602|Shiny Gnomes                        |Innocent Aval                       | 12|CD   
1603|Shiny Gnomes                        |Lazing at Desert Inn                |  2|LP   
1604|Shiny Gnomes                        |MC Creatrix                         | 12|CD   
1605|Shiny Gnomes                        |Orange                              | 12|CD   
1606|Shiny Gnomes                        |Otherness                           |  9|CD   
1607|Shiny Gnomes                        |Searchin' for Capitola              | 10|CD   
1608|Shiny Gnomes                        |Some funny Nightmares               | 10|MC   
1609|Shiny Gnomes                        |Spirit of the Band                  | 12|CD   
1610|Shiny Gnomes                        |Weltraumservice                     | 12|CD   
1611|Shiny Gnomes                        |Wild Spells (and how it all began)  | 18|CD   
1612|Shonen Knife                        |Get the Wow                         |  4|CD   
1613|Shonen Knife                        |Knife Collectors                    |  4|CD   
1614|Shonen Knife                        |Let's Knife                         | 15|CD   
1615|Shonen Knife                        |Riding on the Rocket                |  4|LP   
1616|Shonen Knife                        |Rock Animals                        | 11|LP   
1617|Shonen Knife                        |Space Christmas                     |  3|CD   
1618|Shonen Knife                        |Sweet Candy Power                   | 10|CD   
1619|Shonen Knife                        |We are happy you came live '91      |  7|LP   
1620|Shout Out Louds                     |Howl howl gaff gaff                 | 11|CD   
1621|Silly                               |Batallion d'Amour                   | 10|CD   
1622|Silverchair                         |Pure Massacre                       |  4|LP   
1623|Silvio Rodriguez                    |Causas y Azares                     | 14|CD   
1624|Simon & Garfunkel                   |The Concert in Central Park         | 19|CD   
1625|Simon and Garfunkel                 |Concert in the Central Park I       |  9|MC   
1626|Simon and Garfunkel                 |Concert in the Central Park II      | 10|MC   
1627|Simply Red                          |Fairground                          |  4|CD   
1628|Simpsons, the                       |Do the Bartman                      |  4|MC   
1629|Simpsons, the                       |Sing the Blues                      | 10|LP   
1630|Sinatra, Frank                      |The Best of                         | 12|MC   
1631|Sinatra, Frank & Nancy              |The very Best of I                  | 15|CD   
1632|Sinatra, Frank & Nancy              |The very Best of II                 | 12|CD   
1633|Sinatra, Nancy                      |Nancy Sinatra and Friends           | 16|CD   
1634|Sir Bald Diddley and his Wig Outs   |Maximum Rhythm'n'Bird Autralian Tour|  4|LP   
1635|Sir Bald Diddley and his Wig Outs   |Tuck-in                             |  4|LP   
1636|Sisterhood                          |Gift                                |  5|CD   
1637|Sisters of Mercy, the               |Alice                               |  4|LP   
1638|Sisters of Mercy, the               |Amphetamine  Live Chicago '91       | 14|CD   
1639|Sisters of Mercy, the               |BBC Sessions 1982-10984             | 12|CD   
1640|Sisters of Mercy, the               |Body and Soul                       |  4|LP   
1641|Sisters of Mercy, the               |Demos & Remixes                     | 15|CD   
1642|Sisters of Mercy, the               |Doctor Jeep                         |  3|CD   
1643|Sisters of Mercy, the               |Dominion                            |  3|LP   
1644|Sisters of Mercy, the               |Echoes Vol. II                      | 11|CD   
1645|Sisters of Mercy, the               |First and Last and Always           | 10|CD   
1646|Sisters of Mercy, the               |First and last and always           | 10|LP   
1647|Sisters of Mercy, the               |Floodland                           | 10|CD   
1648|Sisters of Mercy, the               |Floorshow  live Long Beach 30.5.85  |  7|LP   
1649|Sisters of Mercy, the               |Heartland Demos                     | 15|CD   
1650|Sisters of Mercy, the               |Live ca.'91 from DT64               |  9|MC   
1651|Sisters of Mercy, the               |Live in Amsterdam 1984  Melkweg, Ams| 12|LP   
1652|Sisters of Mercy, the               |Live in the Trojan Horse 26.5.85 The| 12|CD   
1653|Sisters of Mercy, the               |Lucretia my Reflection              |  2|LP   
1654|Sisters of Mercy, the               |More                                |  3|CD   
1655|Sisters of Mercy, the               |No Time to cry                      |  3|LP   
1656|Sisters of Mercy, the               |Promotion CD for MR Box only        |  2|CD   
1657|Sisters of Mercy, the               |Sister Ray                          | 15|CD   
1658|Sisters of Mercy, the               |Some Girls wander by Mistake        | 19|CD   
1659|Sisters of Mercy, the               |Temple of Love                      |  3|LP   
1660|Sisters of Mercy, the               |The Reptile House E.P.              |  5|LP   
1661|Sisters of Mercy, the               |This Corrosion                      |  2|LP   
1662|Sisters of Mercy, the               |This Corrosion                      |  3|LP   
1663|Sisters of Mercy, the               |Under the Gun                       |  3|LP   
1664|Sisters of Mercy, the               |Vision Thing                        |  8|LP   
1665|Sisters of Mercy, the               |Wake live under Rocks 18.6.1985 Lond| 13|Video
1666|Sisters of Mercy, the               |Walk away                           |  3|LP   
1667|Skeptiker, die                      |Aufsteh'n                           | 13|CD   
1668|Skeptiker, die                      |Fressen und Moral                   | 12|CD   
1669|Skeptiker, die                      |Frühe Werke                         | 27|CD   
1670|Skeptiker, die                      |Geburtstagsalbum (live)             | 22|CD   
1671|Skeptiker, die                      |Harte Zeiten                        | 17|MC   
1672|Skeptiker, die                      |Kein Weg zu weit                    | 11|CD   
1673|Skeptiker, die                      |Sauerei                             | 15|CD   
1674|Skeptiker, die                      |Wehr Dich!                          | 13|CD   
1675|Slayer                              |God hates us all                    | 13|CD   
1676|Sleaford Mods                       |All that Glue                       | 22|CD   
1677|Slime                               |1                                   | 14|CD   
1678|Slime                               |Alle gegen alle                     | 15|CD   
1679|Slime                               |Hier und Jetzt                      | 16|CD   
1680|Slime                               |Live Pankehallen 21.01.1984         | 29|CD   
1681|Slime                               |Live Punk Club                      | 19|CD   
1682|Slime                               |Schweineherbst                      | 15|CD   
1683|Slime                               |Sich fügen heisst lügen             | 17|CD   
1684|Slime                               |Viva la Muerte                      | 21|CD   
1685|Slime                               |Wem gehört die Angst                | 13|CD   
1686|Slime                               |Yankees raus                        | 20|CD   
1687|Slime                               |Zwei                                | 16|CD   
1688|Slowdive                            |Everything is alive                 |  8|CD   
1689|Slowdive                            |Slowdive                            |  8|CD   
1690|Small Faces                         |Small Faces                         | 28|CD   
1691|Small Faces, the                    |Gold                                |  8|CD   
