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My definition of a good band:

A serious band project has to be credible in word, deed and appearance in media and towards the audience. So does for example Neil Young who is just the way he is, with all abilities and errors. Bands that take too much money for concerts and merchandising products, or change their style of music several times for hipness, or abuse media for their own (financial) benefit, or have wrong values, or are not able to handle their instruments, or sell themselves, or ..., or a mixture of all these points are - to my opinion - not credible. Everyone has to judge the importance of these points and come up with his very own attitude towards a band. Not every cool band has to fulfill all these aspects.

There are fun bands that fulfill none of these points, but are nevertheless ultra-cool, such as Shonen Knife.


My favourites:

incomplete list of my all-time faves (site-internal links):
  Abwärts, Alexandra, Johnny Cash, Nick Cave, Cosmic Psychos, Dead Moon, Dota, Bob Dylan, Egotronic, Feine Sahne Fischfilet, Hard-Ons, Francoise Hardy, Bob Marley, Mercedes Jens, Motörhead, Nico, Nirvana, Iggy Pop, Ramones, The Raveonettes, Shiny Gnomes, Shonen Knife, Die Skeptiker, The Sisters of Mercy, Sonic Youth, The Sonics, Suede, Team Scheiße, Tocotronic, Ton Steine Scherben, Tomas Tulpe, Wipers, Neil Young  

my current tips:

  • Abay - Everything's amazing and nobody is happy Nice Pop from 2016
  • Bum Khun Cha Youth - Turn mich an, es geht alles 2nd 7-incher of the Münster-area band; one track reminds me of Dead Moon
  • Jetzt! - Liebe in großen Städten 1984-1988 Phantastic Re-Release of German Music History
  • Johnny Cash - American IV: The Man comes around Another Masterpiece
  • Feine Sahne Fischfilet - Sturm & Drang their new release from January 2018, punkrock at its best
  • The Raveonettes - 2016 Automized Again, a Milestone from the Danes
  • Shilpa Ray - It's all self Felatio Great Performance as Opener for Nick Cave in Prague in late 2013
  • Rodriguez - Searching for Sugar Man Make sure to watch the documentary, what a great person!!
  • Team Scheisse - Ich hab Dir Blumen von der Tanke mitgebracht (jetzt wird geküsst) Thee newcomer of 2021/22
  • Various - Tribute to Dead Moon Great compilation of Covers of this legendary band from 2019
  • Wipers - Is this real? Their first release, damn is this one good, rough and melodic, close to ideal

my favourite Top 12 songs of all times (updated 7/13/2018)
   #SongtitleArtistYT Link
1Ain't it FunRocket from the TombsYT Link
2Window Shop for LoveWipersYT Link
3CaribouChantal KellyYT Link
4Für immer PunkDie Goldenen ZitronenYT Link
5Je veux qu'il revienneFrancoise HardyYT Link
6(Marie's the Name) His latest FlameElvis PresleyYT Link
7BanlieuKarim KacelYT Link
8OverheatedDozerYT Link
9Threatening SkiesObituaryYT Link
10(I'm) StrandedThe SaintsYT Link
11Vielleicht-MenschenJetzt!YT Link
12Der Traum vom FliegenAlexandraYT Link

Get a list of songs worth considering, when it comes to mixing a tape, compiling a CD or deejaying at a party.

Do you want a complete list (around 190kB) of my records (LP, MC, CD, Video, 7-, 10-, 12-inch vinyl)

Get a list of external links to musicians, bands, labels, mailorders, lyrics and mags.

streaming tip (since first decade of the century, verified 11/2023):
  After below music tipps are outdated for more than 10, respective 20 years, I add another one here, hopefully lasting forever. This time no terrestrial radio, no satellite radio, but an audio stream, playable via iTunes or Music on MacOS, MacOS X, macOS, iOS and likely on Linux, Windows and Android as well. Just add the stream link to your stream-capable audio player of your choice:

Beyond the Beat Generation
Website                         Stream

Hans Kesteloo allows us to listen to his phantastic archive of 60ies beat music. Wild, raw, funny, obscure, sometimes. Thanks Hans for this great service.
Hans left his traces in music history in Tübingen, Germany, with a record shop called "Rimpo", whose logo was present on the Dead Moon albums of the 90ies, as well as that of his record label Music Maniac records. You must be a good man! Thank you for that!
On his current website, Hans is selling parts of his insane collection. Too much for me, but maybe, you find something for yourself.



radio tip (from the beginning of the century):
  If you want to listen to good music on the radio, you should try Deutschlandfunk (on ASTRA satellite, audio subcarrier of 3sat) on Friday evening from 1:00 to 3:00 CET in the night. They have a motto for the show and often the music they play is very good.  

the everlasting tip (from the late 90ies):
  Get high and fly with the music of Flashback by Mr. Blowfish every Sunday from 19:00 to 21:00 CET on mdr Sputnik. Every week a different type of music, but mostly this garage-oldie-unknown-beat-surf-trash-pop-punk-kinda thing. Sadly, this best radio show ever was canceled with the beginning of the year 2000. But if you ever read or hear of Mr. Blowfish again, go to his parties, listen to his shows and praise the music he plays.  


Here it comes:

The most famous guitar riff of the last decade


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