1692|Smashing Pumpkins                   |1979                                |  6|CD   
1693|Smashing Pumpkins                   |Gish                                | 10|CD   
1694|Smashing Pumpkins                   |Machina - The Machines of God       | 15|CD   
1695|Smashing Pumpkins                   |Machina II-1                        |  4|CD   
1696|Smashing Pumpkins                   |Machina II-2                        |  4|CD   
1697|Smashing Pumpkins                   |Machina II-3                        |  3|CD   
1698|Smashing Pumpkins                   |Machina II-4                        | 13|CD   
1699|Smashing Pumpkins                   |Mellon Collie and the infinite Sadne| 28|CD   
1700|Smashing Pumpkins                   |Osterkonzert '96                    | 13|Video
1701|Smashing Pumpkins                   |Siamese Dream                       | 13|CD   
1702|Smashing Pumpkins                   |Tonight, tonight                    |  7|CD   
1703|Smashing Pumpkins                   |Zero                                |  7|CD   
1704|Smith, Patti                        |Gone again                          | 11|CD   
1705|Smith, Patti                        |Horses                              |  9|CD   
1706|Smith, Patti                        |Land                                | 30|CD   
1707|Smith, Patti                        |Twelve                              | 12|CD   
1708|Smiths, the                         |Louder than Bombs                   | 23|CD   
1709|Smiths, the                         |Meat is Murder                      |  0|MC   
1710|Smiths, the                         |The Queen is dead                   | 10|CD   
1711|Smoke Mohawk                        |Viva el heavy Man                   | 11|CD   
1712|Snap                                |Rhythm is a Dancer                  |  3|MC   
1713|Snap                                |World Power                         |  8|MC   
1714|Snoek, Arj                          |Albert Gabriel                      | 12|CD   
1715|Social Distortion                   |Live at the Roxy                    | 17|CD   
1716|Social Distortion                   |Osterrocknacht '97                  |  8|Video
1717|Sodom                               |Ausgebombt                          |  3|CD   
1718|Soft Cell                           |Tainted Love                        |  2|LP   
1719|Sondaschule                         |Unbesiegbar                         | 14|CD   
1720|Sonic Dolls                         |I'm a Flower, too                   | 15|CD   
1721|Sonic Youth                         |Dirty                               | 15|LP   
1722|Sonic Youth                         |Dirty Boots                         |  6|CD   
1723|Sonic Youth                         |Europe 1992                         | 15|CD   
1724|Sonic Youth                         |Experimental Jet Set, Trash and no S| 13|LP   
1725|Sonic Youth                         |Goo                                 | 11|CD   
1726|Sonic Youth                         |Osterkonzert '96                    | 11|Video
1727|Sonic Youth                         |Rather Ripped                       | 13|CD   
1728|Sonic Youth / Mudhoney              |Touch me I'm sick / Halloween       |  2|LP   
1729|Sonic Youth, Nirvana, Dinosaur Jr, G|1991: The Year that Punk broke      | 18|Video
1730|Sonics, the                         |Boom                                | 12|CD   
1731|Sonics, the                         |Here are the Sonics                 | 12|CD   
1732|Sonics, the                         |Psycho-Sonic                        | 29|CD   
1733|Sonics, the                         |The savage young Sonics             | 20|CD   
1734|Sonics, the                         |This is the Sonics                  | 12|CD   
1735|Soul Asylum                         |Somebody to shove                   |  4|LP   
1736|Soundgarden                         |Superunknown                        | 16|MC   
1737|Spider Murphy Gang                  |Überdosis Rock'n'Roll               | 10|LP   
1738|Spin Doctors                        |Pocket full of Kryptonite           | 13|MC   
1739|Spliff                              |85555                               |  9|LP   
1740|Sport                               |Aufstieg und Fall der Gruppe Sport  | 10|MC   
1741|Sportfreunde Stiller                |Die gute Seite                      | 13|CD   
1742|Sportfreunde Stiller                |Komm schon                          |  4|CD   
1743|Sportfreunde Stiller                |La Bum                              | 11|CD   
1744|Sportfreunde Stiller                |So wie einst Real Madrid            | 15|CD   
1745|Sportfreunde Stiller                |Thonträger                          |  7|CD   
1746|Sportfreunde Stiller                |You have to win Zweikampf           | 11|CD   
1747|Springbok Nude Girls                |Afterlifesatisfaction               | 18|CD   
1748|Springfield, Rick                   |Rock of Life                        | 10|LP   
1749|Springfield, Rick                   |Tao                                 | 10|LP   
1750|Springsteen, Bruce                  |Live in the GDR I                   |  7|MC   
1751|Springsteen, Bruce                  |Live in the GDR II                  | 10|MC   
1752|Springsteen, Bruce                  |Lucky Town                          | 10|CD   
1753|Springsteen, Bruce                  |The Ghost of Tom Joad               | 12|CD   
1754|Springsteen, Bruce                  |Tunnel of Love                      | 12|MC   
1755|Springsteen, Bruce                  |We shall overcome (the Seeger Sessio| 13|CD   
1756|Sprinkler                           |More Boy, less Friend               | 10|LP   
1757|SSV                                 |Go figure                           | 10|CD   
1758|Sterne, die                         |Irres Licht                         | 11|CD   
1759|Sterne, die                         |Posen                               | 12|CD   
1760|Sterne, die                         |Wo ist hier                         | 11|CD   
1761|Steward, Rod                        |Body Wishes                         | 10|LP   
1762|Steward, Rod                        |Every Beat of my Heart              | 10|LP   
1763|Stiltskin                           |Inside                              |  3|CD   
1764|Sting                               |The Dream of the blue Turtles       | 10|LP   
1765|Stooges, Iggy and the               |Raw Power                           |  8|CD   
1766|Stooges, the                        |Fun House                           | 21|CD   
1767|Stooges, the                        |Funhouse                            |  7|CD   
1768|Stooges, the                        |Live at Goose Lake, August 8th, 1970|  8|CD   
1769|Stooges, the                        |The Stooges                         |  8|CD   
1770|Stooges, the                        |The Weirdness                       | 12|CD   
1771|Strassenjungs                       |Dauerlutscher                       | 13|MC   
1772|Strassenjungs                       |Live '83                            | 14|LP   
1773|Streetwalkin' Cheetahs, the         |Guitars, Guns & Gold                | 13|CD   
1774|Strunk, Heinz                       |Computerfreak                       |  6|CD   
1775|Stryper                             |Soldiers under Command              | 10|MC   
1776|STS                                 |Grenzenlos                          | 10|CD   
1777|Styx                                |Caught in the Act live I            |  7|MC   
1778|Styx                                |Caught in the Act live II           |  7|MC   
1779|Subway Surfers, the                 |Dreamworld                          | 12|CD   
1780|Subways, the                        |All or Nothing                      | 12|CD   
1781|Subways, the                        |Young for Eternity                  | 12|CD   
1782|Suede                               |A new Morning                       | 11|CD   
1783|Suede                               |Autofiction                         | 11|CD   
1784|Suede                               |Bloodsports                         | 10|CD   
1785|Suede                               |Blue Hour                           | 14|CD   
1786|Suede                               |Coming up                           | 11|CD   
1787|Suede                               |Dog Man Star                        | 12|LP   
1788|Suede                               |Head Music                          | 13|CD   
1789|Suede                               |Live aus dem Alabama '93            | 10|MC   
1790|Suede                               |Night Thoughts                      | 12|CD   
1791|Suede                               |Osterrocknacht '97                  | 10|Video
1792|Suede                               |Sci-Fi Lullabies                    | 14|CD   
1793|Suede                               |Sci-Fi Lullabies II                 | 13|CD   
1794|Suede                               |Singles                             | 21|CD   
1795|Suede                               |Stay together                       |  4|CD   
1796|Suede                               |Suede                               | 11|CD   
1797|Suicidal Tendencies                 |13                                  | 13|CD   
1798|Suicidal Tendencies                 |Join the Army                       | 13|MC   
1799|Suicide                             |Half alive                          | 15|CD   
1800|Sullivan, Jim                       |U.F.O.                              | 10|CD   
1801|Sullivan, Justin                    |Surrounded                          | 16|CD   
1802|Sultans of Ping                     |Teenage Drug                        | 14|LP   
1803|Supersnazz                          |Diode City                          | 19|LP   
1804|Supersnazz                          |I gotta go now                      |  2|LP   
1805|Supersnazz                          |Superstupid                         | 12|LP   
1806|Supersnazz                          |The Devil Youth Blues               |  8|CD   
1807|Supersuckers                        |Play that Rock'n'Roll               | 12|CD   
1808|Supertramp                          |Brother where you bound             |  6|LP   
1809|Surrogat                            |Hell in Hell                        | 11|CD   
1810|Surrogat                            |Rock                                | 11|CD   
1811|Survivor                            |Eye of the Tiger                    |  9|LP   
1812|Svetlanas, the                      |This is Moscow not LA               | 10|LP   
1813|Swallow                             |Swallow                             |  8|LP   
1814|Sweet, the                          |Experience                          | 12|CD   
1815|Swingin' Bones, the                 |Groovy Alter World Tour '91         | 13|MC   
1816|Swingin' Bones, the                 |Live im Werch '92                   | 18|MC   
1817|T.A.S.S.                            |Snakedance                          |  4|CD   
1818|T.Rex                               |The very Best of T.Rex              | 20|CD   
1819|Tad                                 |Jack Pepsi                          |  3|LP   
1820|Tangerine Dream                     |Thief                               |  8|CD   
1821|Tankard                             |                                    |  0|MC   
1822|Tarantino, Quentin                  |Django Unchained OST                | 24|CD   
1823|Taylor, Andy                        |Don't let me die young              |  2|LP   
1824|Team Dresch                         |Captain, my Captain                 | 11|LP   
1825|Team Scheisse                       |042124192799                        | 15|LP   
1826|Team Scheisse                       |20:15                               |  4|LP   
1827|Team Scheisse                       |Ich hab Dir Blumen von der Tanke mit| 14|LP   
1828|Tears, the                          |Here come the Tears                 | 13|CD   
1829|Teenage Bottlerocket                |Sick Sesh!                          | 12|CD   
1830|Teenage Fanclub                     |Shadows                             | 12|CD   
1831|Television                          |Marquee Moon                        |  8|CD   
1832|Tepper, Robert                      |No easy Way out                     |  9|LP   
1833|That's cool that's Trash            |More big Guitars from Texas         | 12|LP   
1834|Therapy?                            |Infernal Love                       | 11|MC   
1835|Therapy?                            |Opal Mantra                         |  4|LP   
1836|Therapy?                            |Shortsharpshock E.P.                |  4|CD   
1837|Therapy?                            |Troublegum                          | 14|CD   
1838|Throw that Beat in the Garbage Can  |Large Marge sent us                 | 24|CD   
1839|Throw that Beat in the Garbagecan   |Cool                                | 14|LP   
1840|Throw that Beat in the Garbagecan   |Not particularly silly              | 15|LP   
1841|Thunders, Johnny & the Heartbreakers|Get off the Phone                   |  2|LP   
1842|Thunders, Johnny & the Heartbreakers|L.A.M.F.  The lost '77 Mixes        | 14|CD   
1843|Tocotronic                          |>20<                                | 20|LP   
1844|Tocotronic                          |Das rote Album                      | 12|CD   
1845|Tocotronic                          |Die Unendlichkeit                   | 12|CD   
1846|Tocotronic                          |Die Verunft darf niemals siegen     | 13|CD   
1847|Tocotronic                          |Dieses Jahr                         |  4|CD   
1848|Tocotronic                          |Digital ist besser                  | 18|MC   
1849|Tocotronic                          |Es ist egal, aber                   | 18|CD   
1850|Tocotronic                          |Freiburg                            |  4|LP   
1851|Tocotronic                          |K.O.O.K.                            | 17|CD   
1852|Tocotronic                          |K.O.O.K. (english Version)          | 18|CD   
1853|Tocotronic                          |K.O.O.K. Variationen                | 16|CD   
1854|Tocotronic                          |K.O.O.K. Variationen Bonus CD       |  5|CD   
1855|Tocotronic                          |Kapitulation live                   | 15|CD   
1856|Tocotronic                          |Kaptulation                         | 12|CD   
1857|Tocotronic                          |Let there be rock                   |  4|LP   
1858|Tocotronic                          |Live                                |  7|CD   
1859|Tocotronic                          |Nach der verlorenen Zeit            | 10|MC   
1860|Tocotronic                          |Nie wieder Krieg                    | 12|CD   
1861|Tocotronic                          |Osterrocknacht '97                  | 12|Video
1862|Tocotronic                          |Petersberg                          |  8|LP   
1863|Tocotronic                          |Sag alles ab - The Best of 1994-2020| 19|CD   
1864|Tocotronic                          |Sag alles ab - The Best of 1994-2020| 17|CD   
1865|Tocotronic                          |Schall & Wahn                       | 12|CD   
1866|Tocotronic                          |Sie wollen uns erzählen             |  5|CD   
1867|Tocotronic                          |The Hamburg Years                   | 18|CD   
1868|Tocotronic                          |This Boy is Tocotronic              |  4|CD   
1869|Tocotronic                          |Tocotronic                          | 13|CD   
1870|Tocotronic                          |Wie wir leben wollen                | 17|CD   
1871|Tocotronic                          |Wir kommen um uns zu beschweren     | 16|LP   
1872|Tocotronic vs. Console              |Freiburg V3.0                       |  7|CD   
1873|Tomte                               |Buchstaben über der Stadt           | 10|CD   
1874|Tomte                               |Eine sonnige Nacht                  | 11|CD   
1875|Tomte                               |Hinter all diesen Fenstern          | 10|CD   
1876|Ton Steine Scherben                 |IV                                  | 22|CD   
1877|Ton Steine Scherben                 |Keine Macht für niemand             | 12|CD   
1878|Ton Steine Scherben                 |Scherben                            | 14|CD   
1879|Ton Steine Scherben                 |Wenn die Nacht am tiefsten ... I    |  8|CD   
1880|Ton Steine Scherben                 |Wenn die Nacht am tiefsten ... II   |  4|CD   
1881|Ton, Steine Scherben                |Warum geht es mir so dreckig?       |  8|CD   
1882|Tone Loc                            |Loc-ed after Dark                   | 11|LP   
1883|Tool                                |Lateralus                           | 13|CD   
1884|Toten Crackhuren im Kofferraum, the |Gefühle                             | 13|CD   
1885|Toten Hosen, die                    |Auf dem Kreuzzug ins Glück I        | 13|LP   
1886|Toten Hosen, die                    |Auf dem Kreuzzug ins Glück II       | 17|LP   
1887|Toten Hosen, die                    |Ballast der Republik                | 16|CD   
1888|Toten Hosen, die                    |Bis zum bitteren Ende               | 18|MC   
1889|Toten Hosen, die                    |Die Geister, die wir riefen         | 15|CD   
1890|Toten Hosen, die                    |Ein kleines bisschen Horrorschau    | 12|MC   
1891|Toten Hosen, die                    |Laune der Natur                     | 15|CD   
1892|Toten Hosen, die                    |Live Bizarre '96                    | 14|Video
1893|Toten Hosen, die                    |Unter falscher Flagge               | 14|MC   
1894|Toten Hosen, die                    |Weihnachtskonzert 23.12.1993        | 31|Video
1895|Toten Hosen, die                    |Zurück zum Glück                    | 15|CD   
1896|Toto                                |IV                                  | 10|LP   
1897|Toy Dolls                           |Dig that Groove Baby                | 14|MC   
1898|Trackshittaz                        |Oidaah pumpn muas's                 | 12|CD   
1899|Trackshittaz                        |Prolettn feian längaah              | 12|CD   
1900|Trackshittaz                        |TS4                                 | 12|CD   
1901|Trackshittaz                        |Zruck zu de Ruabm                   | 13|CD   
1902|Tränen                              |Haare eines Hundes                  | 11|CD   
1903|Trio                                |Live aus dem Alabama '81            | 12|MC   
1904|Trümmer                             |Trümmer                             | 13|CD   
1905|Tulpe, Tomas                        |Der Mann im Pfandautomat            | 13|CD   
1906|Tulpe, Tomas                        |Hatschi!                            | 14|CD   
1907|Tulpe, Tomas                        |Who killed Tomas Tulpe?             | 12|CD   
1908|Tulpe, Tomas                        |Wie wär's mit Senf                  | 15|CD   
1909|Turbostaat                          |Abalonia                            | 10|CD   
1910|Turbostaat                          |Das Island Manöver                  | 12|CD   
1911|Turbostaat                          |Flamingo                            | 11|CD   
1912|Turbostaat                          |Nachtbrot                           | 21|CD   
1913|Turbostaat                          |Schwan                              | 12|CD   
1914|Turbostaat                          |Stadt der Angst                     | 12|CD   
1915|Turbostaat                          |Uthlande                            | 12|CD   
1916|Turbostaat                          |Vormann Leiss                       | 11|CD   
1917|Type o Negative                     |Bloody Kisses                       | 13|CD   
1918|Type o Negative                     |Life is killing me                  | 15|CD   
1919|Type o Negative                     |October Rust                        | 13|CD   
1920|Type O Negative                     |October Rust                        | 15|CD   
1921|Type o Negative                     |Slow, deep and hard                 |  7|CD   
1922|Type o Negative                     |The Origin of the Feces             |  7|CD   
1923|Type o Negative                     |World coming down                   | 13|CD   
1924|U2                                  |Boy                                 | 11|MC   
1925|U2                                  |Desire                              |  2|LP   
1926|U2                                  |Rattle and Hum I                    |  8|MC   
1927|U2                                  |Rattle and Hum II                   |  9|MC   
1928|U2                                  |The Joshua Tree                     | 11|LP   
1929|U2                                  |The unforgettable Fire              | 10|MC   
1930|U2                                  |Under a blood red Sky               |  8|CD   
1931|U2                                  |Under a blood red Sky               |  8|MC   
1932|U2                                  |War                                 | 10|MC   
1933|U2                                  |Wide awake in America               |  4|MC   
1934|U2                                  |Zoomerang live in Sydney am 27.11.19| 20|MC   
1935|Ultimo Gobierno                     |Ruido de Rabia                      | 30|LP   
1936|Ultra de Gaulle                     |Hole                                |  9|CD   
1937|Undertones, the                     |Positive Touch                      | 18|CD   
1938|Undertones, the                     |The Sin of Pride                    | 18|CD   
1939|Undertones, the                     |The Undertones                      | 23|CD   
1940|Unida                               |Coping with the urban Coyote        | 14|CD   
1941|Ünlü                                |O ve Z hikayesi                     | 12|CD   
1942|Uriah Heep                          |Lady in black                       |  2|LP   
1943|US 3                                |Hand on the Torch                   | 13|CD   
1944|Valentin, Karl; Liesl Karlstadt; Wei|                                    |  9|LP   
1945|Van de Gedrogden                    |Veitstanz                           | 14|CD   
1946|Van de Gedrogden                    |Warum dürfen nur die Dicken ins Welt| 14|CD   
1947|Van Halen                           |5150                                |  9|MC   
1948|Vanilla Chainsaws                   |Thousand                            |  6|LP   
1949|Various                             |12 Golden Greats  RAre Trax Vol. 22 | 12|CD   
1950|Various                             |1977: The Year Punk broke 1         | 27|CD   
1951|Various                             |1977: The Year Punk broke 2         | 31|CD   
1952|Various                             |1977: The Year Punk broke 3         | 29|CD   
1953|Various                             |1989 Australian Rocks               | 10|LP   
1954|Various                             |50s JukeboxHits I                   | 19|CD   
1955|Various                             |50s JukeboxHits II                  | 20|CD   
1956|Various                             |50s JukeboxHits III                 | 20|CD   
1957|Various                             |80's Flashback                      | 14|CD   
1958|Various                             |A Boy named Sue - Johnny Cash revisi| 19|CD   
1959|Various                             |A Mercyful Tribute to the Sisters   | 12|CD   
1960|Various                             |All Areas Volume 26 - Visions Compil| 10|CD   
1961|Various                             |Arabian Masters Les plus grands Clas| 10|CD   
1962|Various                             |Aus grauer Städte Mauern - die NDW 1| 25|CD   
1963|Various                             |Aus grauer Städte Mauern - die NDW 1| 25|CD   
1964|Various                             |Back from the Grave Part One        | 29|CD   
1965|Various                             |Back from the Grave Vol. 8 I        | 31|CD   
1966|Various                             |Back from the Grave Vol. 8 II       |  1|CD   
1967|Various                             |Back from the Grave Volume 5        | 16|CD   
1968|Various                             |Back from the Grave Volume 6        | 16|CD   
1969|Various                             |Back from the Grave Volume 7 I      | 16|CD   
1970|Various                             |Back from the Grave Volume 7 II     | 16|CD   
1971|Various                             |Back from the Grave Volume 9        | 30|CD   
1972|Various                             |Back from the Grave Volumes 3 & 4   | 30|CD   
1973|Various                             |Bang Crash Boom!!!                  | 27|CD   
1974|Various                             |Beat from Badsville #2              | 24|LP   
1975|Various                             |Beat Girls Espanol! 1960s She-Pop fr| 24|CD   
1976|Various                             |Beat up Bosnia                      | 21|CD   
1977|Various                             |Beatschuppen                        | 21|CD   
1978|Various                             |Best of Algerian Rai                | 12|CD   
1979|Various                             |Bis ans Ende der Welt               | 17|MC   
1980|Various                             |Black Waves of Adrenochrome         | 15|CD   
1981|Various                             |Blitzkrieg over you! A Tribute to th| 26|CD   
1982|Various                             |British Steel                       | 12|LP   
1983|Various                             |Buon Giorno Italia                  | 29|CD   
1984|Various                             |C'est chic                          | 12|LP   
1985|Various                             |Cheapo Crypt Sampler                | 31|CD   
1986|Various                             |Cheapo Crypt Sampler #2             | 31|CD   
1987|Various                             |Chicas - Spanish female Singers 1962| 24|CD   
1988|Various                             |Christmas with the Rat Pack         | 16|CD   
1989|Various                             |Ciao Bella                          | 24|CD   
1990|Various                             |Country Moods                       | 24|LP   
1991|Various                             |Da, da, da, das war die neue deutsch| 20|CD   
1992|Various                             |Destroy that Boy, more Girls with Gu| 24|CD   
1993|Various                             |Die besten deutschen Teenager-Hits d| 25|CD   
1994|Various                             |Dope Guns & fucking up your Video De| 10|Video
1995|Various                             |Dope Guns'n Fucking in the Streets V| 17|LP   
1996|Various                             |Dope, Guns and destroying your Video| 10|Video
1997|Various                             |Dope, Guns and Fucking in the Street| 16|CD   
1998|Various                             |Dynamique  Il Ritmo dell'Estate     | 16|LP   
1999|Various                             |El Che vive!                        | 16|CD   
2000|Various                             |Eternally Ours - 24 Bands play the S| 24|CD   
2001|Various                             |Finnischer Tango Tule Tanssimaan    | 24|CD   
2002|Various                             |First and last and forever Tribute t| 14|CD   
2003|Various                             |Flying Nun Records - Something for t| 12|CD   
2004|Various                             |Fourteen Songs for Greg Sage & the W| 14|CD   
2005|Various                             |French Cuts 2                       | 27|CD   
2006|Various                             |From out of Nowhere                 | 17|CD   
2007|Various                             |From out of Nowhere 2               | 18|CD   
2008|Various                             |Fuck Crusties                       | 26|CD   
2009|Various                             |Gestatten, wir kommen aus Hamburg 2 | 21|CD   
2010|Various                             |Gestatten, wir kommen aus Hamburg 2 | 21|CD   
2011|Various                             |Greetings from Uncle Sam            | 13|CD   
2012|Various                             |Guitar Club Classics I              | 17|CD   
2013|Various                             |Guitar Club Classics II             | 18|CD   
2014|Various                             |Guitarrorists                       | 26|LP   
2015|Various                             |Günther Koch revisited - Voll in den| 22|CD   
2016|Various                             |Happy Birthday, Baby Jesus  the seco| 12|LP   
2017|Various                             |Hard to beat Twenty-one Stooges Kill| 21|CD   
2018|Various                             |Hasta Siempre Comandante            | 15|CD   
2019|Various                             |High Life Frühjahr '83              | 18|LP   
2020|Various                             |Hits des Jahres 1982                | 16|LP   
2021|Various                             |Hits of the 60's                    | 16|CD   
2022|Various                             |Hommage an Gunter Gabriel - Abenteue| 18|CD   
2023|Various                             |Hommage an Gunter Gabriel - Autos   | 17|CD   
2024|Various                             |Hommage an Gunter Gabriel - Liebe   | 18|CD   
2025|Various                             |I only wrote this Song for you - Tri| 15|CD   
2026|Various                             |In the Cole Mind I                  | 20|CD   
2027|Various                             |In the Cole Mind II                 | 20|CD   
2028|Various                             |Indetendances 4                     | 10|CD   
2029|Various                             |Jamaica                             | 18|CD   
2030|Various                             |Judgement Night                     | 11|MC   
2031|Various                             |Jukebox - Music in the Films of Aki | 24|CD   
2032|Various                             |Jukebox - Music in the Films of Aki | 22|CD   
2033|Various                             |Jungle Rock                         | 30|CD   
2034|Various                             |Just because we love you...         | 18|CD   
2035|Various                             |Kleeblatt No 11                     | 12|LP   
2036|Various                             |Komm küssen Kompilation #2          | 20|CD   
2037|Various                             |Komm küssen Kompilation #3          | 21|CD   
2038|Various                             |Komm küssen Kompilation #4          | 22|CD   
2039|Various                             |Komm küssen Kompilation #5          | 24|CD   
2040|Various                             |Komm küssen Kompilation #7          | 19|CD   
2041|Various                             |Kontor  Volume 6 Top of the Clubs I | 20|CD   
2042|Various                             |Kontor  Volume 6 Top of the Clubs II| 20|CD   
2043|Various                             |Köprüler Enstrümantal               | 10|CD   
2044|Various                             |La Herenica de los Munsters         |  4|LP   
2045|Various                             |Large'n'in Charge                   | 10|CD   
2046|Various                             |Lizard King: A Tribute to Jim Morris| 16|CD   
2047|Various                             |Marylebone Beat Girls 1964-1967     | 25|CD   
2048|Various                             |Memories to treasure                | 12|CD   
2049|Various                             |Monochrome - A Tribute to the Sister| 16|CD   
2050|Various                             |Nazis raus!                         | 19|CD   
2051|Various                             |Neurostyle Vol. I                   | 16|CD   
2052|Various                             |Neurostyle Vol. II                  | 17|CD   
2053|Various                             |Nick Cave's Jukebox                 | 23|CD   
2054|Various                             |Nippon Girls 1966-70                | 25|CD   
2055|Various                             |Off Limits                          | 19|LP   
2056|Various                             |One Hit Wonders I                   | 25|CD   
2057|Various                             |One Hit Wonders II                  | 25|CD   
2058|Various                             |Ox #34                              | 31|CD   
2059|Various                             |Paris in the Spri                   | 23|CD   
2060|Various                             |Paris Mon Amour I                   | 18|CD   
2061|Various                             |Paris Mon Amour II                  | 18|CD   
2062|Various                             |Paris Mon Amour III                 | 20|CD   
2063|Various                             |Paris Mon Amour IV                  | 19|CD   
2064|Various                             |Pop Psychedelique                   | 20|CD   
2065|Various                             |Rai 100%                            | 15|CD   
2066|Various                             |Rebel Rock I                        | 25|CD   
2067|Various                             |Rebel Rock II                       | 25|CD   
2068|Various                             |Rip it up                           | 30|CD   
2069|Various                             |Rockers Kulture  - The French Rockab| 25|CD   
2070|Various                             |Rockin'n'Rollin' with Santa Claus   | 25|CD   
2071|Various                             |Rolling Stone New Voices Vol.1      | 13|CD   
2072|Various                             |Rolling Stone New Voices Vol.2      | 12|CD   
2073|Various                             |Rolling Stone New Voices Vol.4      | 14|CD   
2074|Various                             |Rolling Stone New Voices Vol.5      | 16|CD   
2075|Various                             |Rolling Stone New Voices Vol.6      | 16|CD   
2076|Various                             |Rolling Stone New Voices Vol.7      | 15|CD   
2077|Various                             |Rolling Stone New Voices Vol.8      | 14|CD   
2078|Various                             |Rolling Stone New Voices Vol.9      | 17|CD   
2079|Various                             |Rolling Stone New Voices Vol10      | 16|CD   
2080|Various                             |Rolling Stone New Voices Vol11      | 16|CD   
2081|Various                             |Rolling Stone New Voices Vol13      | 14|CD   
2082|Various                             |Rolling Stone New Voices Vol14      | 16|CD   
2083|Various                             |Rolling Stone Rare Trax Vol. 1      | 17|CD   
2084|Various                             |San Franciscan Dreams               | 16|MC   
2085|Various                             |Satyricon, the Album                | 16|CD   
2086|Various                             |Schlachtrufe BRD                    | 13|LP   
2087|Various                             |Sixties Rebellion Vol. 9 - The Night| 16|LP   
2088|Various                             |Split Single                        |  2|LP   
2089|Various                             |Sub Pop Employee of the Month Lutz R| 10|LP   
2090|Various                             |Sun Records Greatest Hits           | 16|CD   
2091|Various                             |Surf Fiction  20 Wave-Making Surf In| 20|CD   
2092|Various                             |Systemausfall  Ostsampler von DT 64 | 13|LP   
2093|Various                             |Tarantino Connection, the           | 16|CD   
2094|Various                             |Thank you! A Tribute to the Sisters | 14|CD   
2095|Various                             |The Bridge - A Tribute to Neil Young| 14|CD   
2096|Various                             |The Cargo Compilation - We deliver t| 25|CD   
2097|Various                             |The furious Swampriders ride again  | 19|CD   
2098|Various                             |The Girls want the Boys Sweden's Bea| 24|CD   
2099|Various                             |The great Tomato Blues Package I    | 22|CD   
2100|Various                             |The great Tomato Blues Package II   | 23|CD   
2101|Various                             |The International Johnny Cash       | 26|CD   
2102|Various                             |The most underrated Bands of the Nin| 15|CD   
2103|Various                             |The Ramones heard them here first   | 24|CD   
2104|Various                             |The Rebel Kind - Girls with Guitars | 24|CD   
2105|Various                             |The Roots of the White Stripes      | 22|CD   
2106|Various                             |The Songs that stay                 | 12|CD   
2107|Various                             |Thommy's Pop Show extra             | 16|LP   
2108|Various                             |Tight Fog                           | 15|CD   
2109|Various                             |Tocotronic Coming Home              | 19|CD   
2110|Various                             |Tom's Album                         | 13|LP   
2111|Various                             |Toujours chic!                      | 24|CD   
2112|Various                             |Trance Nation 96 I                  | 13|CD   
2113|Various                             |Trance Nation 96 II                 | 13|CD   
2114|Various                             |Trance Nation 96 III                |  1|CD   
2115|Various                             |Tres chic                           | 24|CD   
2116|Various                             |Tribute to Dead Moon                | 19|LP   
2117|Various                             |Tribute to Dead Moon Vol.2          | 19|LP   
2118|Various                             |Ugly American Overkill              | 10|LP   
2119|Various                             |Undead - A Gothic Masterpiece I     | 17|CD   
2120|Various                             |Undead - A Gothic Masterpiece II    | 16|CD   
2121|Various                             |Undead - A Gothic Masterpiece III   | 17|CD   
2122|Various                             |Vamps et Vampires - The Songs of Ser| 25|CD   
2123|Various                             |Velvet Down Underground             | 11|CD   
2124|Various                             |Verschwende Deine Jugend            | 20|CD   
2125|Various                             |Visions 75th Anniversary Compilation| 18|CD   
2126|Various                             |Voodoo Voodoo Feisty Fifties Females| 28|CD   
2127|Various                             |Voodoo Voodoo Feisty Fifties Females| 31|CD   
2128|Various                             |Voodoo Voodoo Feisty Fifties Females| 31|CD   
2129|Various                             |Wählt NDW I                         | 16|LP   
2130|Various                             |Wählt NDW II                        | 16|LP   
2131|Various                             |Wahrschauer CD #39                  | 26|CD   
2132|Various                             |Wahrschauer CD No. 2                | 21|CD   
2133|Various                             |Wahrschauer CD No. 3                | 23|CD   
2134|Various                             |Wahrschauer CD No. 4                | 22|CD   
2135|Various                             |We're a happy Family - Tribute to Ra| 16|CD   
2136|Various                             |Willkommen in Schleswig-Holstein I  | 20|CD   
2137|Various                             |Willkommen in Schleswig-Holstein II | 20|CD   
2138|Various                             |Wir müssen hier raus                | 21|LP   
2139|Various                             |Wir warten auf die Lindenstraße     | 11|CD   
2140|Various                             |Wishing you a merry Christmas       | 20|LP   
2141|Various                             |Wizzz! Volume 1                     | 14|CD   
2142|Various                             |Wizzz! Volume 2                     | 15|CD   
2143|Various                             |Wizzz! Volume 3                     | 17|CD   
2144|Various                             |Wizzz! Volume 4                     | 16|CD   
2145|Various                             |Women of Rembetika Vol. 2 1934-1936 | 22|CD   
2146|Various                             |Woodstock Generation, the           | 20|CD   
2147|Various                             |Zillo German Mystic Sound Sampler II| 14|CD   
2148|Various                             |Zillo Scope 7/8-98                  | 16|CD   
2149|Various                             |Zilloscope 03/00                    | 16|CD   
2150|Various                             |Zilloscope 4/99                     | 18|CD   
2151|Vedder, Eddie                       |Into the Wild                       | 11|CD   
2152|Velvet Underground & Nico, the      |The Velvet Underground & Nico       | 11|CD   
2153|Velvet Underground, the             |Redux MCMXCIII                      | 10|MC   
2154|Viagra Boys                         |Cave World                          | 12|CD   
2155|Viking                              |Man of Straw                        |  9|LP   
2156|Virta, Olavi                        |Äänitteitä 1944-1963                | 21|CD   
2157|Virta, Olavi                        |Suomiviihteen Legendat I            | 20|CD   
2158|Virta, Olavi                        |Suomiviihteen Legendat II           | 20|CD   
2159|Visage                              |Fade to grey                        |  2|LP   
2160|Voivod                              |Killing Technology                  |  8|MC   
2161|Von Bondies, the                    |Pawn Shoppe Heart                   | 12|CD   
2162|Voodoocult                          |Jesus killing Machine               | 11|CD   
2163|Voodoocult                          |Voodoocult                          | 11|CD   
2164|Wader, Hannes                       |Singt Arbeiterlieder                | 13|CD   
2165|Wader, Hannes                       |Trotz alledem I                     | 18|CD   
2166|Wader, Hannes                       |Trotz alledem II                    | 19|CD   
2167|Wahre Heino, der                    |Dem Deutschen sein Lied             |  2|LP   
2168|Waits, Tom                          |Bad as me                           | 13|CD   
2169|Waits, Tom                          |Bone Machine                        | 16|MC   
2170|Waits, Tom                          |Frank's wild Years                  | 17|MC   
2171|Waits, Tom                          |Goin' out West                      |  4|LP   
2172|Waits, Tom                          |Real Gone                           | 15|CD   
2173|Waits, Tom                          |Swordfishthrombones                 | 15|MC   
2174|Waits, Tom                          |The early Years                     | 14|MC   
2175|Walkabouts, the                     |Dead Man rise                       |  5|MC   
2176|Walkabouts, the                     |Osterkonzert '96                    |  3|Video
2177|Walkabouts, the                     |Setting the Woods on Fire           | 12|LP   
2178|Wanda                               |Amore                               | 12|CD   
2179|Wanda                               |Bussi                               | 12|CD   
2180|Wanda                               |Ciao!                               | 14|CD   
2181|Wanda                               |Niente                              | 12|CD   
2182|Wanda                               |Wanda                               | 12|CD   
2183|Warnes, Jennifer                    |Famous blue Raincoat                |  9|LP   
2184|Warpaint                            |The Fool                            |  9|CD   
2185|Waters, Muddy                       |Chess Masters                       | 16|LP   
2186|Waters, Muddy                       |The real Folk Blues                 |  6|MC   
2187|We Smile                            |Für die Anderen                     | 12|LP   
2188|Weeds, the                          |Aka the Lollipop Shoppe             | 18|CD   
2189|Weill, Kurt                         |Die Dreigroschenoper                |  8|CD   
2190|Weller, Paul                        |22 Dreams                           | 21|CD   
2191|Werding, Juliane                    |Am Tag als Conny Kramer starb       | 16|CD   
2192|Westbam                             |Bam Bam Bam                         | 10|CD   
2193|Westbam and Nena                    |Oldschool, Baby                     |  6|CD   
2194|Whale                               |Hobo humping Slobo Babe             |  3|CD   
2195|Whirlpool Productions               |???                                 | 10|CD   
2196|White Lion                          |Big Game                            |  1|MC   
2197|White Stripes                       |Icky Thump                          | 13|CD   
2198|White Stripes, the                  |Get behind me Satan                 | 13|CD   
2199|White Stripes, the                  |Under great white northern Lights   | 16|CD   
2200|White Stripes, the                  |White Blood Cells                   | 16|CD   
2201|White, Barry                        |Let the Music play                  | 14|CD   
2202|Whitesnake                          |1987                                |  9|LP   
2203|Whitesnake                          |Trouble                             | 10|LP   
2204|Who, the                            |Who's next                          | 16|CD   
2205|Wilde, Kim                          |Another Step                        | 12|LP   
2206|Wilde, Kim                          |Cambodia                            |  2|LP   
2207|Williams, Big Joe                   |Classic Delta Blues                 | 12|CD   
2208|Williams, Hank                      |Alone and forsaken                  | 18|CD   
2209|Williams, Hank                      |Gold I                              | 22|CD   
2210|Williams, Hank                      |Gold II                             | 20|CD   
2211|Wipers, the                         |Berlin live 1987                    | 12|CD   
2212|Wipers, the                         |Follow Blind                        | 11|CD   
2213|Wipers, the                         |Is this real?                       | 15|CD   
2214|Wipers, the                         |Is this real? + Bonus Tracks + Alien| 22|CD   
2215|Wipers, the                         |Land of the Lost                    |  9|CD   
2216|Wipers, the                         |Live in Nurnberg 1987 I             | 10|CD   
2217|Wipers, the                         |Live in Nurnberg 1987 II            |  7|CD   
2218|Wipers, the                         |Outtakes                            | 13|LP   
2219|Wipers, the                         |Over the Edge                       | 11|CD   
2220|Wipers, the                         |Over the Edge + Bonus               | 18|CD   
2221|Wipers, the                         |Rarities                            | 19|CD   
2222|Wipers, the                         |Silver Sail                         | 11|LP   
2223|Wipers, the                         |The Best of                         | 16|CD   
2224|Wipers, the                         |The Circle                          | 10|CD   
2225|Wipers, the                         |The Herd                            | 12|CD   
2226|Wipers, the                         |The Power in One                    | 14|CD   
2227|Wipers, the                         |Wipers Live                         | 10|CD   
2228|Wipers, the                         |Youth of America                    |  6|CD   
2229|Wipers, the                         |Youth of America + Bonus            | 11|CD   
2230|Wir sind Helden                     |Von hier an blind                   | 13|CD   
2231|Witt, Joachim                       |Bayreuth I                          | 11|CD   
2232|Wolfe, Chelsea                      |Unknown Rooms: A Collection of acous|  9|CD   
2233|Wolfsheim                           |1987 - 1995                         | 12|CD   
2234|Wovenhand                           |The laughing Stalk                  |  9|CD   
2235|Wray, Link                          |Guitar Preacher I                The| 17|CD   
2236|Wray, Link                          |Guitar Preacher II               The| 20|CD   
2237|Wray, Link                          |Live at the Paradiso                | 13|CD   
2238|Yankovic, "Weird Al"                |UHF                                 | 13|LP   
2239|Yardbirds                           |Yardbirds Story                     | 17|MC   
2240|Yat-Kha                             |Aldyn Dashka                        | 12|CD   
2241|Yello                               |The Flag                            |  8|MC   
2242|Yorke, Thom                         |The Eraser                          |  9|CD   
2243|Yothu Yindi                         |Gapu                                |  6|CD   
2244|Young, Neil                         |A Letter Home                       | 12|CD   
2245|Young, Neil                         |After the Gold Rush                 | 11|CD   
2246|Young, Neil                         |Arc                                 |  1|CD   
2247|Young, Neil                         |Are you passionate?                 | 11|CD   
2248|Young, Neil                         |Chrome Dreams II                    | 10|CD   
2249|Young, Neil                         |Comes a Time                        | 10|LP   
2250|Young, Neil                         |Dead Man                            |  1|CD   
2251|Young, Neil                         |Freedom                             | 12|LP   
2252|Young, Neil                         |Harvest                             | 10|CD   
2253|Young, Neil                         |Harvest Moon                        | 10|CD   
2254|Young, Neil                         |Landing on Water                    | 10|CD   
2255|Young, Neil                         |Le Noise                            |  8|CD   
2256|Young, Neil                         |Live in Berlin                      | 11|Video
2257|Young, Neil                         |Live USA '94                        | 11|CD   
2258|Young, Neil                         |Living with War                     | 10|CD   
2259|Young, Neil                         |Mirror Ball                         | 11|CD   
2260|Young, Neil                         |Mystery Train                       | 14|CD   
2261|Young, Neil                         |Neil Young                          | 10|CD   
2262|Young, Neil                         |Old Ways                            | 10|CD   
2263|Young, Neil                         |Only Love can break your Heart      | 16|CD   
2264|Young, Neil                         |Prairie Wind                        | 10|CD   
2265|Young, Neil                         |Road Rock  Friends and Relatives    |  8|CD   
2266|Young, Neil                         |Silver & Gold                       | 10|CD   
2267|Young, Neil                         |Super Stars Best Collection         | 12|MC   
2268|Young, Neil                         |Tonight's the Night                 | 12|CD   
2269|Young, Neil                         |Unplugged                           |  9|MC   
2270|Young, Neil                         |Unplugged                           | 14|CD   
2271|Young, Neil                         |Unplugged II                        | 14|MC   
2272|Young, Neil & Crazy Horse           |Greendale                           | 10|CD   
2273|Young, Neil & Crazy Horse           |Toast                               |  7|CD   
2274|Young, Neil & Crazy Horse           |Weld                                | 16|CD   
2275|Young, Neil and Crazy Horse         |Live in San Fransisco               | 18|CD   
2276|Young, Neil and Crazy Horse         |Ragged Glory                        | 10|CD   
2277|Young, Neil and Crazy Horse         |Rust never sleeps                   |  9|CD   
2278|Young, Neil and Crazy Horse         |Sleeps with Angels                  | 12|CD   
2279|Young, Neil and the Blue Notes      |This Note's for you                 |  2|LP   
2280|Young, Neil and the Crazy Horse     |Live Rust                           | 16|LP   
2281|Young, Neil with Carzy Horse        |Broken Arrow                        |  8|CD   
2282|Young, Neil with Crazy Horse        |Everybody knows this is nowhere     |  7|CD   
2283|Young, Neil with Crazy Horse        |Live Rust Video                     | 18|Video
2284|Young, Neil with Crazy Horse        |Psychedelic Pill                    |  9|CD   
2285|Young, Neil with Crazy Horse        |Toast                               |  7|CD   
2286|Young, Neil with crazy Horse        |Year of the Horse I                 |  7|CD   
2287|Young, Neil with crazy Horse        |Year of the Horse II                |  5|CD   
2288|Young, Neil with Crazy Horse        |Zuma                                |  9|CD   
2289|Young, Neil with Pearl Jam          |Live USA                            | 11|CD   
2290|Young, Paul                         |From Time to Time  the Singles Colle| 14|LP   
2291|Zander, Frank                       |Hier kommt Kurt                     |  2|LP   
2292|Zandt, Townes van                   |Roadsongs                           | 18|CD   
2293|Zaz                                 |Isa                                 | 13|CD   
2294|Zaz                                 |Zaz                                 | 15|CD   
2295|Zelmani, Sophie                     |Sophie Zelmani                      | 12|CD   
2296|Zipper                              |Zipper                              | 11|LP   
2297|ZK                                  |Eddie's Salon                       | 28|CD   
2298|Zombies, the                        |Rock & Pop Legends                  | 14|CD   
2299|Zoot Woman                          |Absence                             | 11|CD   
2300|Zoot Woman                          |Living in a Magazine                | 11|CD   
2301|Zoot Woman                          |Things are what they used to be     | 12|CD   
2302|Zulsar, S.                          |Blue Sky - Mongolian Khuumii        | 18|CD   
2303|Zwangsversteigerten Doppelhaushälfte|Abartig                             | 27|CD   
2304|ZZ Top                              |Eliminator                          | 10|MC   

This list was generated with the help of the media database "Audiomanager" on an Atari ST

last modified on 04/20/2024

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Audiomanager on the AtariST:

The program was on one of the over 500 PD discs of the later "ST Computer" magazine. The acronym PD stood for public domain and meant something that would nowerdays be called shareware. Initially this series of PD discs was filled with freeware programs, but soon it was mixed with shareware, demoware, postcardware and the rest of the ...wares. I discovered Audiomanager in 1990 or so, when I wanted to organize my growing record collection and looked through all the discs and checked out a lot of databases. I already had found a different one, but opted soon afterwards for a migration towards Audiomanager by Dirk Lynen.
Ever since, I stuck with the program, mostly because I do not want to enter all the record data again, but also because I do not miss anything in Audiomanager. For the last couple of years, I've been running Audiomanager through an AtariST emulator on my Mac. Below is a screenshot of Audiomanager at work:

Audiomanager on an AtariST